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    Greetings 44th !

    First weekend of August, here is your Monthly State of the Fleet. As usual, first a welcome aboard to our newest fleet-members from July:

    @Bizmaky (Aaron) from the UK
    @jucyred#7315 (Stjepan) from Croatia
    @dr_neir (Marcus) from the Eastern US
    @Tagadin (aka SparkyTWS) (Dan) from Green Bay, WI
    @TheDodger987 (Matt) from the UK
    @salohcin38564#6613 (Nicholas) from the UK
    @lordchappington (Daniel) from the UK
    @ccthrawn0702 (Jon) from the East Coast, USA

    And we have said goodbye to our longtime fleet-mate @Elvis441, who decided it was time to sail different seas. All the best on your future endeavours Elvis ! You will be missed.

    This is unfortunate for us, but as we all know (and keep repeating) STO is a game and when it turns into nothing more than a daily grind, then it may be time to take a break and play something else. We prefer to see you return refreshed and engaged again instead of burn out and never return.


    The Mighty 44th is diversifying ! Besides in STO, we now have an official presence on Cryptic’s other game Neverwinter. The “44th Magistrate Council” consists of some leading 44th members who are speed-leveling their toons by raiding, looting and generally having a merry time bashing skeletons. Try it out if you want to take a step back and go from the future to a fantasy past. Contact your fleet-members Akula, Balthazar, Beta or Paradoxical if you want to venture down the deepest dungeons.
    Our 44th-diplo channel is not just Fed/KDF cross-faction in STO, but also multi-game, and that’s why you will sometimes see some unlikely fantasy items linked in STO chat.

    If you prefer to stick with scifi and spaceships, the 44th is also starting a fleet in Star Citizen ! Still in testing, the game is however ramping up and we have some eager senior 44th-members like Stompar, Nayoko and Damix creating the “44th Defense and trading Company” with an interesting backstory.

    Obviously, carrying the 44th “brand” name means that the usual rules also apply and are upheld for both Neverwinter and Star Citizen – an easy going, no politics/religion, no drama play-style is encouraged that has been core to our succesfull STO Fleet for many years now.

    The best way to contact or find more info about both our Neverwinter and Star Citizen activities is via our 44th Fleet Discord server. It’s free and multi-platform and we keep encouraging you to try it out. Don’t worry if you may think your English is not good enough, we are patient and our Universal Translators are fully charged. You can also just tune in and just listen as well.

    Ofcourse I am also on Discord often, however I will stick with STO and – together with Sargon – continue to run the 44th Star Trek Fleet. Afterall, somebody has to feed the tribbles and entertain the Orion dancing girls on our starbases !

    Phoenix Boo-boo, Upgrade weekend

    So I made a boo-boo, sending out a fleet mail telling that you could upgrade the Phoenix awards. Obviously, you could only Downgrade them from epic/Ultra Rare all the way to common. I blame the Orion girls distracting me (#blamebeta ?) 🙂