Rules and Regulations

Welcome, New Applicants and Members.

As a member of the 44th you represent the “Star Trek” values in general and the 44th in particular, so please use common sense. Basically, do not do anything that will reflect negatively on yourself or this fleet. As fleet members, it is your duty to ensure the 44th Fleet’s integrity in the STO community.  If you wish to Join the Mighty 44th, please read and follow these simple rules.

44th Fleet Rules

  • All 44th Fleet members are to know these Fleet Rules, this is why they are posted here.
  • No harrasments or “trolling” of any type on the forums or other (public) game channels. Represent!
  • No politics or religious topics. These topics always tend to cause issues and drama, things the 44th does not want.
  • No derogatory remarks, or racial remarks, period. We have players of all makes and models, please respect that.
  • Please mind your language. We all curse occasionally, but going off like a bloody pirate is less than desirable. If asked to stop, please do so.
  • The age requirement is 18+. There may be mature content in chat or on our Discord at certain times. If you think you cannot handle adult conversations, please do not apply.
  • Assist, advise and guide new or inexperienced players. We were all beginners once, so if someone makes a mistake, let it go. There’s always a next time.
  • No ‘blind’ fleet invites. All potential fleet members need to have filled out a proper application on this forum. New names on our in-game roster without one will be removed without warning. So if contacted in-game by someone interested to join, direct them to this website first before sending a fleet invite.
  • No begging / soliciting is allowed under any circumstance or in any channel. This includes Zone or other public channels, 44th-diplo/Fleet chat and Armada channel(s). It reflects badly on you as a player, and on us as a fleet.
  • When in a full fleet team, it is considered a courtesy to Greed over Need. This way those that really need a certain lootdrop can Need and get it. When there’s one or more non-fleeties in the team, everyone can Need.
  • We value your membership and loyalty to the fleet as a STO player. As such, we do not allow multi-fleeting.

44th Fleet Membership (benefits)

  • When you sign up on this forum, you are a virtual lifelong member; you can take a break from playing Star Trek Online and still visit and post on this forum, and return to the in-game fleet at any moment.
  • If you are inactive in-game for +1 year without notice, your Alt(s) will be removed from the active roster. However, if you return you will automatically be reinvited and your rank and priviliges will be reinstated – we use your original forum application as your character file so please fill it out correctly.
  • If you have alt characters, we are happy to add them to either our three Federation or our KDF fleet – there is no restriction on the number of alts you can have in the fleet (within reason).
  • When you are a full member (Lieutenant), you will have unrestricted access to all our Federation and Klingon fleet stores, including access to an extra 500  refinery daily bonus, and earn an extra 1,200 ore per day. Besides that there are several unlocks, discounts and (xp/) boosts available.
  • Armada membership – you will have access to both our Federation and KDF Armada which allows you to donate resources and earn fleet credits while also assisting any of our alliance fleets, and benefit from the extra Armada bonuses.

Discord Voice / Text server

The 44th also has a very active Discord server (browser link here) which is an extra service to all our members and invited guests. We use it to talk/text about Star Trek Online and many other topics (the STO game voice system is Ferengi rubbish). It is not required but strongly encouraged to sign up since it’s easier to help you with your ship builds, guide you through missions and especially coordinate joint fleet runs this way. You don’t have to talk either, just listening helps a lot.

Please keep in mind our Discord is actively moderated and does has rules:

  • 44th-Main Lobby – This is our ‘front door’ for visitors. No pornographic images, trolling behaviour, shaming, inappropriate conversations, or general meanness will be tolerated, period. Keep it friendly and rated PG.
  • 44-STO / Space Sims / Neverwinter – Members only. Game related discussions.
  • Beta Radiation Room – Members only. Room for Adult Behavior. High levels of Beta Radiation!!! (No x-rated stuff pls) Inside are the dregs of the earth and you may or may not be offended with the images and conversations in this room. You have been warned

Promotions / Ranks

Promotions are not difficult to earn, and are based on time within the fleet. Minimum requirements are that after signing on, you either log into the game, or post on the 44th forum during your initial review period of two weeks. There are no donation requirements, no ‘must attend’ meetings, or any kind of ‘minimum level’ required to be a full member.

Rank Starfleet En Ensign

  • New player entry rank in the 44th Epsilon Fleet. Fleet Bank access is restricted to deposits only. However if you need something from the bank, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Acces to (elite) Fleet space and ground gear, including fleet ships, is locked.

Rank Starfleet Lt Lieutenant

  • Player rank of those formally accepted in the Mighty 44th who have successfully passed their 2 week review.
  • Lieutenants are allowed to withdraw items from the fleet bank(s), and all Fleet gear stores are unlocked.
  • Please only withdraw from the bank if you are actually going to use it. Taking something so that you can sell it on the exchange is not ok.

(We removed the Lieutenant-Commander rank so you will progress from Lieutenant directly to Commander)

Rank Starfleet Com Commander

  • This is the top rank for most casual players and is awarded after spending 2 weeks as an Ensign and 4 weeks as a Lieutenant for a total of 6 weeks.
  • Commanders have the option of being transferred from our 44th Epsilon fleet to any other 44th Fleet on the Federation side.
  • Players of this rank are allowed to withdraw multiple items from the bank per day. Fleet gear withdrawal is also unrestricted.

Rank Starfleet Cap Captain

  • This is the highest non-command rank. No bank access restrictions, no fleet gear restrictions.
  • This rank is awarded by Fleet Command to members who are active and online on a weekly basis (at least once a week) and have a good understanding of the game and its mechanics. Captains afk for +1 year will receive Commander rank upon their return, pending reinstatement to Captain by order of the Command Staff.

Rank Starfleet LAdm Commodore

  • These are Commanding Officers in the fleet and part of the Command Staff. Awarded to hand-picked members within the fleet who are considered having leadership qualities and/or made unique contributions to the forum/website or the Fleet in general.

Rank Starfleet VAdm Vice Admiral

  • Command Staff Officers and essentially fleet leaders overseeing day to day operations. These are hand-picked  long-time members who have proven to have leadership qualities and are considered the core of the Mighty 44th. They have expanded admin powers in-game and on the 44th forum.

Rank Starfleet Adm Fleet Admiral

  • The Fleet Leader(s), oversees the entire Mighty 44th’s five fleets. Have a deciding vote and all admin powers in-game and on our forum.

Fleet Gear

Unique Fleet gear, including ships, weapons, uniforms, kits etc. can be purchased starting at Fleet Lieutenant rank and higher at any of our many 44th fleet holdings (click for more), including our Fleet Starbase, Fleet Mine, Research Lab, Spire, K13, Dranuur Colony and Romulan Embassy at all of our four fleets, open to both Federation and Klingon factions and their allies.

  • Before being able to purchase any fleet ships or gear, you are required to be a member for at least 2 weeks. Unrestricted access to fleet vendors will be granted when this requirement is met.
  • Note that sometimes when provisions are low, Fleet Command may limit the number of fleet items to be withdrawn, please follow this directive as it will benefit us all in the end.

Thank you for visiting the Mighty 44th. Enjoy your stay.