Who Are We?


Founded: September, 2009

The 44th Fleet

We are a casual and mature fleet of trekkies, sci-fi fans, gamers and friends joined together into a helpful and amiable Star Trek Online community. We welcome new players and veterans alike who are looking to play the game with a well-established group, making it an engaging and fun experience for everyone. Our goal is to provide a stress-free gaming environment where you actually play for fun and enjoyment, and are allowed to make mistakes without fear of getting trolled, and with the understanding that we all have real lives that requires flexibility from the fleet/guild when private circumstances take precedence. Our group caters different playstyles, ranging from relaxed to hard-core, making it easy to fit in. Note that for now we are PC only with no firm console presence.

As one of the oldest and well established fleets in Star Trek Online, we offer –

  • Four large Federation fleets – the 44th Fleet, 44th Delta Fleet, 44th Gamma Fleet, and 44th Epsilon Fleet.
  • The allied Klingon 44th Assault Squadron and 44th Honour Guard fleets.
  • All working as one – One Fleet, one common channel.
  • Completed Fed/KDF Tier 5 fleet holdings with all fleet equipment unlocked, including unique Fleet ships, powerful Fleet weapons, unique bridge officers and many other items to make your game more enjoyable.
  •  Numerous active fleet bonuses and xp boosts, including Armada discounts, an extra daily 1,200 dilithium ore, an extra daily 500 dilithium refinement bonus, and the fleet’s knowledge to make milions of ec in the game.
  • Access to fleet stores without contribution requirements – fleet store access is based on rank, and fleet ranking is time-based.
  • Many expert guides, tips and tricks to properly outfit your ship and away team to get the most out of your gameplay.
  •  Virtual lifetime membership – you can take a break from the game for a long or intermittent periods and return anytime, with your previous rank and privileges restored upon your return.
  • Structured according to the Starfleet / KDF ranking system (Ensign, Lieutenant, Commander etc).

(As of yet we are PC only and do not have a formal console presence)


  • Common chat channel. A single in-game chat-channel so our four fleets talk, play and act as one, regardless which faction you prefer to play.
  • An extensive Private website and Fleet forum. The place where our members socialize outside of STO. Founded in 2009 and regularly updated, it is an active hub and can be used to discuss many different topics. It’s also the base for our STO game knowledge, with many builds and guides to improve your gameplay.
  • Twitter account. Follow us on Twitter.
  • Discord voice and text chat application.
  • A helpful environment. Fleet members will gladly share their knowledge of game mechanics, providing you with advice on ship builds, space/ground gear, boff powers and other systems you may need help with, in-game and on our forum, including strategy tips and hints, build guides and reputation / skills advice for both beginning and veteran players.
  • Relaxed membership. We understand members have real lives so there are no playtime requisites or any “must attend” reporting duties. You are not required to participate in any fleet event so feel free to play the game the way you like it.


  • Daily joint runs. PvE queues, joint Episode (re-)runs, testing and experimenting builds and setups. Teaming with your fleet ensures playing in a safe and friendly environment, achieving the objectives smoothly. Room to allow new players to learn the basics and advanced playstyles.
  • Fleet Olympics. Annual space PvP tournament(s) to see who are the most skillful and resourceful ship captains. Gives insight on where you are and how to improve. July/August 2015 edition introduced Tier-2 version of the tournament, popular as it circumvents power-creep.
  • Regular Forum Contests with various prizes.
  • Role-Playing. Organized as play-by-post on our forum. Come take part in the creation of unique stories in the Star Trek universe.
  • Crafting. Our expert crafters are offering their services free of charge so your needs for tech upgrades or unique equipment can be met.
  • Embassy. The 44th is always interested in forming a collaboration with other fleets and communities in STO, either through the Armada system or other cooperation/events. Besides a full Federation and Klingon Armada, the 44th Fleet has alliances and treaties with other STO fleets.

Join the 44th Fleet

We are recruiting; to join us, follow the simple application instructions to become a full member of the 44th.

Welcome to the Mighty 44th !