Armada Headquarters

Welcome to the 44th’s Armada Headquarters.

Here you can make an appointment with one of the diplomatic representatives, visit embassy offices or take a tour to learn more about our history and become familiar with Armada operations and goals.

Starfleet initiated the establishment of the Armada to achieve a more organized and effective way in dealing with threats to the Federation. According to the Constitution of the United Federation of Planets, fleets are bound to protect its member planets and individual citizens.

The 44th’s Armada was formed to be casual style, meaning there are no rules that change how each fleet operates. Membership doesn’t give power to either fleets or individuals to interfere in the way they behave or make decisions.

There are no obligations or conditions to be met, leaving it to each individual person to choose how involved they want to be.

With that said, we are open for interaction with other fleets and would be happy to connect with other STO communities. We are interested in sharing our in-game [PvE, PvP, RP] and forum activities, making them available for a broader player base, thanks to the new system which promotes greater teaming opportunities and support.

The Mighty 44th currently has two Federation fleets at level 85, along with two additional fleets at level 81 , another Federation Fleet that was just created and still building. Our Klingon-aligned branch includes a KDF fleet at level 85 with another one developing. We have an active player base willing to help allies with their fleet projects and upgrades, fulfilling one of the core ideas behind this feature. Each fleet can choose their own incoming or outgoing contributions. There won’t be any armada requirements, although support is appreciated, especially for lower level fleets and those with fewer members, since they have a greater need and stand to benefit the most from this feature.


Our fleet holdings are open for all Armada members and if players require fleet gear in case their own fleet’s aren’t unlocked yet, ask for a map invite in-game via the Armada channel or direct pm. The 44th Fleet and its members are available if you need any advice on game mechanics/systems/builds or other things STO, and for joining up for ground or space runs – shout out in the Armada channel as there’s always a 44th member monitoring.

If you have any questions or suggestions Armada or inter-fleet related, feel free to contact us on this website or seek us out in-game via the 44th official Fleet Ambassador @Damix4 or any of the other 44th Command Staff; we will be happy to open hailing frequencies.

Currently both Federation and Klingon Armadas are filled, but we are always interested in other fleet-to-fleet contacts.

Our goal is to have an Armada that consists of active and friendly fleets that get along well with each other, making the game a more enjoyable experience. We are looking forward meeting you all.

Thank you for your time,
44th Fleet Command