Join the Mighty 44th

Applying to the 44th is easy and takes less than a minute.

Register to this site by creating an Account, and fill in the quick application form at the bottom of this page. Note that we are PC only with no official console presence.

Important: Please use your Star Trek Online in-game @handle as your 44th forum and Discord username
(e.g. HappyFluffyBunny@marcase –> Marcase).

You will need to go through an email verification process (this is to prevent spammers).

Also make sure you have left any fleet you are currently in otherwise the invite can’t arrive. Star Trek Online requires characters to be level 10+ for fleet membership, however if your character(s) aren’t yet, the 44th can still invite you and in-game invites will follow when your alt(s) reach level +10.

Please bookmark the Latest Activity page on this forum to keep up-to-date with announcements/changes and contests.

Thank you for considering the Mighty 44th !


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