Fleet Officers

The ranked officers listed on this page make up the fleet leadership, or Admiralty, of the 44th. Listed are active staff, but also reserve and retired fleet officers, who are listed as lifelong members as aknowledgement for their previous gallant service. Click the active names if you wish to contact any of them.

44th Fleet 44th Assault Squadron 44th Delta Fleet 44th Gamma Fleet
Roster Aug., 2018
444 395 403 37
 Fleet Level 81 79 76 14

44th Fleet Command Staff

 Fleet Admirals
 Sargon flag_of_the_united_states-svg
 Damix flag-croatia
 Sensei.Krieger Pennsylvania
 Cross84   Ohio
 Phoenix   Ohio
 44th Red Squad (PvP champions)
 Paradoxical  2018
 Sovereign001  2017  
 Marcase  2016 flag-netherlands
 Fatman  2015
 Blackout  2014
  Fleet Members
 Fleet Ship Registry (WIP)
 Fleet Admiralty (Reserve)
 Latinumbar  (Retired)
 Marcase  (Reserve)
 Webster  (Retired)
 Blackout  (Reserve)
 GreatZippy  (Retired)
 Grouchy.Otaku  (Retired)
 RedshirtJohnson  (Reserve)
 Fatman  (Reserve)
 Horridperson  (Reserve)
 On Eternal Patrol
 Indubioveritas (David)  2015