• The Discovery Lock Box! January 19, 2018
    With new threats on the horizon, oftentimes new tactics and equipment are needed to give you the edge in battle - even if they're from the past. As part of a recent effort to ensure that secrets and discoveries are not lost to time, scientists have been working on much of the top-secret technology pioneered […]
  • "They Came From Below" January 18, 2018
    The chime of the 12-ton brass bell rang out from the speaker above the altar of the small house of worship, as it did at every other house of worship around the world. And like the priests in every other house of worship, Emerin lifted up his chalice at that moment, full of water that […]
  • PC Patch Notes for 1/18/18 January 18, 2018
    General: Resolved an issue that caused the Station Security Officer at Colony project to incorrectly reward Colony World XP, instead of Infrastructure XP. Fleets that have completed this project already will find their XP totals in these two tracks corrected. Resolved an issue that caused Fleet Colony ground weapons to have an incorrect proc rate.