• Arc Scheduled Downtime: April 24th, 2017 April 22, 2017
    Arc will be undergoing a scheduled maintenance at 7 AM PT on April 24th, 2017. The maintenance will be for approximately 3 hours. Our engineers will be performing server updates and upgrades. Each game may be impacted differently during this scheduled maintenance. All Beijing games West will be down during the entire maintenance. No new players will be able […]
  • Season 13 - Escalation Wallpapers! April 21, 2017
    Season 13 - Escalation will take Captains deep into a brand new mystery surrounding the Lukari and the looming threat of the Tzenkethi. To celebrate its imminent launch, Star Trek Online is proud to debut the new art for Season 13, and to give you some new wallpaper for your computers! Check out this amazing […]
  • The Privateer Lockbox! April 21, 2017
    As exploration efforts reveal new dangers, the Alliance is expanding its research and development focus to meet and overcome these challenges.  These scientific efforts often go beyond studies of the tech used by Alliance member states. Researchers are actively studying the tech of non-member groups and cultures, such as the Miradorn. Even the tech of […]