• Star Trek Online's 2018/2019 Roadmap! October 20, 2018
    This weekend, at Destination: Star Trek in Birmingham, we revealed our roadmap for the rest of 2018 and the first half of 2019. Want to know what’s coming in the world of Star Trek Online? Here’s some things for you to look forward to. This Wednesday, we'll be going through this roadmap on our Ten […]
  • "Of Different Stars" October 19, 2018
    The stars in the sky were simply boiling, exploding balls of gas, spread out over billions of miles. Ensign Keero had never understood his human companions’ desires to ascribe patterns to them. And yet, standing in the dark, looking out of the view port of Deep Space Two, Deck 47, East Wing, Keero noticed these […]
  • 20% Services Sale! October 18, 2018
    From Thursday, October 18th at 8am PT until Monday, October 22nd at 10AM PT, we are having a 20% off sale on the services listed below. Now is the time to purchase these in the C-Store! Character Slots (4) Account Shared Bank Slots (10) Bank Slots (12) Bridge Officer Slots (2) Captain Rename Token Captain Retrain Token […]