• Infinity Duty Officer Promotion! February 20, 2020
      From Thursday, February 20th at 8AM PT to Monday, February 24th at 10am PT, we are running a special weekend event where you can earn Bonus Commendation XP by completing any Duty Officer assignments!  To those junior officers who work tirelessly in cramped Jefferies Tubes, perish namelessly on away missions, or provide the endless […]
  • PC Patch Notes for 2/20/20 February 20, 2020
    General: Updated Memorial plaque to include Kevin Conway Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause the proper FX to not play when using Feign Disintegration power. Resolved an issue where the playing cards in the player's hand could occasionally persist after the emote has ended. Resolved graphical issues with Screen Space Ambient Occlusion on Dranuur […]
  • Link Your Steam and Arc Accounts! February 17, 2020
    Captains, We know one of the frustrating pain points of playing our games on Steam is having to log in at least twice just to play. We want to make that whole process easier for you, so on February 18 we will be enabling Steam Account linking for Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. This will […]