• Foundry Spotlight: Time Will Tell, by XR-377 March 16, 2018
    The Foundry is a special program within Star Trek Online that allows users to make their own episodes, playable by other Captains within STO. To access it, open your Mission Journal, and select “Foundry,” at the top. Every month, we like to spotlight a particularly interesting or unique mission for all of you to experience. […]
  • Arc Quests - PC Improvements On The Horizon March 16, 2018
      The launch of Arc Quests in 2016 was met with great acclaim as players were given more opportunities to discover games and be rewarded for playing them. Completing quests through this feature allows players to increase their Arc Quests levels and Arc Points, which can be redeemed for in-game currency or Zen. Over the […]
  • 3D Print Your Ship - Available Today! March 15, 2018
    Do you have a favorite ship in Star Trek Online? The one that’s always carried you through, no matter how tough the fight? The one that you’ve lovingly built and rebuilt again and again, chasing that perfect set up, and just the right colors? The ship that you proudly call your home among the stars? […]