Through team-work, perseverance (and a lot of fun!), the Mighty 44th has completed all tiers of the legacy Fleet assets on our 44th Fleet, 44th Delta Fleet, 44th Gamma Fleet, 44th Epsilon Fleet, and our 44th Assault Squadron. All are stocked with enough provisions that every fleet-member has no limit on the number of unique items that can be acquired.

Indeed, on many occasions the Mighty 44th has offered its stores to Armada and other allied fleets who were still building up their own holdings. In May of 2018, the Mighty 44th added a third Federation fleet (the 44th Gamma Fleet) to accommodate new members and additional playable characters (aka “alts.”) Then, as membership continued to increase, the 44th Epsilon Fleet was founded in August of 2020 to take on this role. And in January of 2021, the 44th expanded with the addition of the 44th Honour Guard to accommodate all new recruits to the Klingon-aligned wing, with yet another two new Federation Fleets added September 2021 (44th Temporal Vanguard) and September 2022 (44th Zeta Fleet).

This all means that any new captain joining the 44th can have access to all the ‘elite’ gear available, ranging from picking up an extra 1,200 daily dilithium at the Fleet Research base, refining an extra 500 dilithium ore at the Fleet Mine, to acquiring unique Bridge Officers, ground and space Fleet Elite weapons, shields, consoles and the unique Fleet starships versions of all factions.

Beyond that there are other buffs and boosts unlocked and available to increase your Star Trek Online experience with no major requirements. The 44th is unique in STO in that all donations to our common fleet projects are strictly voluntary; we don’t keep track nor have they any influence on your rank or fleet privileges, they are just there for you to earn fleet credits.

These eight fleets make up the Mighty 44th:

Starbase  Spire  R&D Lab K-13 Embassy Mine Colony
44th Fleet 85 V III III III III III V
44th Delta Flt 85 V III III III III III V
 44th Gamma Flt 85 V III III III III III V
44th Epsilon Flt 83 V III III III III III V
44th Temporal Vanguard 81 IV III III III III III V
44th Zeta Flt 70 III II III II III III IV
 44th Assault Squadron 85 V III III III III III V
 44th Honour Guard 77 IV III III III III III IV

Current as of Sept 15, 2023.