The Armadas of the Mighty 44th

The 44th is proud to act as Alpha Fleet to both a Federation and KDF Armada. We are especially pleased that a number of fleets decided to join and stay with both our Federation and KDF Armadas, a testament to the stability and longevity of the Mighty 44th.

As a fleet develops its holdings, it gains “Fleet XP”, thereby increasing its “Fleet level”. This is advanced one level for each tier a fleet holding or one of its departments being upgraded. For reference, having reached the maximum tier of the starbase, the embassy, the dilithium mine, the spire, and the research lab (including all their respective departments), a fleet will have achieved level 65. The fleet level is a purely cosmetic parameter, solely intended to indicate a fleet’s maturity and progression.

Why join an Armada ?

Fleets in an Armada can join an inter-fleet Armada channel, view each others member rosters, contribute resources to each others Fleet Advancement System, and will receive two passive buffs:

14px-refined_dilithium_icon Dilithium Discount (every 35 Armada levels an additional 0.25% for Alpha, 0.5% for Beta, 1% for Gamma)
12px-experience_point_icon Skill Point bonus (every 35 Armada levels an additional 1% for Alpha, 0.5% for Beta, 0.25% for Gamma)

Joining the 44th means at minimum having access to numerous shared projects to earn fleet credits, including the ability to cross-donate between (same faction) fleets enabling veteran and starting fleets and players an overall resource boost. We hope to improve the Armada experience by further joint fleet activities.

If the listed member fleet has a website you can click the fleet emblem. If your allied fleet’s information has changed, pls contact / pm @Marcase.

44th Federation Armada
Armada Level 808
Total Members 2,118

44th Klingon Armada
Armada level 710
Total Members 2,059
44th-fleet-main44th Fleet
Founded: 1/30/2010
Alpha Fleet     Level 81
44th-aslt-sqd44th Assault Squadron
Founded: 10/18/2010
Alpha Fleet     Level 79
44th-delta-flt44th Delta Fleet
Founded: 12/21/2014
Beta Fleet     Level 76
house-of-nineThe House of Nine
Founded: 4/10/2012
Beta Fleet     Level 73
kleine-gesch-pelztiereKleine Geschletsloze Pelztiere
Founded: 2/7/2012
Gamma Fleet     Level 63
dragons-lair-kdfDragon's Lair KDF
Founded: 11/10/2013
Gamma Fleet     Level 66
 Founded: 4/27/2012  
 Gamma Fleet Level 77
lgbt-of-the-empireLGBT of the Empire
Founded: 12/13/2013
Gamma Fleet     Level 62
Founded: 11/12/2014 
Gamma Fleet Level 73
house-of-alexanderHouse of Alexander
Founded: 5/2/2013
Gamma Fleet     Level 51
disciples-of-mornThe Disciples of Morn
Founded: 8/11/2013
Beta Fleet     Level 69
the-house-of-mornHouse of Morn
Founded: 7/25/2013
Beta Fleet     Level 63
ufp-peacekeepers-smallUFP Peacekeepers
Founded: 10/3/2012
Gamma Fleet     Level 62
Founded: 2/18/2012
Gamma Fleet     Level 33
Terran Mafia 
Founded: 3/16/2015
Gamma Fleet    Level 72
house-of-putangHouse of Pu'Tang
Founded: 6/2/2014
Gamma Fleet     Level 54
taskforce-echoTaskforce Echo
Founded: 2/23/2012
Gamma Fleet     Level 56
raptors-nestRaptors' Nest
Founded: 6/4/2013
Gamma Fleet     Level 74
dragons-lairDragon's Lair
Founded: 7/24/2015
Beta Fleet     Level 77
orions-liberty-fleetOrion Liberty Fleet
Founded: 2/4/2012
Beta Fleet     Level 45
taskforce-unlimitedTaskforce Unlimited
Founded: 1/31/2014
Gamma Fleet     Level 27
house-of-ruanHouse of T'Sar
Founded 7/14/2014
Gamma Fleet    Level 22
ferengi-trade-councilFerengi Trade Council
Founded: 4/30/2012
Gamma Fleet     Level 41
frontier-maraudersFrontier Marauders
Founded: 10/26/2014
Gamma Fleet     Level 42

44th-aslt-sqd44th Gamma Fleet
Founded: 5/6/2018
Gamma Fleet   Level 14

viridian-majesties-commissionViridian Majesties 
Founded: 7/8/2013
Gamma Fleet     Level 17


last update Aug 2018.