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    Greetings and salutations captains !

    First weekend of the Month, here is your Monthly 44th Fleet Review.

    As always, first a welcome to our newest members:

    @DanBarn86 (Dan) from New York
    @drag0nballistic1 (David) from Pennsylvania
    @eshauber#6662 (Edward) from the Eastern U.S.
    @comblayz (Vlada) from Serbia

    Summer Event

    Summer is here ! So STO’s annual Lohlunat Summer Event is in full swing. In fact some of you may have completed the daily already and have unlocked the Vorgon Ryn’kodan carrier by now. Both summer and winter event ships are usually not bad and well worth the daily grind, especially since not just the ship but also the admiralty card can be unlocked on all your alts.
    In a week or two when most of us will have unlocked it we will post one or more builds for you to check out and use.

    It’s still worth to keep collecting those Risian Lohlunat favors, as a stack of 999 sells for around 5 million ec on the exchange, which is almost a lockbox key – if haven’t spend  them on bikinis for the Orion girls already. Risa is fun, but sometimes it can get “interesting”.
    Even better, there are some unique ground kits that are worth collecting, the Sandstorm generator being one of them. Also (if you are a Tactical captain) Graviton Spike is very good to have and use. It’s even better if you equip it on your favorite tactical ground Boff(s).

    Graviton Spike drags and damages a mob of enemies into one big pile, just waiting for you to throw in a grenade.
    Pro Tip: You can (and should) drag your Boff powers to your own ground tray, keeping their best abilities under your direct control. This way you can fire off multiple Graviton Spikes (or other abilites) which will melt most enemies in a single strike.

    STO News

    Plenty of news in the STO universe. The limited time Kobayashi Maru event, the new “No Win Scenario”, has gone live and hopefully you have tried it and perhaps even set a personal record by now. Here’s a settings tip for healing and defending the intrepid freighter. It runs from Juny 29 till July 3rd, and will probably only run once or twice a year, and – speculating here – may alternate with Arena of Sompeck ? I’m was hoping it would be a fixed queue so we could gear and train for it like the classic No Win Scenario, but alas.

    You need to turn in three special event daily marks to unlock “…the Prolonged Engagement Phaser Beam Array and Prolonged Engagement Phaser Dual Cannons“. Good thing is that you only have to do it on a single character to unlock it for ALL your toons. The stats have been improved since launch, adding 4 Modifiers, so it looks like a ‘nice enough to have’ weapon.

    Season 13.5 goes live July 18th, and with the usual .5 versions this is more of an update than an expansion. Still there will be a lot of new content, including the new episode “Brushfire” featuring Star Trek DS9 alumni Tony Todd and JG Hertzler. No doubt there will be new space or ground kit(s) to be collected, so call out in diplo-chat if you want to (re-)run the episode with a wingman – always easier and more fun that way.

    What will be interesting is the new Endeavour system. Something like this was in the works for a long time now, and basically it is a way to encourage us to re-play certain unpopular content, instead of only doing the quickest missions for marks. We’ll see how this will work out.

    Last but not least is the new Ferengi Admiraly Campaign. Yes, this is another doffing variant, but like the Klingon Admiralty it will also award 30,000 dilithium (repeatable!) on a 10/10 completion. Both Federation and Romulan Admiralty campaign are meh and not really worth it to repeat unless you have plenty of ships to feed them.

    44th Fleet

    In the 44th, we’re back in teamspeak, or rather Discord, again. The free voice server can be accessed via Android app, browser or desktop version, and is a simple click & play set-up and highly recommended. The link is here and you can always find it at the top of this website under Resources. Feel free to just listen in if you don’t have a microphone (or just don’t want to talk). No strings, just join for the fun.

    Keep in mind however that the channel is 18+. We’re generally well behaved but an occasional F-bomb may be dropped. As in our diplo-chat, politics and religious topics are a no-no.

    I like to reitorate again that voice is NOT a requirement in our fleet, it’s just an extra service and purely for shenanigans. You are free to play STO as you want in your fleet, and if you prefer to solo missions and not talk in Discord or type in diplo-chat that is perfectly okay.
    At the same time, hanging out in Discord does NOT give any extra priviliges, except for ‘enjoying’ some extra bad jokes, puns and Star Trek memes.

    Akula, Balthazar, BetaNemesis, Cross, Marcase

    Discord is where your 44th Command Staff hangs out, and we run day-to-day operations, recruit new members, make sure you get promoted in time, receive your fleet store unlocks, slot fleet projects, organize events, run the website and generally lurk in the background and prevent that tribbles eat up our starbase.
    If you need to contact us for any reason, either this forum, in-game direct-mail or Discord is where you can reach us.

    So Engage with your fleet ! Shout out in diplo-chat for a fleet run or help with leveling, advice, general tips and tricks, or a real-life recipe for plomeek soup.

    Special mention this month for Vice Admirals Damix4 and Paradoxical. Damix has been updating the official STO wiki site with many-many pages, which is something the entire STO gaming community will benefit from.

    Besides that, Damix is also running our official 44th Fleet Twitter account, plus as our resident Section31 operative keeps tab of all the STO leaks and secret Dev information. That T6 Son’a Battlecruiser sure looks nice, nice find Damix 🙂

    Paradoxical is working in advance of our 44th Fleet’s 8th year celebration in August. And it’s going to be big ! It will be a one day event and will last about an hour-ish. This is a very exclusive event, with a reward just for attending. See this special post and vote for the precise date and time (a weekend in August). We hope that you all can attend.

    Besides that, right now you can Vote for our Fleet Mascot ! Which will it be ? Unsinkable Sam ? The Radan Tribble ? The Horgahn…? You choose !

    Unsinkable Sam Radan Tribble Hoghan

    Initiated by Captain Huckabee we are compiling a full fleet ship registry. Basically we’d like you to tell us which ship your character(s) use at the moment – Add your ships HERE. This will be a great snapshot of all of the Mighty 44th’s ships currently in service, and which ship/type is the most popular within the fleet. At least post your main character and its favorite ship, and any alts you have would be very welcome as well. You will receive a special ribbon for your contribution. Considering your 44th fleet is always growing, this will be a forever work in progress 🙂 This list will eventually combine with the Fleet Officer’s page (incidentally you can use that to pm any of us).


    On a personal note, I’ll be a little less in-game in the coming weeks, but there are always enough admins and fleet staff online for the Mighty 44th to carry on as usual. Fleet Admiral Sargon will keep an eye on you as always. Do not ever hesitate to ask for advice either in fleet diplo-chat, here on our website so wonderfully maintained by Vice Admiral Palcioz, or direct pm. There is A LOT of knowledge in your fleet so make use of that.


    June 29 – July 3rd: Kobayashi Maru Event
    July 1st – 7th: Fleet Mascote Vote
    July 18th: Launch Season 13.5

    Zen rate: 314 (climbed from 300 due to many zen sales, expect to drop again in 2 weeks)
    Previous Fleet Review: June 2017.

    Website of the Month: Star Trek Continues

    That’s it for this Review. Carry on Captains !

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

    Captain Huckabee
    Fleet Member

    Thanks for all the information once again!  Thanks for the work you do.

    Admiral (Retired)
    Founder 44th Delta FleetFleet Shindig Risa 2019Team Player

    You’re welcome, hope everyone finds it usefull. We posted some details on the new Kobayashi Phaser Beam elsewhere.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

    Team Player

    Whaaaat, you can use boff power from your tray?! didn’t know that, lol. and big thanks for keeping us updated.

    Speaking of Ferengi admiralty campaign and my involvement in wiki, I added table with all ferengi assignments few days ago so check it out to see what rewards and requirement you can expect. I still haven’t unlocked the golden ship on tribble so that info can’t be found there.

    Admiral (Retired)
    Founder 44th Delta FleetFleet Shindig Risa 2019Team Player

    Nice work Damix !

    Posted a requested (budget) Ryn’Kodan build here.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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