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    44th Time Patrol

    44th Temporal Rangers


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    I was pleasantly suprised by how tightly knit this 44th community is. Been a part of it for years now, sometimes active, sometimes silently watching from the shadows, sometimes even to far away to hear or be heard. But 44th was here all the time.

    My proposal for a new 44th Fleet name is: 44th Homebound.

    No mater where you are, no matter where you go, you always know where you will come back to.

    /salute to all

    aka @frurin

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    44th  Strike Squadron Omicron.




    aka @dexxis7

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    44th Academy


    The fleet toons go through to move on to the other fleets as commissioned officers.

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    Others have posted some of these, but here are my thoughts as to why:

    44th Nu – Sticks with Greek alphabet theme. The newest fleet and for our newest recruits… Nu sounds like New.

    RedShirtJohnson beat me to it. It is a great suggestion.

    44th Section 32 – Explanation classified.

    44th Zeta – Greek alphabet and follows Gamma.

    44th Muster – Assembly of new recruits in preparation for battle. Since new recruits join this fleet it is fitting name for newbies as they train in STO and the fleet.

    44th Reflections – Name of the new season. This new fleet is a reflection of us and our future as new recruits join to continue to help us grow.








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    44th Fleet

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    They all look great, keep them coming!

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    44th Temporal Vanguard – Formed to act as guardians of the time lines.

    44th Wreckage Flotilla – Just to see other Fleets reaction 🙂

    44th Section 32 – Explanation classified.

    This is my favorite so far, great idea Tek!

    aka @sgtken60 "AKA Grumpy Old Klingon/Andorian

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    I like Tek’s,  “44th Nu”.  Consistent with the naming convention we already have established but it also makes allusions to purpose.  You can’t do much better than that.  A dedicated training fleet might be a good idea and that’s a nailed it name.

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    If we went with 44th – Nu, then when we need another expansion fleet for newer players, we could add the 44th – Nu – Beta for the Nu-B-ies. 🙂

    The older players in 44th Nu could simply claim to be the victims of a temporal rift…


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    I kind of like the 44th Oh Lord Why Another Fleet.

    It’s unrealistic but holy crow Cryptic, take the caps off already.

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    I’m also for continuing the greek letters. To me it would be strange to suddenly go creative with the fleet naming.

    But that’s just my 2 cents 🙂

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    I like the Temporal naming as well.

    44th Temporal Fleet

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    Most of these may be cringe-worthy lol


    44th Time Splitters

    44th Time Patrol

    44th DeLorean Fleet

    44th Wild Stallions



    aka @ulynne

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    44th Temporal Negotiators

    44th Timeline Guardians/44th Temporal Guardians

    44th Temporal manipulators




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    I like the idea of going with the greek alphabets.

    Maybe 44th Mu Fleet as suggested earlier, since we’re heading towards the Mirror Universe Arc.


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