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    Okay, here’s my two cents….

    44th Temporal Group

    44th Temporal Cavalcade

    44th Temporal Concatenation

    44th Temporal Continuum

    44th Ugly Giant Bags of Mostly Water Fleet


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    as I’m new (and therefore in the fleet currently) please go with the Greek alphabet – whichever letter you like, Beta (to fill the gap) would be my choice.

    I watched the fleet names seen in game for a good while before applying to 44th, the reason was that real naval forces (Starfleet is a naval style organisation)  don’t go round calling themselves ‘the 68th Lunar Devils’ and so on, they have task force/group designations – TF38 would have subordate TG’s like TG38.1 and so on. I liked 44th fleet as, frankly, it didn’t follow the all too apparent trend towards ‘yahoo I’m  tough I put marauders in the name’ fleet names. The name was part of the draw, I’m too old and crusty to have a macho gung ho name! (Look at my alt names, you’ll see a trend towards the tea drinking cucumber sandwich eating idiot is strongly suggested rather than Sgt Rock).

    Please, go with greek lettering – or at least avoid things that sound like we think we eat broken glass for breakfast.



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    I can see why people like the idea of continuing the Greek alphabet theme, but I always thought of them as locations rather than letters for the sake of being letters.  Anyways as a 22% stakeholder in said fleet, JK.  I like 44th Reserve, just my 2 cents

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    44th Ugly Giant Bags of Mostly Water Fleet

    LoL Shark-Boss you really seem to want this one LoL.



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    task force/group designations – TF38

    So Taffy 3? A noble name to live up too.

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    Kolvoord Starburst I thought that would be cool.

    Also liked Section 32 Explanation Declassified


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    Taffy has a historical ring to it of course, as a Brit we always used to just say ‘Tee Eff 76’ or whatever, I suspect Taffy is an american thing… there is nothing to stop anyone in a TF from referring to it as Taffy of course. It might be worth bearing in mind that whatever the fleet is named it might be an idea not to paint ourselves into a corner with a name that implies it’s the final one, as there will quite possibly be another such naming thread for the next fleet in  a year’s time. To be honest I’m much more concerned about getting the new starbase, dil mine etc going for the as yet to be named fleet – I’m gradually working out how these things grow.


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    They grow slow but steady.^^

    Thanks everyone for your submissions. I notice a strong preference for “temporal timy-wimy”, will get interesting.
    I will compile all proposals into a proper list and post a (blind) poll so everyone can vote.
    Stay tuned!

    This thread is closed.

    Edit: link to actual poll: https://startrek.44thfleet.com/forums/topic/name-our-newest-44th-fleet-2/

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