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    • Real name: Achi
    • Age: 30
    • Location: GMT +7
    • Characters: Yat’igan@zarashima#4811
    • Account type: Silver
    • Previous fleets: None
    • Why join the Mighty 44th? Currently 44th fleet looks impressive to me and as a new person arriving to STO, I would like to join and contribute
    • Tell us about yourself: A casual person who wants to make friends. I’m an IT guy, so therefore STO is really a fun game to me due to its mechanism gameplay.
    • Do you accept the rules and regulations? Yes

    aka @zarashima#4811

    Team Player

    Hi Achi,

    Thanks for applying to the mighty 44th. You will receive your in-game invite next time you log in.

    Join our 44th chat channel “44th-diplo” by typing the following into the chat window: /channel_join 44th-diplo.

    This is used to communicate with our 44th Fleet, 44th Delta Fleet, 44th Gamma and our 44th Assault Squadron (KDF) – we don’t use the in-game fleet channel. We are four fleets acting as one.

    As a new 44th Fleet Ensign you will be stationed for 6 weeks in the 44th Gamma Fleet, (KDF’s go directly to our 44th Assault Sqn). For a promotion to Lieutenant and fleet store unlock you just need to meet 2 requirements:

    1) Must have either logged into the game or posted on our 44th forum at least once during the review period of 2 weeks (which starts today);
    2) Must be in good standing with the fleet.

    Full access to the 44th forum has now been unlocked, feel free to look around. Please bookmark this forum to keep up with Fleet news.

    We are on twitter and use Discord for voice (not a requirement, but recommended).

    Need some help with STO ? Check out our FAQ, starting ship builds and mechanics guide to help you on your way.

    As a mature, no-drama fleet the 44th caters to casual and hard-core players, so I’m sure you’ll fit right in.

    Welcome aboard!

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    Welcome aboard!

    aka @akula2045, @hadron3000#5120, @ppentaquark1938#8450

    Team Player

    so i copypasted your stated character name into a fleet invite, and it gives me a “error inviting to fleet: player not found”. which leads me to a couple questions.
    1. is it spelled correctly?
    2. what faction is it? (i tried on both our fed invite fleet (gamma) and on our kdf fleet, so *shrug*)
    3. i hesitate to ask this, but do you play on PC or console? because we’re PC only. we have no presence on console sto.
    4. if you’re jem’hadar or romulan, are you past the tutorial levels? i believe it’s level 10 for both races. players in the tutorial phase can’t be invited to fleets yet. if this is the case, hop into our custom chat channel (directions both above and below), feel free to say hi and chat, and let us know when you’re past the tutorial levels and we’ll be happy to get you taken care of at that point.

    so there are a few ways we can rectify this. first, you can reply here and one of us will get you set up and taken care of. second, i sent you a friend invite (well, i sent @zarashima#4811 a friend invite, anyway). you can accept it, and i’ll get you set up and taken care of soon as i can (when i’m on i can send an invite, if you’re also on, we can talk and get you into our custom chat channel and the like). third, you can join our custom chat channel (as the above post: type “/channel_join 44th-diplo” into your chat box. since we’re actually 4 fleets spread over both factions, we do all our ingame talking there instead of fleet or armada chats) and speak with us there and one of us can get you taken care of that way. whichever way we do it, welcome and good hunting o7 🙂


    The issue is probably the ‘ which is different in-game and you can’t copy-paste, it’s a thing that regularly pops-up.

    Obviously he can also ask for invite in diplo which is easiest.

    Welcome aboard Achi.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

    Team Player

    evidently damix got the right ‘ and got an invite sent out for gamma fleet 🙂

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