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    Greetings 44th !

    It’s been a while, but here’s your monthly state of the fleet for August 2019. As before, we start by welcoming the newest 44th members and returning veterans who (re-)joined last month:

    New members July 2019

    Your Mighty 44th is ever growing with steady numbers, and we continue to be pleased by the type of members we attract and who decide to stay. Not many fleets are as drama-free as we are and we thank all of you who decide to hang out with the 44th for as long as you have. Our three Federation fleets are bumping up to the maximum 500-member limit again so we ask that you follow the new rule introduced by Fleet Admiral Akula to have a maximum of two alts in Main fleet, three in Delta and the remainder in Gamma. This gives us a little extra space so Delta/Gamma alts can visit main fleet (roster) and buy that fleet item that hasn’t been unlocked in Delta/Gamma yet.
    Our KDF-sister fleet 44th Assault Squadron still has some room so that’s still going strong as ever.

    One drawback with such high member numbers is that it’s all too easy to get confused on who is who, since ‘some’ of you sign up with three different names; in-game, on this forum and on Discord. It gets brainmelting confusing pretty fast. This is why many forum posts include an “aka @insertname#1234” at the bottom.
    Because of that, we might be changing your nickname both on this forum and on discord to your actual in-game @account name. There will be no change to your log-in or password, but you may see your name changed from “captain Harry Awesome Pants” to “Harry (aka @happyfluffybunnyballoon)” if that happens to be your in-game @tag.

    Related, you are free to choose a forum avatar, all we ask is that you pick one! We hate to see blank faces on the fleet roster (the random picture generator has been retired).

    Our 44th Armada is maxed out again after a short shake-up, and we are happy to see that the allied Federation fleets are also still active. This means that your characters can benefit from the extra XP and dilithium armada bonuses. We will once again try to get some inter-fleet shenanigans going, but one of our ‘armada rules’ has always been that fellow fleets/guilds can run their own affairs with zero influence from us, so we’ll see how it goes.

    On that, we have a new commodore in the fleet, Rathemagius, who will spearhead fleet events. His first is a revisit to our Fleet Colony Sim runs – this is a fun ground TFO that can be run by multiple players and is ideal for a fleet get together. See details here.
    Trying to organize a fleet event when we have members literally from all over the globe, is indeed challenging but we have faith of the heart that Rathemagius will succeed.
    If you have any ideas or suggestions, don’t hold back ! Post them here on this forum or discord.

    Speaking of Discord, Paradoxical is in the process of setting up a music channel there. Soon it will be possible to add to a music playlist you can enjoy in the background.
    Don’t worry, you can switch it on and off, and there will be rules involved to avoid spam/abuse.
    See it as an extra service, so you can listen to say, PriorityOne podcast (interviews with STO Devs etc) while browsing. But you all have to vote for it first here.

    Summer Event ending

    The Risa Summer Event is drawing to a close and I hope that many of you were able to get the T6 Risian corvette. It’s a fun little boat that’s very fast and very maneuverable – its tier V trait Rhythmic Rumble is okay-ish and certainly useful for escort types or if your playstyle includes squeezing out all the speed out of your warpcore.

    The daily floater/jetpack mission may have become boring but it sure was simple compared to re-running a featured episode over and over.
    Last year Cryptic changed the Lohlunat Prize Vouchers so that you can’t save them for next year, so if you have any 2019’s left after collecting the corvette, best to use them all up now – you can trade vouchers for a choice of marks package every 20 hours.

    I want to mention the Tactical Kit Module Graviton Spike. This Tac Kit module is a key item in many Tactical ground builds. When activated, your next weapon attack for 20 seconds triggers additional kinetic damage with 50% shield penetration, knock backs enemies towards the center of the area of effect, and slows enemies by 50% for 5 seconds. Combine this with Ambush and/or Overwatch and a grenade and it’s a virtual ground one-shot. Must. Have.

    It’s hilarious if you can equip two of your favorite tac boffs like that.
    The Summer Event Science and engineering kits are okay-ish and more like nice extras, not must-haves.

    Also, once you have access to the Summer event store by completing the welcome project when you first get to Risa, you will always have access to the Summer Event Store in the Events Reputation tab, so it’s encouraged that you have all your least-favored dormant alts visited Risa just once to unlock the Summer Store.


    Timberwolf is at it again with his oddity builds – a full turret build !

    His builds are fun, and rack up decent DPS, though he cheats a little since he always has a friendly tank along. I still want to see him take an ‘off-build’ into a pug.
    If you can run Advanced TFOs succesfully – including getting all optionals – without dying once, you have a succesfull build in my book, regardless of any DPS metrics.

    That other little screen

    About 97.13% of all STO players are Star Trek fans, but if you’re in the 2.87% then you might have missed the new trailer for the Picard series on Amazon.

    Many of us fans are both looking forward and dreading it as Discovery had some, let’s say, mixed reviews.
    The trailer introduced some surprises and around now it has been revealed that both Data, 7of9 and even Riker and Troi will make an appearance. We expect however that they will only be that, an appearance in a single episode or so, as a nod to all TNG/Voyager fans.

    Whether you’re a fan of TNG’s captain Jean-Luc Picard or not, Patrick Stewart still is a dynamite actor and you know that he will deliver a sterling performance.

    Speaking of, Discovery has been renewed for a new season and the showrunners have promised that things will be very, very different in the new season. The Discovery’s crew may not even have survived their last ordeal together – a hint that the cast has changed…?

    STO News

    Something screwy is going on with the servers since many of us are having lag issues (again). The rotten thing is that the servers are not handled by the STO boys and girls so there’s not much they can do about it, but it does affect our gameplay. This should have been fixed last year as Cryptic then announced they had invested heavily in more and modern servers (…) The Arc launcher is also having fits, so we highly recommend to use the original non-Arc, non-Steam launcher if you can.

    The new STO trailer went live, and announced the next STO’s Discovery chapter to go live September 10 and will feature Anthony Rapp as a sentient hologram of Commander Paul Stamets. In the 25th century, Starfleet encounters a Mycelial mystery that only Stamets can solve, and we will join him on “an incredible journey to the heart of the Mycelial Network”.

    I expect this to be somewhat similar to the recent Pahvo ground TFO, but we’ll see. Expect the launch event to include a special daily event that will have you rerun the TFO several times – get your ground kit ready.

    Awakening includes five new star systems to patrol and a new (event?) starship, the USS Somerville.

    The Mycelial Event will earn us an unknown Tier 6 Elachi Ship.
    This Elachi ship may unlock the Elachi disruptors for you, so just for that it will be worth the grind !

    These repeated runs can get very grindy, so help out your fellow fleeite and let’s do them as fleet runs as often as possible – fleet runs are guaranteed successes and are as smooth as Ferengi snail silk.

    I wish I could give some more news and titbits but as I write this Star Trek Las Vegas is in full swing with many panels and presentations in progress, so a full write-up will have to wait till next month’s State of the Fleet.

    Edit: STO Roadmap has been released –

    44th Admiralty

    Finally, it is nigh impossible to run a succesful fleet like ours single-handedly (I know, I tried) so once again a big thanks to the Vice-Admirals Breakingforce, Damix and Phoenix who run day-to-day operations by ensuring our fleet starbases get fed with sufficient white doffs. To VAdm Paradoxical who is overseeing and improving our Discord and giving advice even when he’s on the road. To VAdm Palcioz to keep our website up and safe from ravaging tribbles. And ofcourse to my fellow Fleet Admirals Akula and Sargon who oversee that we don’t drift into a black hole and get swallowed by a white dwarf.

    Do not ever hesitate to ask for advice either in fleet diplo-chat, here on our website or direct pm. There is A LOT of knowledge in your fleet so make use of that.


    Aug 1-5 – Dilithium Weekend
    Aug 15 – Summer Event Ends
    Aug 15-19 – Junior Officer Weekend
    Aug 8-29 – Arena of Sompek Event
    Aug 22-26 – Item Upgrade Weekend
    Aug 29-Sept 2 – Borg & Elachi Red Alerts
    Sept 10 – Season 18 Awakening

    zen – 420

    Previous State of the Fleet: Spring and August 2018.

    That’s it for this State, see you out there captains!

    The 44th Admiralty.

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    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."


    “we have faith of the heart that Rathemagius will succeed”

    I see what you did there, and I like.

    Thank you for the awesome update, I’ve gone ahead and updated my forum handle to make it easier for all

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    Good read as always. Lots of stuff to do in August, and I’m afk for a good bit. Need my sto fix!

    A big thank you to all the officers for their efforts and fleetmates for help and participation in fleet runs and shenanigans.

    Marcase, in the calendar section, you’ve accidentally linked the arena of sompek to the junior officer weekend wiki entry (nitpicky me, but I just can’t seem to help it >.> )

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    Good catch, thanks for pointing that out Shohom! Corrected.

    Also edited in Para’s Disco(rd) music channel vote.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    Sompek link is still wrong so here it is https://sto.gamepedia.com/Mission:_Arena_of_Sompek

    should be interesting if everyone brings the pahvo crystal along for more pew pew

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    Thanks, Corrected (the last WordPress update absofriggin’ hates me).

    And yeah, a lot of us already have the Sompek Arena Warrior ground set so will be interesting to see what will be new. Hopefully it won’t be just an update of an existing piece of kit.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    Full of interesting news and fun tidbits. Thanks for that, young fella!

    aka @Nubia

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    Wait, what am I missing with that, @holyschit? 😮

    aka @rathemagius

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    @Rathemagius It was meant as a compliment 😉

    I still prefer this one.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."


    Quite right.  Loved the reference, nothing specific about you @Rathemagius

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    Thanks, Corrected (the last WordPress update absofriggin’ hates me). And yeah, a lot of us already have the Sompek Arena Warrior ground set so will be interesting to see what will be new. Hopefully it won’t be just an update of an existing piece of kit.

    road map says section 31 rifle what ever that is, since we already have pulsewave and blast assault I guess split beam, high density or full auto

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    Outstanding Marcase.  Thanks!

    Admiral (Retired)
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    Thank you fellow fleet admiral sir. o7

    In case some are wondering, the layout will be more sparse compared to earlier versions so it’s more mobile friendly.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    LOL! Well that’s what I get for skipping the intro as I’m watching that series now. 🙂

    aka @rathemagius

    Fleet Member

    Great write up Marcase.  Thanks for all of the info.  Glad to see there are folks who care
    taking care of the back of the house (Admin) stuff.

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