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    So glad to see these State of the Fleet articles back! I honestly missed them. Greatly appreciated.

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    Nicely done as always Marcase 🙂

    aka @akula2045, @hadron3000#5120

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    Well @akula2045, thanks for the update. And all of the Fleet’s Command Staff for all the work they do.

    It still amazes me, how much this Fleet(s) will work together, I am a old stick in the mud lone wolf player. A type of player that in most gaming guilds, fleets, etc.. that gets kicked out or lectured too, or even drove out (from my gaming experience) but NOT ONCE has it happen in this Fleet for me.

    In fact, Marcase, you Akula and so many others always seem to offer the hand of friendship or teaching when needed, no harsh words ever towards the way you play. And for me that is priceless, now I do not know everyone in all our of the Fleets (I have no idea how you Command Staff keep it all straight?), and I do not say much in chat.

    BUT I know if I need help, or want to team-up all I got to do is ASK and it is there. That goes the same for me, just ask me I will try to help, I am still trying to get this game figured out so I cannot help so much with information, but if you need a body in a TFO just let me know, my Engineers will jump into the fray with you.


    aka @sgtken60

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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