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    Well yesterday 09/08/2019 was Star Trek (TOS) 53rd Birthday; I was six years old when TOS came out, BUT I still remember watching with my late parents. It was one of the few science fiction shows they would watch, I got to watch it as well and it was one of the few nights they would let me stay up late.

    And it was a big influence in my young life, it taught me to judge people by their actions, not how they looked. It made my take a interest in my Scottish Roots, and looking back now it was one of the reasons I became a “engineer” in the U.S. Navy.

    So how old were you when you saw your first Star Trek (Series or Movie)?

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    I was born in 1970, so the TOS I saw were more or less re-runs via one of the two tv-channels here in Holland – back in the late ’70s we didnt have videorecorders and a gazillion networks, just 2 channels and if the weather was cooperating sometimes the BBC and some German or Belgian tv-station. So I watched TOS later when TNG was on hiatus and I need my Trek ‘fix’.

    “My”Trek still is TNG, which I found quite boring at first as Star Wars was what I imagined scifi was supposed to be. Of course, when I got older and my English improved I started to understand the actual story being told. Being deployed oversees during the ’90s also made me read a lot of books so in my (very) early twenties I started reading Dune, and the usual suspects like Heinlein, Asimov and yes; the odd TOS paperback.

    TOS taught me that you can have cardboard sets and dodgy special FX but you can still tell an entertaining story which makes you think and talk about it days later.

    That’s what I really miss these days; a tv-show that shows me something new and unique, not just a rehash/reboot of all too familiar tropes.

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    Well @Marcase, I love TNG as well. I guess deep down I like all Treks, even Discovery (a little). I never got to much into Star Wars, for me it was not Science Fiction but more of Science Fantasy. And I have only seen the first three original SW Movies, never had any interest in the rest.

    But Star Trek TOS and the Star Trek/Cartoon are my favorites always will be. It is more than the whole cannon debate, for me it is more of a memories thing, with each of the ST series. Each one of them, have been part of my life and there is part of each series that I have enjoy and stuck in my mine forever.

    Just like my favorite Captain was Sisko, I mean he punched Q! That made my laugh so hard “You Hit Me!, Picard Never Hit me”. “I am not Picard”. It was stuff like this that makes me enjoy Star Trek and always will. I have hope the season 3 of Disco will be better, and ST: Picard will blow everyone socks off.

    But I know there will be the old cannon debate firing up again. But for now I remember the TOS Klingons and Kirk and them fighting them with a smile. And of course the original Gorn, too!

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    I was 8 when TOS first aired.  And like you SgtKen it was the only show I watched with my dad that I liked.  Oh we watched other shows but TOS was the only one I liked.  I mean the westerns were OK but hey that was ancient history.  Now Star Trek that’s where we were headed.  I was gona do that someday.  Give me  a phaser over a six gun any day.

    I’m still waiting for a transporter to be invented.  Can you imagine?  Orlando to Paris for lunch and get back in time for work?  Now that would be cool!

    And Marcase I know what you mean about channels.  When we were stationed in Germany all we had was AFN (Armed Forces Network).  One or two US shows (Star Trek was one of them) and some German channels.  The cartoons between shows were cool though.  LOL.

    Thanks for the post SgtKen.  Brought back some fond memories.

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    I’m a year older than Marcase and like him started watching Star Trek in reruns.  In the United States in the ’70s every city had a local TV station that played reruns of old TV shows in the afternoons– stuff like Gilligan’s Island, Get Smart, F Troop, The Monkees, and the Adam West Batman.  I call it “Classic Bad American TV.”  Star Trek was a staple on that kind of channel, and I’d watch it pretty regularly.  And then in high school I had a bunch of friends who were also fans, and we’d get together and watch the show or go to the movies together.  TNG came out when I was in college and I started watching it, and the later seasons of that show and then DS9 are my favorite versions of the franchise.  Although I do love how they redesigned the Enterprise for the movies.  That’s a good-looking starship.

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    Thanks for the post SgtKen. Brought back some fond memories.

    NP shipmate, Star Trek has always been something I liked to talk about. Not so much what is or is not canon, but more of the enjoyment.

    I used to play Star Fleet Battles, and I can remember a couple of the players in the group being upset that with Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the Klingons did not look like “canon” Klingons. It was getting heated, and I ask a simple question “should not Gene Roddenberry be the person to decide what canon is ?”

    Well one of the debaters look at me and in a raised voice “NO! why should he?”

    LoL 🙂

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    That’s a good-looking starship.

    A lot of the starships in the shows and movies are very nice looking, BUT was I really disappointed in the Disco-Era Klingon ships, I understand times change, and it is set in a earlier time period.

    But some of those ships are butt ugly, the only one I liked at first was the M’Chla BofP, but now I am starting to get used to the look.

    aka @sgtken60

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