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    Greetings 44th!

    Here is your 68th Sunday Supplemental for Oct. 24th 2021.

    First up is the traditional welcome to the newest 44th Fleet Members. Thanks for choosing the Mighty 44th!

    New Members

    @stevencgoff1234, @redbeardzombie#3746, @Tecuma, @beattie777, @caedanse, @ironhorsezb16, @nagamasa#6908, @generalbizza5286, @Hattori#78390, @captainvarkara

    Welcome aboard and feel free to ask questions! Again, thanks for flying with the Mighty 44th! Also, don’t forget to join the 44th-diplo channel by typing: /channel_join 44th-diplo

    This is how we communicate between our (5) Fed and (2) KDF fleets. It isn’t a rule or requirement, but things will seem very quiet in the fleet without it.

    Also, here is a way for you guys to track the promotion schedule:

    It is viewable by anyone and you don’t need to sign in, create an account or download an app.

    Fleet Housekeeping

    I don’t really have much as far as fleet housekeeping goes, but I haven’t thrown in any stats for a while, so I thought I would do that this Sunday. As you can see, the 44th continues to be a very active fleet with more than half of our member accounts being active! We also continue to attract new members each month at a fairly steady rate. Which for a 11+ year old MMO and Fleet, that is amazing! 1,229 Active characters is just crazy!

    Anyway, keep helping out the new members as there is no shortage of them in the 44th! And thanks to everyone who has contributed to the fleet in your own way. Whether it be through project contributions, donations to members and the prize coffers and or help on the forums and Discord, your time and effort is greatly appreciated!

    Lastly, I want send best wishes for a speedy and as pain free a recovery as possible to Horselord2012, fleet member and Gallifrey Captain’s husband. Here’s hoping that you will be back on the horse sooner than later.

    The Return of the Naked Nimbus Marathon!

    Well, the Naked Nimbus Marathon has come and gone! I hope everyone had a fun time! Ribbons have been awarded and keys have been handed out. Thanks to everyone who attended, it was great turn out! We may even have the mess cleaned up before the next Naked Nimbus Event!

    Naked Nimbus Marathon 2021!

    PC Patch Notes for Oct. 21st 2021



    The Fall of The Old Ones!

    The event is live and continues until Nov. 3rd!

    Admiralty Bonus Week!

    From Oct. 21st to Oct. 28th Admiralty Missions give out Bonus Rewards!

    35% Bundle Sale, 50% Mudd’s Bundle Sale!

    =Not Sponsored=


    The Mirror Guardian in the Zen Store!

    =Not Sponsored=


    Project One

    There are a couple of events coming up next weekend for Project One! On Saturday, its Elite Queue Night! Note, the times listed are in EST.

    Then, The Sunday Social Event is coming up next Sunday!

    If you are interested in checking out the Project One Discord server for more, feel free to DM Monkeyboy or myself on Discord for a server invite. @Monkeyboy#9015 and @Akula#7709 Remember, this is open to ALL 44th Fleet Armada members!

    Wrap Up

    I just want to say thanks to everyone who chose to fly with the 44th Fleet! You make the 44th Fleet what it is! And I want to thank everyone (these wonderful people here) keep the 44th Fleet running smoothly.

    Note: If you have a topic you would like to see in the Sunday Supplemental, feel free to let me know and I’ll see what I can do about including it.

    Take care and have a great week!


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    Thanks Akula.

    The Nimbus Naked Run was a great success, and all ribbons have been awarded, but let us know if we missed you!

    A special thanks to Veratisu, Inferno, BreakingForce, Hollywood_NZ and Phoenix for helping setting it up and making sure everything ran smoothly, especially considering the time differences between PST/EST, Australia and Europe, these events require some serious Temporal Jiu Jitsu to pull off.

    For our newest members, a mention of our Links page on top where you can find some helpful links and guides to improve your game.

    See this link on how to set up your in-game chat and remove those annoying “log on/off” fly-in messages.

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    out of interest, what is classified as an Active character, dont know how the in game stats are generated but I assume its a character that has logged on within a set period, this cant tell the difference between a played character and a dil farming alt that only logs on for 10 seconds, or does it take into account amount of time online too.

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    The Nimbus Naked Run

    I hated to miss it, but something came up. And thanks for the update Shark-Boss

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    “out of interest, what is classified as an Active character…”

    Right now afaik it’s activity as counted between up/downloaded fleet rosters, as we do it minimum monthly (but more usually every few weeks) so roughly active during the previous month. System compares previous uploaded roster-files with the current one and uses that as its metric.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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