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    Greetings 44th,

    I noticed that many of you will benefit from streamlining chat in STO, so here’s a few pointers.

    As in many MMOs, zone (global) chat is unchecked and unmoderated, and there will be trolls and unfiltered nonsensical messaging that honestly you can do without completely.

    However, especially when you are teaming for a joint mission or episode run, it is important to keep up with the chat. If left as is, the System spam will flood chat with superfluous info, and always right as a team-mate messages you you’re either on fire or about to be assaulted by a mob of raging Gekli space whales. Best to avoid either.

    A lot is personal preference obviously, but I do recommend to create at least three seperate chat-tabs which are considered your main comms-panel; “Fleet” (in our case 44th-diplo), “Team” and general “chat/zone”.

    Ideally your main chat bar should look something like this:

    Right-click the channel tab and you can Add New Tab or even Add A New Window. In your Fleet and Team tab uncheck everything but 44th-diplo, Fleet, Team, Friend, and Tell.
    As a 44th member you already should have 44th-diplo in your list (scroll down).

    We also recommend to add the timestamp option in Chat Options so you can see when a specific comment was made, and optionally the channel if you monitor several simultaneously .

    Those annoying Log On/Log Off messages

    When you Friend someone you can see when they log on/off. Although a nice feature, it gets bloody annoying when that friend (read: me) has over a dozen alt characters who need to be fed and watered regularly, resulting in a wave of “x has logged on/off” spamming whenever a character is changed. Now add multiple friends with multiple alts and it gets Ferengi banana’s real quick.

    You will now find the option to turn that on/off in the chat-sprocket/Notification Settings menu. You will also find an option to switch off various fly-in messages (“x got a T6 ship”).

    As a side note, STO does have an in-game voice option but that is dodgy at the best of times, and you’re better off using our private 44th Discord.
    Do check if your mic is switched off, set to push-to-talk or disabled in the sprocket menu (Disable Voice Chat) to avoid unwanted broadcasting.

    That’s it captains! Hailing frequencies closed.

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    I would just like to note that I am now up to ~640k EC and have since left Bajor. I’m now in the Delta Quadrant, so good luck with that bar tab! Hahaha 😁


    Seriously though, good tip.  Definitely needed.  Glad I did it a while ago.


    Now onto that XXX Orion Girls chat…

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    How do I get invited to the XXX Orion Girls chat? :p

    Another quick tip, on Discord please enable Krisp Noise Suppression to stop keyboard noise and anything else not voice related to coming into the Voice Chat channel in Discord.


    And this is a great post as the chat interface is not straightforward at all.





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    *bump by request*

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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