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    Is it just me or do other people have server issues with STO?  Tonight seems to be worst.

    Is it my connection or are they / do they have issues?

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    Hard to say. STO servers have been known to have fits and bad hair days on several occassions, and seem to spike during short periods after which they settle and stabilize again.

    Cryptic/STO and the STO servers are two seperate entities, so the STO Devs can’t do much about lag spikes – and trust me the community will let them know.
    STO twitter is usually on the case and gives out notices and updates, which ofc doesn’t fixes it.
    Compared to others my STO server shenanigans are very few (I’m in Holland), only lags during new content during massive log-ons etc, but I know of fleeties who have excruciating logging lag and connection failures far too often.

    Consider yourself lucky 🙂

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    There have been 48 hour periods where I couldn’t authenticate at all.  There have been other times where I could log in but not chat or move.  There is sometimes a lot of rubberbanding.  The last week or so has been alright.

    Last night I was a little bit laggy but nothing game-breaking.  It varies wildly.

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    Last night was interesting with some ground TFOs, think my toon had a personal teleporter, but it only ever sent him backwards

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    The same thing on my toon while running the featured TFO. I’d be firing at some mirror universe baddie and suddenly I’d be somewhere I had already crossed, trying to get my bearings 🙁

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    I had some serious issues a while back,  account server timeouts while logging in, server timeouts while trying to load characters, it would get to 96% then drop me back to character screen, after several attempts I could get it and then everything seemed aright, turns out it was my firewall program for some strange reason, removed it and problems went away, reinstalled and they came back.

    Eventually used tool from firewall maker to clean out program and did fresh install and now ok, dunno why it happened as nothing had changed and had been playing STO with no issues before, it just started playing up for no reason.

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone.  Seems like it’s not just me.  Good to know.

    Cryptic (or whoever) needs to put up some more servers.

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