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    Doug Kent
    Fleet Member
    • Real name: Doug
    • Age: 47
    • Location: Waldorf, MD
    • Characters: Montgomery@CaptainKirk71
    • Account type: Silver
    • Previous fleets: Untouchables
    • Why join the Mighty 44th? I would like to join the Mighty 44th because I would like to be a part of a team of casual players to enjoy playing the game and also picking up some good tips to become a better player. I use to have a friend that played the game together but they have decided to quit the game and I would like to continue with the game since I am a lifetime member. Maybe I can also contribute my experiences as well to other players as well.
    • Tell us about yourself: I am a retired member of the military and enjoy building my own computers as well as playing a various amount of computer games. I have also been an avid star trek fan for many years and since this game came out I have enjoyed the premise of the game. I have also enjoyed going to Trek Conventions over the years meeting many of the actors that have played in Trek.
    • Do you accept the rules and regulations? Yes

    aka @CaptainKirk71

    Fleet Admiral
    Team Player

    Hi Doug,

    Thanks for applying to the mighty 44th! You will receive your in-game invite next time you log in.

    Join our 44th chat channel “44th-diplo” by typing the following into the chat window: /channel_join 44th-diplo.

    This is used to communicate with our 44th Fleet, 44th Delta Fleet, 44th Gamma and our 44th Assault Squadron (KDF) – we don’t use the in-game fleet channel. We are four fleets acting as one.

    As a new 44th Fleet Ensign you will be stationed for 6 weeks in the 44th Gamma Fleet, (KDF’s go directly to our 44th Assault Sqn). For a promotion to Lieutenant and fleet store unlock you just need to meet 2 requirements:

    1) Must have either logged into the game or posted on our 44th forum at least once during the review period of 2 weeks (which starts today);
    2) Must be in good standing with the fleet.

    Full access to the 44th forum has now been unlocked, feel free to look around. Please bookmark this forum to keep up with Fleet news.

    We are on twitter and use Discord for voice (not a requirement, but recommended).

    Need some help with STO ? Check out our FAQ, starting ship builds and mechanics guide to help you on your way.

    As a mature, no-drama fleet the 44th caters to casual and hard-core players, so I’m sure you’ll fit right in.

    Welcome aboard!

    aka @akula2045, @hadron3000#5120, @ppentaquark1938#8450

    Admiral (reserve)
    Founder 44th Delta FleetTeam Player

    Hello Doug,

    As a fellow veteran you just earned the 44th veteran ribbon right off the bat as well (click any of the small ribbons for info).

    Welcome aboard.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

    Fleet Admiral
    Founder 44th Delta FleetTeam Player

    Welcome to the fleet!

    Doug Kent
    Fleet Member

    Thank you all so much for accepting my application to the fleet!  As well as earning the veteran ribbon too.  I will have to check out your guide to see how I can make my build even better as well.

    Thanks again!

    aka @CaptainKirk71

    Doug Kent
    Fleet Member

    Here is my current build:

    If anyone has any suggestions or ideas how to make my build better that would be greatly appreciated!

    Live Long & Prosper.


    aka @CaptainKirk71

    Admiral (reserve)
    Founder 44th Delta FleetTeam Player

    T6 Tac Oddy is a good ship, excellent choice.

    Your ship’s loadout needs updating however.

    The Withering disruptors aren’t top tier – their stacking radiation damage is meh. I’d classify them as ‘barely good enough’, so you could consider swapping them out for other Disruptor types.

    The Aegis set is past its prime I’m afraid. You have the classic set (kudos! That was a pain getting back in the day!) but even the current crafted version is iffy. Basically there are better reward and reputation sets you should look in to. The Sol set from replaying Midnight is highly acclaimed, various (colony) fleet gear and of course reputation gear is top notch (Prevailing Innervated).
    See this build posted today as an example.

    Your Bridge Officer layout is a mess. You are not using a Drake/EPTx build and that means you’re forever bleeding energy, and that means any heals or buffs you use are always underperforming.

    I highly recommend reading Paradoxicals guide on this forum.

    Basically your Engineer is sleeping at the job, and not keeping your Doffs in check. Replace Unstable Warp Bubble with Emergecy Power to Weapons 3, and slot 3 Damage Controle Engineer Doffs (EPTx cooldown variant). Set your powerlevels to Attack, and bind both EPTS2 and EPTW3 to your keybind and keep hitting those 24/7. You will notice a significant increase in power (Wpns 125/Shields +120) all across the board. This can be tweaked further by captain’s traits and skill tree (EPS).
    Congrats, you’re now using a Drake build. 🙂

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

    Doug Kent
    Fleet Member

    Hey there Marcase…thanks for giving some great tips and changes to make.  I did read everything and also the other guys post on his ship as well as all of the pages on Paradoxicals guide…long read, but very informative!

    Yea it did take a long time to get the Aegis back in the day and unfortunately its the only set that I have on this character at the moment.  I was thinking of getting the Sol set or the Iconian set once I get tier 6 done on Iconian Rep.  I still need to finish the storyline to get to obtain the Sol set too.   I know that since I’m a newbie to the Fleet I cant obtain any of the gear yet, but once I can then I am sure I can look into all of the things I might be able to get.

    I made some of the changes on the skillplanner to see if you think that would be better:

    I have to try and find those doffs you are talking about.  I am still working on all of the doff missions so I dont have any of the purple ones available yet.  I usually always run with Attack mode set on the ship.

    I will have to try to install that keybind that you are talking about, I have never set anything like that up before.

    If I run with the Naussican 3pc set, then I would get +50 hull pen so that is why I only put 1 skill point in hull pen, therefore my total would be +100 hull pen I assume?

    Thanks again for all of your assistance…I am looking forward in working on the build to make it better.




    aka @CaptainKirk71

    Team Player

    *cough* you seem to have me ignored ingame for some reason. it’s possible that reason is a misclick or something, but the fact of it remains. since you’re not on discord, this is the only other place available to me to contact you, @CaptainKirk71.

    to remove me from your ignore list, open your social window (little button with three dudes to the right of your minimap, just below your mail and just above your options menu), navigate to the “ignored” tab on the top of the window, find and highlight my name, then click “remove from Ignore List” at the bottom left of the window.

    until you do so, you will be unable to see anything i say anywhere ingame.

    Doug Kent
    Fleet Member

    Hey BreakingForce….I honestly didnt intentionally put your name in the ignore list.  All these years playing I never put anyone in that area to ignore….must have did this on accident or cryptic did it somehow.

    I did only see one player name in there and it is removed.  Again…Im sorry if your name was listed there.

    Thanks again, Doug

    aka @CaptainKirk71

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