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    • Real name: Ed
    • Age: 47
    • Location: Oklahoma City (Central Standard Time)
    • Characters: Dokken Shang@dkshang#9376, Caito@dkshang#9376, Aaron@dkshang#9376
    • Account type: Lifetime
    • Previous fleets:
    • Why join the Mighty 44th? I joined the game in 2017, purchased a lifetime membership, played it for a while, and after a series of family events stepped away until now. So, the question is; why do I want to join the 44th? I would like to join because I am unsure of how the endgame progression works. I do not like PvP in any game; however, I do enjoy the social interaction of playing in a group. Also, the 44th seems active, based upon the QSotF: March 2019, and I enjoy an active Discord where I may ask questions and have guidance provided by those with experience.
    • Tell us about yourself: I am a 47-year-old veteran of the Army. I have three children, two are grown and out of the house and the youngest is living at home while attending college. I work for my local VA hospital as a supply tech with the cath lab. My wife and I have been married for 25 years. I have always been a gamer, growing up with board games, and while I still enjoy gaming my selection of titles has dwindled down to Guild Wars 2. I would like to get back into other games to avoid that feeling of burnout you get from playing the same game without variety. Besides STO, I am also attempting to get back into Magic the Gathering (card version) with my son and wife as well as trying for Diablo III.
    • Do you accept the rules and regulations? Yes

    akaa @dkshang#9376

    Founder 44th Delta FleetFleet Shindig Risa 2019Team Player

    Hello Ed,

    Thanks for applying to the mighty 44th. You will receive your in-game invite next time you log in.

    Join our 44th chat channel “44th-diplo” by typing the following into the chat window: /channel_join 44th-diplo.

    This is used to communicate with our 44th Fleet, 44th Delta Fleet, 44th Gamma and our 44th Assault Squadron (KDF) – we don’t use the in-game fleet channel. We are four fleets acting as one.

    As a new 44th Fleet Ensign you will be stationed for 6 weeks in the 44th Gamma Fleet, (KDF’s go directly to our 44th Assault Sqn). For a promotion to Lieutenant and fleet store unlock you just need to meet 2 requirements:

    1) Must have either logged into the game or posted on our 44th forum at least once during the review period of 2 weeks (which starts today);
    2) Must be in good standing with the fleet.

    Full access to the 44th forum has now been unlocked, feel free to look around. Please bookmark this forum to keep up with Fleet news.

    We are on twitter and use Discord for voice (not a requirement, but recommended).

    Need some help with STO ? Check out our FAQ, starting ship builds and mechanics guide to help you on your way.

    As a mature, no-drama fleet the 44th caters to casual and hard-core players, so I’m sure you’ll fit right in.

    In addition, as an army veteran you also receive the 44th Veteran Ribbon (you can click each ribbon for info).

    Welcome aboard!

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    Hey Ed,

    Welcome aboard!


    aka @akula2045, @hadron3000#5120

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    Welcome to the fleet.  OKC is my old stomping grounds along with many other areas in Oklahoma.  Parents lived in Grove, went to college in Tahlequah, worked Tulsa and so on.  Now in Louisiana.

    Fleet Shindig Risa 2019Team Player

    Welcome aboard! And thank you for your service!

    aka @phoenix#6622

    Fleet Member

    Hi Ed, welcome to the 44th.  the best fleet in the universe.

    As a veteran of the armed forces, thank you for your service, you are authorized the veteran ribbon.  As soon as  I find the link i’ll provide it.  There are many of veterans from all around the globe here in the 44th.  You are in good company.

    One of the exec’s will take of it though I am sure.

    aka @thraxin#7901

    Fleet Member

    Here you go Ed.

    aka @thraxin#7901

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