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    Greetings 44th!

    I know it’s been a while, so without further ado, here is your first state of the fleet for 2020!  I would like to begin by welcoming our newest 44th members.

    New Members, December 2019


    First Member of 2020


    • Active characters = 657 of 1649 (39.84%)
    • New characters = 23 of 1649 (1.39%)
    • Active accounts = 192 of 482 (39.83%)
    • New accounts = 4 of 482 (0.83%)

    As you can see the numbers have been down some as of December likely due to the holiday season, although with Star Trek: Picard on the horizon and Star Trek Online’s Anniversary coming up, we will probably see an increase in both new members and fleet activity.  But you are right….it’s been quiet around here…..too quiet.

    On the positive side, the space issue (pun intended) has been shuffled off for another day.  The current rule of 2 characters in the Main Fleet, three characters in Delta Fleet and Gamma Fleet and the KDF Fleet unlimited (within reason) still applies.  So since things are fairly stable, now is a good time to move characters around to whichever fleet you prefer.  Basically, if you hold the rank of Commander or above you can arrange your characters however you like as long as it fits the template above.  Simply contact myself or one of the command staff in game, via discord, or here on the forums and we will get you set up!

    44th Delta Fleet Progress

    I’m very proud and excited to share the status of the Delta Fleet!  It is very nearly complete, as we on our final upgrades to the Tier V Colony, which will put the 44th Fleet into the “Two Complete Fleets” category.  Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to make this possible!

    44th Gamma Fleet Progress

    The 44th Gamma Fleet is continuing along at a nice steady pace, having now reached Tier IV in nearly every area except for Starbase Engineering and creeping into Tier V territory on the colony.  Considering that this fleet was created as a place to store alts, it is as strong as ever due in no small part to all of you who have worked so hard to keep the projects going!  Again, thanks to everyone who has contributed!

    44th Assault Squadron

    Our KDF Fleet is making great progress having unlocked the Tier V Colony World Upgrade!  Again, thanks to everyone who contributed.  Qapla’!

    Also, we recently filled that open position in our KDF Armada so your Klingon aligned characters can fully benefit from the extra XP and Dilithium bonuses.  Be sure to welcome any Me So Gorny members you see cruising around the Galaxy!

    A Look Back At 2019


    I think the article from Startrek.com says it well in regards to those we lost in 2019.  Click on the link above for the full article.  The list is long…too long.

    The “Hold Torch” Emote has been unlocked for all characters, so feel free to take a moment to hold a torch for absent friends.


    In happier news, the 44th Fleet celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary in 2019!  To be clear, the in game creation date is 1/29/2010, but the fleet existed in web form long before that.  We welcome you to explore the galaxy with us!

    Star Trek: Picard

    As of this State of the Fleet, Star Trek: Picard will premier January, 23th 2020.  There are so many questions, the main one being:  Is it good??  I hope it’s good.  We will find out in 20 days from now!  Are you planning on subscribing to CBS All Access or Amazon Prime?  For this I might.  Anyway, I hope it’s good!

    As for Star Trek Discovery, season 3 will be some time in 2020.  It could be interesting to see what the future holds as they have reportedly been thrown 900 years into the future.  I was one of the people complaining about how so many of the last Star Trek shows weren’t exploring anything new and just sticking to the 23rd Century and mucking about in already established areas of the Star Trek universe.  Maybe Discovery will give us something new and interesting?

    Also, Star Trek: Lower Decks, an animated comedy is scheduled to premier on CBS All Access sometime in 2020 as well, so there is no shortage of new Star Trek in 2020 for sure!


    The Borg Resurgence!

    The Borg return Jan. 7th!  This will kick off the third and final event Campaign!  Last chance to progress on the T6 ship!


    There are some very exciting events coming up!

    • Jan. 2nd – 6th Elachi Alert Weekend (Earn extra Marks!) and Item Upgrade Weekend!  As a reminder, the Phoenix Prize Packs are available anytime so be sure to get the Phoenix Tech Upgrades as they are perfect for the item upgrade weekend!
    • Jan. 7th The Borg Resurgence!
    • 10th Anniversary Event – Late Jan. – Feb. 2020?  There are probably going to be giveaways and since it’s the big 10 look for big prizes….   Stay tuned for official announcements.


    Thanks to the 44th Fleet Command Staff for ensuring that the fleet hasn’t been taken over by angry Assimilated Snowmen coming down all four lanes!  Thanks you Phoenix for making sure the promotions get done and on time and keeping an eye on Trello!  https://trello.com/b/caMTvkl3/44th-fleet-promotions  Thanks RatheMagius and Angany for organizing and recording our fleet events!  Really great job!  Thanks Palcioz for maintaining the fleet website!  And thanks to Paradoxical for keeping Discord up and running.  Thank you Red, Damix, and Breakingforce for all of things you guys do behind the scenes.

    So….that is just about it for this State of the Fleet.  I hope everyone is having a happy new year so far and I hope to  see you on the fields of battle in Neverwinter or around the Galaxy in STO!






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    Great job as always boss Shark! Tenyears to the fleet and to the game – how many games can boast of such longevity. Here’s to ten more years of heading towards the final frontier!

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    Excellent piece boss, well done.

    And best wishes to all for the 2020s!

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."


    Thanks for the excellent write up!

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    Outstanding Akula….Thank You!

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    Outstanding Akula….Thank You!

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    That’s a beast of a writeup, Thanks!

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    lookin good akula

    the one thing i’d edit is the wording on the borg event announcement.

    saying it’s the “final event campaign” could be misleading.  i’m sure we’ll have more events and more campaigns for those events in the future.  it is, however, the final campaign for this particular free t6 coupon event.


    otherwise, top notch as always 🙂

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    Nice job, once again! Thanks for putting this together Akula!
    Looking forward to seeing what all goes on for the game’s 10th anni. Never be able to top our month long celebration last September though. 😉

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    Thanks Akula. Glad to see these updates are still happening. Always an enjoyable read. Much appreciated.

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    Great work Akula. Losts of good info. Cant believe I somehow missed Picards brother died in real life.

    Happy New Year all!

    See you… out there!



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    I appreciate the detailed update, Frosty. Thank you so very much!

    I’ve been quiet over year-end in terms of gameplay, logging in only to do short daily-type things, but I expect to be back in the game more completely soon enough. As such, it’s very helpful to see such a comprehensive report of how things are going for the mighty 44th in Star Trek Online.

    Take care of yourself, Frosty, and I’ll see all of you good captains again in-game soonest!





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