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    Greetings 44th,

    First weekend of the month, so here’s your monthly State of the Fleet – a short one this time – and as usual we start with welcoming our most recent members;

    @robofearth (Rob), Connecticut
    @Ismael (Ismael), USA
    Chris, from New York (Provisional)
    @deathknell9d (Todd), EST
    @myndtrick#9138 (Nate), EST
    @ny10hgale#8671 (Lauren), EST
    @minimcguyver (Jon), US East Coast
    @Davey_Atreides (David) from Spain
    @Orion#2958 (Orion), GMT -5

    Welcome to all, and all welcome to a new year of STO.

    Hope everyone claimed their Chel Boalg Winter Event ship by now, since the Winter Event almost closes. The Breen escort has turned out to be a vicious FAW machine, ranking 5th in “Blackout’s Best Battle Buckets”, able to do 40-50K DPS “out of the box” with little effort, and breaks +160K DPS in the hands of a decent pilot with Epic gear.

    See Timberwolf’s Budget Build Chel Boalg video for ideas.

    First on the calendar for January is the usual Friday 13th recurring episode “Hearts and Minds”, a simple and short episode which will earn you a rare Blue clone doff.

    And it looks there’s another bonus XP weekend coming January 19-23.

    STO will celebrate it’s 7th anniversary February 2 – March 16 which the usual (low tier) daily give-aways and Q shenanigans, but we’ll get back to that in the future.

    First skirmishes in our Fleet Space/Ground PVP have resulted in some extra maintenance time spent at the fleet spacedocks fixing hulls and replacing Redshirts and underpants. Good fun !
    Let’s keep momentum going on this, so challenge if you see your fellow competitor online. There’s no strickt order to follow, but let’s see if we can get half the matches resolved before the end of the month.

    K-13 has been quietly but steadily improving, with two special fleet holdings completed recently including the shutters and banner/plants one. Thanks to all that contributed. I think we’re at 6/8 with 2 remaining special unlocks left. Main Fleet K13 will complete both Engineering and Xenotech Research soon – nice work all !

    Speaking of, we should see the next episode in the K13 ‘arc’ this month, which is about time tbh, as everyone is aching for new (episode) content.

    Actor Tony Todd, one of my favourite Trek actors has joined the STO voice-over line-up and will reprise his DS9 role as Rodek, or better known as Kurn, the brother of Worf. May both sons of Mogh be reunited again ?
    Listen to Tony’s interview here.

    Dili / Zen exchange has dropped to 300-305, so this is a good time to convert some dili to zen if you’re looking for a favorable rate – some of us are still recovering from the insane +425 not so long ago. I would not be surprised to see zen to surge to 350-ish in the coming weeks when new content will be released.

    On a personal note, my time online will be limited this month due to family and work, so I’m relegating most jobs to the other Command Staff members. If you notice you missed a time-based promotion or want a certain project slotted, contact any other Commodore or Admiral online; there should usually be at least one available regardless of timezone.

    Questions, comments, requests always welcome so post here or in-game and we’ll get on it.


    Previous State of the Fleet (December) here.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    Edit, some STO take-away notes from Al Rivera’s recent interview on P1;

    The coming year we can expect a new episode every 2-3 months, including a few stand-alone (non-arc) ones. The current “Future Proof” Arc is written out all the way to 2018.
    Some TNG stories to celebrate TNG 30s anniversary. Cryptic trying to get more TNG actors for voice-over work.

    There will be a new R&D Kits School, just like the current Beams/Cannons/Shields etc Schools this one will be focused on Kits.

    PvP & Crafting are on the list for a revamp, but when exactly is still unknown – but “we are working on it”.

    7th Anniversary Event – will give the free Lukari ship we voted for earlier.

    The 7th Anniversary will be a bit bigger than previous, a lot more stuff coming out.

    Next season will be “Season 12”.

    More new sectors to be added to the Galaxy map (already seen on tribble).

    More T6 conversions of current T5 ships – this may coincide with the skin update that’s been rumored/seen on tribble.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

    Team Player

    I’m glad to see they are revamping pvp, and I support Geko’s idea about having pve elements there for those that are not into dps. And I’m sure there will be maps for pure dps, but hopefully they figure out how to make balanced game.

    Today we slotted k-13 upgrade projects for main fed and kdf fleet. one project is t3 engineering, other is t3 science.

    You can find my notes about future release under fleet tactics subforum (you have to be logged in to access it, if you don’t have forum permissions set, let me know).

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    First skirmishes in our Fleet Space/Ground PVP have resulted in some extra maintenance time spent at the fleet spacedocks fixing hulls and replacing Redshirts and underpants.

    Get those underpants changed and uniforms cleaned gents! Gotta present to the new recruits well. Looking forward to new episodes, but personally I think the voice overs are mostly a waste. Rarely listen to them anyway…

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    Some of the voice actors probably were but I don’t think Tony Todd falls into that category. They may not use his dialogue well but he has a great voice and I look forward to hearing it in game. His Archer Gymnasium speech from a project struck me as one of his most stirring but in addition to Kurn he played the elderly Jake Sisko in, “The Visitor” which is tied with “Duet” for the “Horrid’s Favorite DS9 Episodes”. I haven’t really thought about big picture but at least one of those would easily make my top 10 of all time.

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    Thanks for the monthly update, Marcase.

    Best to you and to everyone who makes our Fleet such a good place to be.



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