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    Greetings and salutations Fleet !

    ( March 2017 Fleet Review here )


    First weekend of February, here is your monthly State of the Fleet.

    As usual, first a welcome to our newest members joining last January;

    @Orion#2958 (Orion) from Europe
    @ragecage559 (Mark) form California, US
    @madmax4916 (Frank) from British Columbia, Canada
    @counterbalance21 (Nathan) from central US
    @Davey_Atreides (David) from Spain
    @darthbobbo (Jeremiah) from the Central US
    @Lord_Arcane (Shawn) from Arizona, US

    And also of course a big Welcome Back! to our returning players; nice to see you guys pop in again for Season 12.

    Yes, Season 12 “Reckoning” is here ! And as usual it brings all kinds of goodies; new Lukari Reputation, new Luakri Space and ground sets, New ships on the horizon and some good upgrade weekends coming.
    As I write this, there’s a dilithium weekend in progress, which has been extended to a full week running untill Feb 9th. We’ve slotted some Fleet dili bonus projects as well for an additional bonus so take as much profit from this period as you can, because you’ll need all the dili you can get for the coming weeks.


    Take a look how far Star Trek Online has come by comparing the first Galaxy map from way back when.

    If you have them, the Dilithium Mining claims, which drop randomly from lockboxes, is an easy (short!) mining mission earning you 8,000-10,001 dilithium ore per day now. You can’t buy/sell these on the exchange but you can transfer it between alts via your Account Bank – usefull for poor dili-starved Alts.

    See this if you need some extra pointers getting dili fast (fixed under Links page).

    There are no less than two Upgrade weekends coming soon – Feb 9th-13th and March 2nd-6th – and these are the times you should use those juicy Omega Upgrades you are all grinding for now. Not only do you upgrade faster, but also cheaper as the dili costs will be lower. Even Superior Tech Upgrades are getting a nice boost so craft/buy/collect a bunch, because these will sell like Vulcan hotcakes during those weekends ! it’s a great time to earn some serious ec.
    Remember that you can win some Upgrade Techs every week(ish) with our Search for Soolin forum contest.

    What to upgrade is always a personal choice, but obviously weapons, shields, Warp Cores (for the AMP mod) and tactical consoles (Fleet Spire Vulnerability Locators especially) should be at the top of your list.

    Speaking of gear, we’ll post a new Beginners FAQ soon with the answers to the most common questions; which weapon is best, which ship, how do I level fast, etc. If you have any questions you like to have answered/included, always post/ask them. Us veterans often take a lot for granted but STO is a very expansive game with many features, and you’ll be quickly overwhelmed just trying to keep up when you’re just beginning.
    Remember, this is your fleet, no dumb/wrong questions here – we were all starters once and sharing knowledge and making the STO experience more enjoyable is what we’re all about.

    New ships ! We’ve all seen the Lukari Ho’kuun Science ship by now which you can earn collecting Q-mendations by doing the Daily Q Particle game.

    It’s “Guitar Hero” in space in that the game is best played with your mouse. What’s nice of this mini-game is that you don’t have to reach a certain amount – just Begin/trigger it and you can sit back, it doesn’t matter if you catch one or a hundred particles, you still get your 40 Q-mendations for the Event Reputation. What’s also very nice and generous of Cryptic is that you only have to complete the Event Rep on one character; your (future) alts can claim the ship for free once unlocked.

    You can see the Lukari ship up close in the episode “Signs and Portens”. Cryptic (finally!) gave this ship a unique bridge as well, see it in all its glory in ZEFs video here.

    Early overviews say this is certainly a nice ship, but not some game-changer, which is no suprise of course. Science vessels are certainly fun, but a required taste. It has a Lt Cdr Engineer/Intelligence seat, which is a bit surprising since most of us expected a Temporal one.
    Science ships only have 3/3 weapons, but the Ho’kuun has a secondary deflector, Sensor Analysis and no less than 5x science consoles which you can jam-pack with all the evil Fleet Embassy Plasma-generating Amplifiers/Nullifiers (EPG or Drain) for mischief and mayhem.

    Cryptic is in a real Science Ship mood lately, because after the recent Tier 6 Sutherland class with its fellow Rom and KDF variants, on the looming horizon is another science ship that we have been waiting for – a Tier 6 Vesta.
    Before the T-6 ships, the original Multi-mission Explorer Vesta was (and in capable hands still is) one of the most vicious, wicked and fun Science ships in the game. It’s like the love-child of an escort carrier and reconnaissance science vessel. The original 3-pack had a wonderful console set that made it

    nigh invulnerable. A Tier 6 version will no doubt have the Vesta variant retake its top tier position. Not only that, but like the previous Sutherland 3-pack, the future Vesta class will also come in a multi-faction bundle, but of no less than 3×3 variants (3 for each faction). Not much is yet known, but watch this thread by Damix for early rumors.

    Price will probably be around the 12,000 zen mark for the full bundle, 3K zen for single ships, and 6K zen for a 3x ship (single faction) pack.

    Our Mighty 44th is doing well, our newest K-13 bases have mostly completed their Xenotech Research and Retrofit Engineering trees, and now we just have to collect the xp to complete the final Tier III mark. Well done to all ! Compared to other fleets we’ve done it quickly even including most of the dilithiumg-hungry ‘nice to have’ amenities completed as well. We have some serious TOS fans in the fleet (Shaw, Cross, madmax, Blackout, Silversera) who have been nagging err, asking for projects and were crazy err, kind enough to make some major contributions. Thanks guys !

    The Fleet PVP contest is well underway, with some serious clashes between various builds, and some downright nasty ground pounding ! A special salute to those that are gallantly duking it out considering PvP in STO is still broken; thanks for keeping it still fun and challenging. Future fleet PvP contests will definately be different, probably not going 1v1 anymore but 2v2 minimum, but that’s for the future.



    As always, questions, requests or recommendations, ask in this forum and we’ll get on it like hungry tribbles on a moldy jambalaya stew.

    Picture of the Month:

    Zen/dilithium rate: ~300

    Feb 1-23: Featured Episode “Sings and portents”
    Feb 2-9: Dilithium Bonus Week
    Feb 9-13: Item Upgrade Weekend
    Feb 16-20: Bonus Marks Weekend
    March 2: “Into the Breach” (revamped mission), Item Upgrade Weekend, Bonus XP Weekend.

    See you, out there.

    Previous State (January) here.

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    thanks for the update as always!

    aka Stompar

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    Thanks for the update; I always look so forward to these at the beginning of every month. A lot of work goes into putting this all together, and we’re all so very lucky to have you take the time to write these. Definitely makes me feel special and privileged 🙂 Greatly appreciated!

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    OMG on that lukari bridge…. best bridge ever….

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    Man oh man who runs this website, WHERE IS MY LIKE BUTTON!?!? LOL j/k 🙂

    Great read as always Marcase, thanks for making it easy to keep up!

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    You’re welcome guys, glad it’s actually read 🙂

    Palcioz just uploaded the new FAQ page under the new Resources tab, top of the page. I’d appreciate some feedback on that, if we need to add some obvious questions we missed etc.


    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."


    Thank you for the update, I love newsletters…


    aka @Lord Arcane

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