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    Greetings 44th!

    The Main Fleet Colony World has finally reached the last major upgrade!  And it is a provision hungry upgrade at that.

    My thanks to all who have contributed so much time and so many resources to the colony.  It is greatly appreciated.

    Currently, we need another 62,378 Colony Luxury Provisions and another 135,246 Colony Battery Provisions to complete the Tier V Upgrade.

    So once again we are asking for your help!

    We are asking all fleet members with Federation Characters, to stop by the Colony and do the two mini-games two (or more) times when you are able.  It takes a little less than 10 minutes.

    If you have taken part in the Omega Particle event, this mini-game (for Luxury Provisions) should look familiar.  I recommend using the mouse vs. the arrow keys.

    If you have done any radiation scans on New Romulus, then this mini-game (for Battery Provisions) may also look familiar.

    The Ore Provision mini-game is found throughout STO in Dilithium mining and story missions.

    There are various ways to get to the fleet colony: direct flight to the Alpha Quadrant, via your transwarp menu or via one of our other fleet holdings (fleet starbase/transporter pad recommended).

    Since the 44th Gamma Fleet isn’t as high level and thus there are not as many farming locations that can be found near the main buildings as with the 44th Main and Delta Fleets, you will have to do a bit of walking.

    Location of the Battery Provision Console for 44th Gamma Fleet.

    Location of the Ore Provision Console for 44th Gamma Fleet.

    Location of the Luxury Provision Console for 44th Gamma Fleet.

    So if your character is in the 44th Delta or Main Fleet, the Provision Consoles are much closer to the main colony buildings due to both colonies being further along in level and upgrades.

    When you first beam down to the Main 44th Fleet Colony or the 44 Delta Fleet Colony, there is a Ferengi standing in front of a shuttle.  You can find the Luxury Provision mini-game here.

    When you first beam in, move forward towards the main buildings then take the stairs to the right by the bank.  When you reach the second floor, just move forward towards the waterfall and statue in the distance.  The console for the Battery Provisions can be found here.

    The Ore Provision Console is located to the East of the main colony building.

    To donate, go to the fleet -or Armada- overview, select 44th Fleet, Holdings and Colony World.  The project is currently the only one open, so it should be easy to identify.

    As long as the fleet is in the Armada and have allowed other fleets to contribute to their projects, you can use the Armada Tab to contribute to other fleet projects started by other fleets without actually being in that particular fleet.  Also, there is currently no way for your KDF characters to contribute their provisions to a Federation Colony project.

    Note: I 100% plagiarized the following from Marcase’ original Colony Call to Grind post found here:  https://startrek.44thfleet.com/forums/topic/44th-colony-call-to-grind/

    As you can see, donating 250 Provisions earns you 825 Fleet Credits. If you do the Luxury and Battery minigames you can earn a total of 1,650 Fleet credits and 2,475 if you do the Ore Provisions as well  – it’s the second easiest, fastest and most profitable way way to earn Fleet Credits. The easiest of course being directly donating ec, dilithium or Duty Officers to projects.

    Remember that you can always donate said ore/luxury/batteries to the Fleet Colony Coffers. This is always available, regardless if a project is slotted or not. So again, you can earn 2,475 fleet credits a day in 10 minutes or so.

    Alternatively, you may also find Colony Defense Simulations more interesting.  They take about a half hour and are all ground combat.  Here is a link for more info if you are interested: Colony Sims

    So, once the T5 Colony Upgrade is complete and the cool down is up, we will unlock the following:

    T6 Lukari Dranuur Scout Ship (you still need 5x Fleet Ship Modules and 20K fleet credits to buy it)

    Colony Exterior V (Cosmetic)

    Colony Invasion Shield Array Tier V (Useful for Colony Defense Sims)

    Colony Invasion Defense Provision V (Useful in Colony Defense Sims)

    Bragging rights (Not a lot of fleets have a finished colony)

    So, thanks again to all of you who have helped to build our colony!

    Most sincerely,


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    (Sings) “Aaaand, a-grinding I shall gooo, a-grinding I shall gooo…” (/sings)

    These fleet credits are as easy as an Orion girl on Risa, so take a moment and grab them when you can !

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    I like to host a simulation when I can.  I will let the fleet know when I have one forming.  Tomorrow 02/20 for sure.  A successful sim pays off 2,100 of each provision type.  A really nice haul.

    Great post Akula!

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    Okay so Wed 02/20 around 6:30 US CST we ran a sim.  Only got an inquiry from Critter on it.  I will host some more this coming weekend.

    Simulations can be fun and are a challenge.  The risk of failing exists so it is more real.

    To be successful a sci needs to be able to heal and and do area damage.

    Engineers need medical generators and photonic barriers.

    Naturally a tac just needs to be able to kill fast.

    Keep you eye open for federation simulations coming this weekend.

    Founder 44th Delta FleetFleet Shindig Risa 2019Team Player

    Indeed. Colony Simulations are good fun, very rewarding and really easy once you know what to do.
    See this simple guide how to setup your ground toon – and that setup will serve you well if you’re having trouble on ground maps in general.

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    Okay after reading this, please next time you need help let me know. @Marcase asked about this morning, and I was in the middle of a battle, and I was not sure what it was.

    So I did not join, but I will next time Marcase, I will be there.


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    Does this forum have a calendar or events feature that we could use for this?  It would be great to schedule

    events then people can make time in their personal schedules to attend.

    I saw that you were going to run a sim then the next thing I saw was that you ran it.  I would like to attend the next one if I know about it ahead of time.

    Thanks for putting it together I know hosting takes some effort.

    aka @thraxin#7901

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    There is an in game one, which to be frank is under utilised. We’ll kitbag something together.

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    I’m 100% planning on using the in game calendar whether people like it or not!

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