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    Okay I am posting this for anyone who stops into these forums to think about joining this fleet. https://startrek.44thfleet.com/whoarewe/

    Now when you look at this link you will see all this information about a fleet and some of you may think it is to good to be true. Well in my short time as member of the 44th, I to say the 44th Fleet is one of the best Fleet/Clan/Guild, group of players I have met.

    I have been computer online gaming since the late 1990s, so I have been in a lot, a whole lot of guilds from games like Ultima Online to World of Warships, and I been in groups where I am just a number to them, to the groups that actual want to help.

    Well the 44th Fleet is a Group of players who want to help, and always try to help even to an Old Lone Wolf player like me. From day one of me joining this Fleet, I have gotten nothing but a helping hands, offers to join in TFOs, offers to make weapons for my starships, etc..

    And NOT once when I have had to say No, have the offers never stopped. It has always been something like this “If you need us just give us a shout”.

    What more would anyone want from any group of players?

    And yes I know this is my opinion, and I am a Grumpy Old Sailor and a Old Lone Wolf. But if you are accepted into the 44th Fleet, IMO if give at least a little effort and follow the Fleet Regs, you gain more than just a Fleet, you can gain friends.

    Okay I said my piece.

    One Old Sailor off duty in 40 minutes, then home to the Family and maybe some game time.


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    Well said! I completely agree with everything here!

    I joined soon after I started playing 4 months ago, and this fleet has always made me feel accepted no matter my level of involvement. Everyone is friendly and genuinely wants to help. I, like Chaos, have been playing MMOs for decades and this is by far what I’ve always wanted from a guild/clan/fleet/etc.

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    Geez you guys make me/us blush.^^

    The 44th has always tried to uphold the whole Star Trek ideal that we can improve our game/world if we all try to help one another. If that spirit of cooperation can snowball further and improve us all then so much the better.

    And if it doesn’t work we’ll feed you to the Targs, so it’s win-win either way 🙂


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    1000% agree.  I haven’t been as active as others, due to timezones and my focus on gearing up my ship, but I love seeing the constant offers of advice/crafting/TFOs – all the time.

    When I’ve asked for advice or a invite, it’s always happened. Recently, in the wee small hours I found myself offering advice to another Fleetie in need.  It’s the Circle of Life man!

    I played WOW hardcore for 7 years, and whilst my guild were good people, it pales in comparison to the good people of the 44th.

    Thanks to you all

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    Well @marcase, I posted this for two reasons. One – I 1000% mean it, only my WoWs Clan has ever been close to being like this Fleet.

    Two – Every time before I can log into the 44th Website from my work computer, I have to do a search for it (no personal bookmarks saved on this PC) well yesterday I noticed a link with the title “Beware of the 44th Fleet” on Steam.

    Well as I told you in a PM, I defend my friends and/or family and so after reading the poster’s comments I was already to fire a Full Navy Language Broadside at the poster to defend the Fleet!

    When I saw the date it was posted 2016. Plus I cannot found out I cannot post on Steam, so I calmed down and posted something more productive (I hope) here.

    So it is simple, for me this is the BEST DAMN FLEET IN STAR TREK ONLINE!

    And if you disagree I sic my attack Tribbles on you!


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    Hehe I remember that one, it’s from a few years ago, and (so far) is the only negative remark about our 44th out there (do let us know should you find any other – unlikely, but trolls be trolls). Long story short, one applicant got rejected because: reasons, and he was removed. His play buddy decided to leave as well – both were in the fleet for less than a week. And that was that.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    Well @marcase, Yes I will let you know if I ever find anymore. And please let me know if you find any yourself, I will be happy to back you up or anyone else from the Fleet.

    aka @sgtken60

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