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    Greetings 44th!

    Welcome to the 23rd Sunday Supplemental for Dec. 13th 2020.

    First up is the traditional welcome to the newest 44th Fleet Members. Thanks for choosing the Mighty 44th!

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    Welcome aboard and feel free to ask questions! Again, thanks for flying with the Mighty 44th! Also, don’t forget to join the 44th-diplo channel by typing: /channel_join 44th-diplo

    This is how we communicate between our (4) Fed and (1) KDF fleets. It isn’t a rule or requirement, but things will seem very quiet in the fleet without it.

    Also, here is a way for you guys to track the promotion schedule:

    It viewable by anyone and you don’t need to sign in, create an account or download an app.

    Fleet Housekeeping

    Tired of all those respecs yet? I know I am and I still have 20ish more characters to redo my skills on. But, according to this tweet it shouldn’t happen again.

    Anyway, if you haven’t been in game for a bit, you will want to check your skill tree. It probably says that they are invalid and you will want to retrain them. It is free at least. If you have questions about the skill tree, feel free to ask. For 44th Fleet members, we have a section on our Discord server called 44th-sto-builds-powers-mechanics just for these kinds of questions.

    Speaking of Discord, we are also trying out a different method for delivering Star Trek Online news in the 44h-sto channel. We are hoping to cut the time delay for news updates while also not spamming that channel to death. So, starting now if anyone notices anything going awry with the news feeds be sure to shout out to one of the Command staff.

    Q’s Winter Wonderland is live! Do you have gear suggestions? Have you tried out any of the new kit modules or ground equipment? Is there something you think all 44th Fleet members should have from the event store? Discuss it Here

    Also, I did notice some questions about Fleet contributions recently. Is this something you folks would like to see in our FAQ? Do we need a game FAQ and a Fleet FAQ? To be fair, the FAQ does need to be updated so feedback is appreciated. Anyway, feel free to discuss or comment below!

    Also, we are still working out the details for a 44th Fleet Holiday Costume Contest. I’m shooting for Monday evening to announce the details.

    Bonus Marks Weekend!

    The event ends in a few hours from the writing of this supplemental, so take advantage while you can!

    Q’s Winter Wonderland Returns!

    The event is now live and runs until Jan. 7th 2021!

    For more info on the event ship, here is a link to the Fek’Ihri Gok’tad Carrier

    Key Sale and Key Ring Bundle

    =Not Sponsored=

    Selling keys on the exchange can be one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn that extra EC. It is certainly a more reliable method than opening lockboxes for that ship you want. The cost is of course real money, so as always this is here for information purposes only.

    Two New Recon Ships!

    =Not Sponsored=

    Link to full article Here

    Beginning December 18th, two new Recon Destroyers are being made available in the C-Store on PC! These new vessels in the Dominion and Romulan ship lineage were inspired by the Federation’s Lafayette-class and the KDF’s Ketha Recon Raptor. They feature many of the technological advances seen there, combined with the unique shipbuilding advantages employed by the Dominion and Romulans, respectively. These starships will be available in both Non-Fleet and Fleet variants.

    Special Introductory Pricing Discount! From 12/18 @ 8am PT – 12/22 @ 10am PT, you can get these ships for 2400 ZEN each when purchased individually, a bundle with either the Federation & Klingon or the Dominion & Romulan ships for only 3200 ZEN, or a bundle with all four ships for only 5600 ZEN! Thereafter, they will return to their normal price of 3000 ZEN individually, 4000 ZEN for either two-ship bundle, or 7000 ZEN for the four-ship bundle.

    Fleet versions of each of these starships will unlock upon completing your Fleet Starbase’s Tier 4 Shipyard. The standard Fleet Module discounts apply if you have purchased the ships from the C-Store.


    44th Fleet Sunday Speed Runs

    Any fleeties need help with a particularly difficult mission? Or do you just need to speed run a mission a few times to get a full set for your build? Simply request a speed run in the 44th-diplo and we will get a group together to help you! Whether it be for farming drops or completing Endeavors, a team is only a request away!

    O Captain! My Captain!

    In the past the Admiralty has (and still does) nominate members for promotion to Captain. However, we can’t be everywhere all the time. In the 44th Fleet, the rank of Captain has generally been awarded as a “thank you” to fleet members who have gone above and beyond. This includes large contributions of dilithium, doffs, expertise, EC, etc. Or consistently helping other fleet members with missions or teaming up for TFOs. Crafting items for fleet members. Demonstrating unselfish generosity. Offering to help fleet members get their new alts into the fleet. Answering fleet members questions and trying to help out in general. Has been active in the fleet for several months. The list goes on and on……

    So if any 44th Fleet member would like to nominate someone in the fleet that they believe really deserves the rank, feel free to contact myself or another member of the Admiralty (Commodore, Vice Admiral or Fleet Admiral) and let us know and we will look into it! 🙂

    Wrap Up

    I just want to say thanks to everyone who chose to fly with the 44th Fleet! You make the 44th Fleet what it is! And I want to thank everyone (these wonderful people here) keep the 44th Fleet running smoothly.

    Note: If you have a topic you would like to see in the Sunday Supplemental, feel free to let me know and I’ll see what I can do about including it.

    Thanks everyone and cheers!


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    The first reset I re-did skills on three characters, second reset I did one, now not bothered, doing dailies and event don’t need skills reset, the fact that on three occasions now craptic has not even bothered to inform the playerbase that these were happening kinda shows how much they are about game.
    I am sure beer bug is not helping but that’s no excuse, I am sure it will happen again so am not going to bother to do any resets for a while, the poor people who have a huge amount of characters must be pissed.

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    oh look, I was right but at least they didn’t release it this time

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    Yup. Funsies. All of mine had the bug. Yay.

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