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    Greetings Fleet,

    As usual, first a welcome to our newest members that joined last month:

    @helljumper131 aka Hunt@handle (Jason) from London, UK
    @kbh1975 (Kevin) from Iowa
    @Garlion (Marius) from Norway
    @ichie#4969 (Ichi) from the UK
    @Alpha087#4582 (Albert) from the Eastern USA
    @Briarned (Alex) from California

    Taking a break:

    Removed from fleet: Ice74205 (JackT) due to abuse and being an ass.

    And a welcome back to our veterans as well; we’re looking forward to seeing even more of you return when the newest content goes live. More on that in a bit.

    As a general reminder, if people want to join our fleet, direct them to our Join Page first. We’re easy-going, but no application, no joy. This is a simple but effective troll-filter, and we use your application to keep track of promotions. So please, no random fleet invites.

    As you may know by now we’re hard at work with the new site, and the tribble.44thfleet.com website is coming together quite nicely, looking more and more like the modernized and slimmed down and more mobile-friendly variant we are looking for. Palcioz has really gone Beyond the line (see what I did there) keeping a steady course when yours truly was bombarding him over and over with all kinds of “Gee wouldn’t it be nice if-…” ideas that would’ve turned the new site into a crashing slide-show.
    Kudos to you sir!

    Personally I like that you can see the latest Forum Activity and STO news on the same page so you don’t have to browse so much as on this forum.
    The winner for the new banner will be announced soon as well, but we can always use more graphics and suggestions, share ‘ em if you got ’em.

    We are planning to migrate to the new version around October 8th – there could be some down-time during the transfer.
    You will *not* have to sign-up again, though there may be some changes to your account, primarily your displayed name and avatar, but that’s something we will come back to.

    Game-wise, your 44th Fleet is in very good shape. So good in fact that we’re winding down superfluous fleet projects; you can see the same thing happening in our fellow Armada fleets as well by now.

    Especially in the case for 44th Main Fleet and 44th Assault you will notice a drop in available basic provisioning projects, while our 44th Delta Fleet will focus even more on finishing the remaining Tiers and holdings left.

    Start saving up on Doffs (plenty of free ones you can pick up), materials (Dyson doffing) and some extra dilithium; the coming K13 base will have a voracious appetite if the previous fleet holdings are any indication.

    However, if you are in dire need of Fleet Credits, don’t hesitate to ask a Command Staff member to slot a project for you. The only rule is that you can roughly fill half of it’s requirements (so not just the easy FMs).
    We’re going to start projects on an ‘as needed’ basis instead of just slotting provisionings as placeholders.

    And just as a reminder, you can cross-donate to our two Fed fleets by using the Armada/holdings tab.

    And it’s official, the new content will go live October 25th !

    Artifacts“, which is an update to the latest TOS/Agents of Yesterday expansion, will include new episodes and a story arc that will carry us through 2017. The new K13 Fleet Holding is available on Tribble already (as a work in progress) and our own Section 31-operative Damix gave us an early teaser of some very juicy Boffs and Doffs on the way.Check them out here.

    Speaking of juicy, ZEFilms produced an early preview of the old base in all its new glory (and Space Jellyfish!) on youtube, go check it out.

    For a more in-depth but very much early sneak peak go here (30mins).

    Some highlights of buffs to come;

    – Improve the damage/effect of your Personal Space and Ground Traits with 50%. (so say current Beam Training gives a 5% boost, the Improved Beam Trn gives a 7.5% boost).
    – Upgrading personal Kit modules (like Risa’s Graviton Spike from a max Mk XII to XIV UR/Epic).
    – Android Bridge Officers with unique traits.
    – Unique Duty Officers that apply a stacking (!) boost to most skills.

    Numbers are subject to change ofcourse.

    Besides new content, there will also be the much awaited lighting update. From those that saw it on Tribble it’s supposed to be a real improvement. Looking forward to that.

    Something else on the horizon is something that many Trekkies wanted for some time now; a Tier 6 Sovereign.

    [attachment=1:jjiz9f57]640 nemesishd2588 b.jpg[/attachment:jjiz9f57]
    It’s all very hush-hush but the T-6 Sov will have an Intel and/or command version, or may even be a three-pack like the T-6 Fleet Odyssey. No firm details yet, but it’s confirmed it has been build and in the pipeline.

    Not much else on the official calendar, probably due to the recent console launch (do you “console”? Like/hate, let us know), but expect some sort of event or special reward when “Artifacts” goes live, and I also expect some kind of sale around that time as well (bonus to zen or bank/inventory/ship slots is all possible).

    Activity in our fleet has been low since we were so pre-occupied with the new site. After it has launched and settled we’ll return our usual “Search for Soolin” and some other (new) events, including some sort of launch event.

    Fellow fleetie Jim pointed out to me the other day that it is often overlooked by (new) players that you can make a boat-load of ec by just farming/crafting R&D materials (did you know that Omega particles are still being traded ?) – just playing the game you collect random materials that can be to craft low techs that sell – and it may look like peanuts but it does add up. We’ll make a post about farming (more) ec to give your STO life some more of that Latinum shine soon(tm).

    If you’ve seen it all and done it all, go see our unofficial-official Fleet Foundry mission “Galliant Under Siege” by our very own JamesMaxwell (search 44 under Review Content). He even included our fleet’s history and other Easter Eggs. It’s pretty good, check it out.

    And as always, any questions, suggestions or bad jokes, let us know.

    Channel of the month: PAL Gaming

    Play for fun !


    [attachment=0:jjiz9f57]Star Trek Beyond trailer 2 USS Enterprise at warp anim.gif[/attachment:jjiz9f57]

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    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    Thanks Marcase for running your monthly blog! 🙂

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    Thanks for the update, Marcase! Your log reports are always appreciated.

    Shaw here — I’m not gone, but this has sort of been an unhealthy year for me. We’re presently trying some new meds to help sort things out, but I’m not quite sorted yet, so I’m not logging in to STO as much lately.

    The illness is not going to kill me, or anything so dramatic, it’s just … inconvenient.

    I expect to be back when the new content drops. I hope to help out with building up the K-13 Fleet addition — restoring a classic-style station for the 44th Fleet sounds like fun!

    Be good to one another, and take care of yourselves. I’ll see you soonest, captains,


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    @Damix wrote:

    Thanks Marcase for running your monthly blog! 🙂


    Captain Huckabee
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    I was just about to post about the T6 Sovi.  I think it’s the Attack Wing game that is giving a promo code with on the release of their new Sovi model.  I saw it on a Facebook post link.

    Founder 44th Delta FleetFleet Shindig Risa 2019Team Player

    I would be really annoyed if it’s just available through Attack Wing, unless the $ price is comparable to a generic zen-store T6 I *might* consider it – the model would be nice to have but the whole overseas mailing mess I would have to deal with (damage) I can certainly do without.

    link: http://www.startrek.com/article/exclusive-preview-u-s-s-enterprise-e-repaint-for-attack-wing

    “Secondly, the new U.S.S. Enterprise-E comes with a promotional code for use with Star Trek Online. Use the code included in your pack to claim the WizKids EXCLUSIVE Command Assault Cruiser, a $30 value, in Star Trek Online for FREE. Players will only be able to claim the digital version of the ship for the Star Trek Online game by physically purchasing the expansion at their local game stores”

    Captain, *don’t* make it so…

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    This is probably like Mirror Guardian they offered through Leeta fundraising, which had Command specialization, while C-Store variant had Intel spec.

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    It doesn’t sound like such a bad deal considering you end up with a T6 ship in game. The majority of attack wing ships are quite inexpensive; Ships of comparable size shouldn’t break $20cdn (possibly as low as $15. Not up my alley the last thing the game needs is more Fed cruisers but for the fans of the Sovereign it sounds like a better deal than a model made out of sand and printer spunk with no in game ship at a much lower price point.

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