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    Greetings 44th!

    We have added yet another fleet to our 44th family, which is currently named 44th Zeta Fleet!

    The 44th has grown at a steady pace since we introduced the Temporal Vanguard back in 2021 and Epsilon in 2020.

    In combination with annual STO Recruitment Events, the number of additional characters of new and veteran members will continue to grow each year, and we keep forever running out of roster space: it continues to be a juggling act getting everyone under the same roof.

    We cannot emphasize this enough though, that there is ZERO difference in whichever fleet your character(s) are placed, and this includes Fed and/or KDF. This has no influence on your rank or privileges; we just need to spread them around due to roster space.

    Post YOUR suggestion on this thread with a short (!) description/reasoning. The Admiralty will then shortlist and submit them to a popular poll which can be voted on by every 44th fleet member. Additionally, if your suggestion makes it to the poll, you will earn a unique forum ribbon!

    There is only one rule: the name has to start with 44th.

    This thread will run for about a week from September 12th-18th.

    Of course, the 44th Zeta Fleet name will be one of the poll options, so post your suggestions to expand our ideas!

    EDIT: If you like another Fleet Member’s idea then mention that as well.

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    44th Inquisitorial Fleet

    Because no one expects the 44th Inquisition



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    My idea is 44th Zeta Fleet. 🙂 Posted for official poll purposes.

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    I’ll suggest 44th Reunification Fleet, the idea being that for thematic reasons it can be for Vulcan and Federation-aligned Romulan characters (but “44th Romulan-Vulcan Reunification Fleet” is cumbersome ). I wish I’d understood earlier that the 44th Delta and 44th Gamma Fleets were named for the recruitment events relevant to the associated galaxy quadrants, as I was always confused before learning that about why there wasn’t a 44th Beta Fleet. I like the idea of having themed fleets, even if not every character in a given fleet is necessarily in it for the theme, though that would mean we’d want to come up with a different name for 44th Epsilon.

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    Keeping the tradition alive for Paradoxical’s favorite fleet name: 44th Expeditionary Fleet

    aka @phoenix#6622

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    The 44th Eden Rangers

    44th (obligatory)
    Eden (as we are from Star Base 817 Eden Base
    and Rangers as with The Fenris Rangers who patrol the Former Romulan Neutral Zone, we patrol former Borg Collective Space or Terran beachhead patrols.

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    Since my original “44th Hardcore Herring Hoarders” was rejected (and torpedoed and phasered) my alternative is 44th Rapid Response Fleet

    But 44th Zeta works best imo.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."


    oh man so many good suggestions. This one will be harder than the last one to pick just one lol

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    Great suggestions so far everyone! Keep ’em coming, as everyone that submits an entry will receive the 44th Zeta fleet naming contest ribbon!

    aka @phoenix#6622

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    44th Mirror Intelligence

    44th Alpha Alliance


    aka @bobtheworm

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    My suggestion – – – 44th Zeta Rangers, and combo of the old and new ideas, and traditions. LLAP

    aka @sgtken60 "AKA Grumpy Old Klingon

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    My Suggestion would be “The 44th. Expeditionary Force Zeta” or Just “The 44th. Expeditionary Force”


    Oh My bad.  Same a Paradoxical’s Sorry.

    How about “The 44th. Interdictor Squadron”  or “The 44th. Strategic Strike Wing”


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    I like several of the prior suggestions and would be fine with those, but I felt compelled to add one more.

    My suggestion — 44th Alt Alliance

    Why “Alt Alliance”?  Three reasons come to mind:

    1. the wall-breaking as suggested in the reunification suggestion above
    2. the mirror universe and various nu-trek content being added since the last fleet was added
    3. and as a pun for the altaholics like me who help create the need for more fleets

    aka @rilynrret

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    Ok, let me see here. A good stronk name for a good stronk fleet….

    How about – 44th Unsurpassed in Key Strength Fleet



    aka @akula2045, @hadron3000#5120

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    44th Emergency Response Fleet

    Because so much of the game involves playing TFOs for rewards nowadays. One would think these frequent emergencies would lead to the creation of strategically placed Rapid Deployment forces throughout the Alliance – such as Riker’s Inquiry-class armada in the last episode of Picard Season 1. And who better to sponsor one of these forces than one of the best Fleets in Starfleet? 😎

    aka @robofearth

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