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    i just read maybe 50 posts or so concerning fleet ships and i am still confused. i trust members of the 44th. what do you think about these fleet ships? is it worth it to have one? you buy fleet modules to upgrade existing ships??

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    Well, I guess it depends on your point of view whether not they’re worth it (I plan on trying to get 2 ships: the Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit, and the Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier). You’ll have to decide if spending money on the Z-store fleet modules (or buying them off the exchange) is something you want to do, based on your own cost-benefit analysis.

    Just remember that if you don’t own the Tier 5 vice admiral version of a ship on it’s own from the Z-store, you need to buy 4 fleet modules for 500 Zen each (or buy 4 off the exchange), whereas if you already own the ship you want the fleet version of from the z-store, you’ll only need to get 1 fleet module (e.g. I already own the Defiant and the Armitage from the z-store, so they’ll cost me 20k fleet credits + 1 fleet module each).

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    As Blackout said, it depends on your pov and style.

    Fleet ships will be a bit better than the ‘regular’ ones; more wpn stations, a bit more hull/shield strengths and more console slots. Wether that’s a real improvement is debatable because those fleet ships will be God awfull expensive resource wise (plus the time it takes to go get the FSB to Tier V)

    There will be a few new Fleet ships (the little Aquarius Destroyer will be available for one) and no doubt even more in the future – I think that any new ships that will appear will in the future only be available via Fleet Shipyards.

    Check the new fleet ship stats at any ship broker, and decide for your own.

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    Fleet ships are from I understand are going to be the best ships in the game. As well are the only the only way to have low rank at T6, yes the fleet ships are T6 not T5.

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    i’m sure i will have to have at least one fleet ship. fortunately, i don’t have many expensive hobbies, so i can afford to get some fleet modules.

    now getting fleet credits is going to be hard. everytime i try to donate fleet marks everything is already full, but we still have a long ways to go.

    i figure by the time we have the base done there will be several new ships out, so no hurry.

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    @Sargon wrote:

    now getting fleet credits is going to be hard. everytime i try to donate fleet marks everything is already full, but we still have a long ways to go.

    Don’t worry, the requirements are going to ramp up. Right now, we are just doing standard tier 0 projects. The shipyard upgrade, and then the starbase upgrade are going to require a lot more. I think over 1000 fleet marks.

    The tier 5 starbase upgrade is going to require 1.25 million dilithium. Granted, that’s tier 5. But still, it’s good chunk of dilithium.

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    There are some ships that interest me; But not too many. Since I favor my science officer I am interested in a few of the science ships. Looking across the shipyards as they were I think this class of vessels sort of fell by the wayside. The interpid improvement is a tier 5 so I won’t hold my breath on it’s arrival. My other two fed characters are both got spoiled with a carrier escort so I don’t think they are needy.

    I really like my klingons but a first glance I’m not jumping up and down. The nausican destroyer looks fairly impressive and the criusers have non garbage truck turn rates so that is nice. I’m glad the B’rel got a little hull buff so I can’t see ditching it for either of the new birds. The Hegh Ta doesn’t do anything the B’rel can’t do and the other ship though it has crazy bridge seating is a little too much glass cannon for my liking (with all the potential combinations with those universal chairs because of it’s laughable hull it is most likely going to be wasted as blink in blink out torpedo boat BOO!

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