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    As some of you may know, I have been in the Fleet for a year now. Lately, I have been doing research of the Fleet. More specifically the history and other fine details. (most of this is for an event the fleet officers are planning for that takes place in August.) In doing this research, I’ve noticed something that surprised me and that needs to change. I noticed that the 44th has no mascot!

    Take it easy Marcase! The fleet is going to help me “find” our mascot!

    So, this is the contest. We need a mascot! There are a few rules to our mascot contest, which I will list below:

    1. Must be a non-combat ground pet.
    2. Must provide a back-story to why this pet is our mascot.
    3. Must provide a screenshot with the mascot.

    Very simple, yet challenging. This contest will start today and end the last day of this month. Once the contest is over, the Fleet Leadership will choose 3 that they prefer. Then everyone else will vote on those 3 and the winner becomes the mascot!

    The winning fleet member that has their mascot chosen will recieve x5 [Fleet Ship Module]! Go ahead and grab a semi-free T6 ship! (YOU need to provide 20,000 fleet credits). Also, anyone who submits an entry will receive their very own winning mascot for their own!

    Good luck to you all!


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    I vote Cross and her tribble pile.


    Just to make sure you didn’t mishear me: Cross AND her tribble pile.

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    During a retrofit of Starbase 817, a technician noticed a strange sound coming from one of the air vents.  When the grate was removed, he noticed a small wounded tribble trapped in the duct.  Knowing the dangers of tribbles and despite standing orders to the contrary, he removed the tribble from the duct and resolved to restore it to health.   He was careful to follow the known rules:

    No bright lights

    Don’t get him wet

    Never feed him after midnight, no matter how much he begs

    This unnamed technician never broke the rules, the tribble didn’t multiply and it’s health increased by the day.  Eventually, it was fully restored and became an extremely happy tribble.  The technician began to notice something strange however.  At random times small amounts of dilithium started to appear in his quarters.  Where the tribble came up with the dilithium or if it somehow created it itself, the technician didn’t know.  Of course, the technician was eventually found out.  How long can a person hide a dilithium spewing tribble?  He did face disciplinary action, with a minor notation on his record.  But, nobody had the heart to destroy the grateful tribble and eventually it became loved by all the crew.  The Radan Tribble can still be found on Eden 817 to this day and can still be heard singing happily.

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    aka @silvershadow#5602

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    And so, it was on one evening that battle broke out.

    Red phasers darting across the dark abyss of space, some fining their mark on the perusing Klingon vessel, others missing a fading away.

    The battle was intense, the federation ship, the U.S.S. Erma exchanging phaser and torpedo fire with the Klingon ship the I.K.S Pe’qa who rained disruptor cannon volleys down on the enemy ship.

    Then, it was over.

    With one large explosion, the U.S.S. Erma was just a floating husk of what it was before.

    A few days later another vessel, the U.S.S. Paradox found the remains of the ship. They scanned it, and much to their surprise, there was one life form that had survived in a sealed off room.

    They beamed it aboard quickly to find a cold, hungry small Sehlat cub. There was a name tag.


    Once Sam had been fed and was now sleeping the other crew began to search Starfleet records about Sam. The reason for this was that Sam was known as Captain von-cap’s pet, aboard the U.S.S. Petta, so how did he get from the U.S.S. Petta to the U.S.S. Erma.

    It was then that they found out Sam’s incredible luck.

    Sam had been on the Petta, which a few months ago had been destroyed by a ‘slightly’ angry hirogen ship. It was there Sam had survived his first battle in an escape pod he accidentally stumbled into. From there he was picked up by the U.S.S. Leming which happened to be passing by. This ship was traveling back to ESD but along the route answered a distress call, which swiftly resulted in the destruction of the ship.

    This time Sam had been playing in the cargo room, hiding in cargo containers waiting for people to find him when the ship went boom.

    And from there he had then been picked up by the U.S.S. Erma.

    The crew were amazed, this Sehlat cub called Sam, had survived 3 ships being destroyed!

    So, they decided to call him “Unsinkable Sam” their scruffy little Sehlat cub. Before promptly handing him over to Admiral Rreilu who happened to be on the nearby system, Risa, taking a much-needed break. After all, the 3 ships Sam had been on all got destroyed, they didn’t want the be the 4th

    It was here, atop one of the mountains of Risa, that Rei thought. “Sam, you would make a good mascot. Your unsinkable, like our hope in a sea of despair. Your unkillable, like our determination for peace. Your adorable, like me :3”

    “The unkillable, the unsinkable, the mighty 44th” she thought to herself. Sam would fit right in.

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    Good show Drake and Balthazar !
    Still some time left fleet, this is your chance for eternal honor and glory by submitting a mascot ! We will also reward a special ribbon if you properly submit a creature that embodies – in one form or another – the 44th Fleet and it’s adventures.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    It happened many years ago, at one of the hardest battles ever in those early days. During one of the many raids deep into the tunnels of Khitomer, chasing Borg and fighting their Elite masters, Ardala’s team was advancing deeper into the dark tunnels, focused on just one mission: to reach the main chamber deep in the heart of this assimilated world.
    The moment they beamed down, the fighting started. Intense, brutal, unforgiving. Their weapons were barely adequate, and only through the use of clear heads, skills and pure luck she and her team survived. But the Borg kept coming.

    During a massive firefight, when the cave was lit by energy blasts and explosions, a giant Elite Tactical Borg suddenly emerged out of the shadows, its eye-laser aimed straight at Ardala, his advance relentless. Ardala raised her weapon and fired at point-black range. The Borg didn’t even notice the phaser blast to its face, immune and ignoring it like a mere windy breeze. She had to remodulate her weapon constantly while shooting it and slowly moving backwards, trying to keep some distance between her and imminent doom. She heard her teammates fall and retreat around her, trying to keep the other Borg at bay.
    The Elite Borg reached out to her, his reach just inches from her throat. Suddenly a volley of searing energy came from all sides as her team focused fire on the giant. It buckled and steadied, fired back. But, finally, it fell.

    A gasp of relief, she looked around and found her teammates recovering from the deadly assault. She rallied her team, knowing the next wave of Borgs was just seconds away. She turned a corner and-…

    A snowman was staring straight back at her.

    It was sitting on a railing, eye-level. Its soulless charkcoal black beady eyes peering at her, it’s stick-like arms reaching out as if ready to tear her to pieces.
    It was so out of place, it was so… wrong !
    It really startled, no, froze her for what felt like an eternity. Not something you want to do when waves of Borgs are advancing on your position.
    Where it came from ? She never knew; a hologram maybe. Some sort of transporter glitch, who knows.
    But then a certain team-member was laughing out loud and soon her whole team was, hearing Ardala’s cursing and yelling.

    Ever since that incident, she was always nervous around snowmen. A terrible thing for someone born on the iceworld of Andor. Of course, in no time her entire fleet was aware and the devil snowmen started popping up at the most strangest of places. There was even talk – certainly lies ! – they would come alive during certain times of the year. How horrid !


    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    Marcase be like…

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