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    After a year or so of playing, I have fallen into what seems like a good routine, but wondering what other people do and if there is anything more efficient to keep the resources flowing.

    I spend about an hour “grinding” a 3-4 days a week, mostly on admiralty and contraband farming/turn ins that keeps the resources flowing for the most part. With the RTFO system it seems much easier to stay ahead of the dil curve just playing the game. For me it has been a great improvement and I am really enjoying it (although there a few missions I wish could be ditched).

    I make about 50k refined dil daily doing the following 4ish days a week:

    5 “Active” characters –  Once I do all the reps and get the dil rewards, I have been easily able to keep a stockpile of 200k+ unrefined dil on these. The only “grind” I do for them is filling my admiralty missions once per login, and a contraband turn-in for 2k ore. Otherwise I just do RTFOs and whatever else I feel like. I don’t run the various events on multiple characters, as my unrefined dil is always more than I can refine.

    2 KDF Characters farm contraband. I just swing through 4 sectors near Japori once a session so it goes quickly. It keeps enough contraband flowing that I can do turn-ins on the rest. This is the only doffing I do once I max out each category. It doesn’t seem worth the time otherwise.

    5 characters do contraband turn in and nothing else. I usually do this first thing I login and get it out of the way. Takes just a couple minutes for 10k dil.


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    Outdated, but still 75% accurate – dili run.

    Basically if you run all Daily plus 1x hourly Reputation mission you can net +5K dili easy, a bit more if you are able to run the hourly twice (or more) on that single toon. Add the 1,200 dilithium ‘bonus’ from the Fleet Research Lab (Main, Delta and KDF, Gamma is still WIP) and you max the 8,500 on a single toon – the extra 500 refined from the fleet mine, which you (should) pass on your way from Fleet starbase to Fleet Research Lab (use the transporter pad).

    This is all asuming the clicking won’t make you bonkers on multiple toons. Apparently some have build a macro for it, but I haven’t got a working one (yet).

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    For dil I do admiralty once a day on 4 characters, and contraband doffing on one kdf. Haven’t added RTFO in my routine, I just do it if I see call in the fleet chat.

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    I got six characters (have resisted making a Discovery character). Three Fed, three KDF. So I can’t afford to put any of them on the sidelines just yet. In fact I’ve been trying to avoid getting to that point in STO. Four of the characters have maxed their Commendations, two (Delta and Jemhadar) are working on it. They’d be closer to done by now, but the whole “desktop started impersonating paperweight” thing put me behind on a lot of my “busy work”.


    My KDF characters all Counterband farm. I have noticed a surplus of Counterband build up, but I’m uncertain what the proper ratio of KDF to Fed are just yet. Sending them back up into space from Qo’nos so as to use the security officer is a bit of a few minute hassle that adds up across all characters, but one trick I find that works well is to station my Romulan KDF aligned character on New Romulus; less sectors to cross, and he can check for recruitment missions for Romulan and Reman bridge officers.


    Everyone does Admirality, everyone does Counterband with the Security agent. KDF also send prisoners to the labor camps to suck up their prisoners. Two “new” characters are still doing general Doffing, including colonies, and getting their R&Ds to 15. I’m debating on if I’ll do the grind to 20 on them. Everyone is still working on T6, with Gama Rep still needing to hit T5 on one character.


    When I was still farming holiday currency I had them all just DOFFing in Q’s Wonderland, similarly with Risa and the Horgan Hunt. This makes the holidays a nice change of routine, even if it hurts the Dill income.


    Currently this takes over and hour to handle dailies. This is including the daily holiday race.  Once the Reps are done I expect things to lighten up considerably, but still batting close to an hour. Biggest time sinks are the Counterband farm and Admiralty, and on days when I need to take an “off day” for RL reasons I will skip them both. As stated, I have an surplus of Counterband, so I can afford to do this; the biggest concern is to make sure those 20 hour cool downs get checked close to the same time each day.


    I’m not certain how things will change as the roster of characters grow, but I’m not planning on making any characters just mules so until the “new” characters catch up to everything but R&D, it would take a recruitment event for me to roll more. Goodness knows I have a backlog of ships that need their masteries on every single character.

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    Dime – Sounds like our routines are pretty similar. I know what you mean about getting to the security officer being a pain. I don’t do turn-ins on my contraband farmers for that reason – I just filled up my character slots with contraband turn-in alts and did the minimum required to open doffing. When my contraband farmers get a full stack I just use the ship account bank to transfer, so they never leave the farming area. I have 2 farmers and about 8 characters regularly turning in, so I think 1-4 is about the ratio. It helps to have purple doffs – I turn in my prisoners and credits I earn from doffing for fleet credits, then use the fleet credits to buy purple doffs from the Fleet Star base or Colony.

    Marcase – Thanks for the link. I didn’t know about those science missions, that is a big help that takes almost no time at all.

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    My KDF farming toons operate out of Ganalda station, which is the KDF’s version of K7 – Security NPC and all other amenities close by and ideally situated as the start and end for a circular Contraband sector farming run (Risa sector, Orion, Argelius, Celes, Kassae, Xarantine). KDF Fleet base is also a stone’s throw away.

    Also recall that Main, Delta and KDF fleet bases also have the Security NPC unlocked (though you have to find it on the Tac Deck).

    For some expert (aka manic) contraband farming, see SOB –

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