Marcase’s 8,500 dilithium & Tau Dewa Run

This map is aimed at Federation characters and most of all speed, so certain obvious missions will be absent. Klingons and KDF Romulans/Dominions have different starting points but their run is otherwise similar:

Breakdown: ( = Dilithium Ore, still needs to be refined)

10x fast & easy missions (480 )
Bridge Science Doffing (3x 250 + 500)
Research Lab Daily (1,200 ) (thx SOB)
contraband turn-over (2,000 )

Total: 9,250 for 1 hr playtime on a single character.

In the Fleet, you can only refine a maximum of 8,500 (a bit more if you’re lifetime), so the extra 750 is to help you build up a reserve.

To be clear, once you reach level +50 you can farm dilithium really quick when you unlock access to the Solanae Dyson Sphere/Joint Command. Every 3 minutes there’s a stupid simple mission that will earn you 480 .

Yes, 480  dilithium every 3 freakin’ minutes.

After entering the Dyson Sphere/Allied zone and Hail Joint Command, you can run a simple “fly there and shoot” mission. After you finished one, the next one can be triggered almost immediately, on and on and on untill you’re ready to pull your hair out.

Combine that with Doffing, Admiralty and Daily/Hourly Reputations (140-340 ) the daily 8,500  maximum really shouldn’t be an issue anymore for any level 50+ player.

So why this map then ? This ‘run’ will let you collect the majority of your Reputation Marks, plus a lot of extra useful loot and collecting xp. These include:

free white/common doffs for fleet projects which earn you Fleet Credits to buy that shiny Fleet item;
various Daily 15+50 Reputation marks to keep your Reputations going (even after T5 they will earn you dilitium);
4 Deuterium Surplus , aka Evasive Maneuvers in a can.

All the goodies with the least hassle. A Ferengi would sell his mother for this because, well, they do.

As said, these particular missions are chosen for simplicity and speed. There are many-many others, but these seem the most efficient when following this route.
In general, The Mighty 44th always recommends you to play STO on Advanced difficulty, but Normal does not change the dilithium ore rewarded (and is of course a lot faster).

Note also that most of these missions can be done in a same-faction team (recommended as it breaks the grind a bit).

First a map of where to go, with details later ( Federation, KDF):

0 – Start slotting Doff, Reputation and Admiralty projects (pick up the free USS Sally Ride !).
1 – Faction Academy:
Academy Lore (480 ), Answers here.
Personnel Officer Fed/KDF –  pickup 4 free Officer Cadres (Tac/Eng/Sci/Cvl) (NOT General Recruitment)
Cultural Exchanges – Feds: Vulcan/Tellarite/Andorian. KDF: Orion/Nausicaan/Gorn at KDF Academy.
2 – ESD or Qonos – 5x Contraband  turn-over (2,000 ) (collected from Doff missions or exchange)
3 – beam to your Ship or shuttle bridge, contact Science Department. Daily 3x (250 ) plus 1x (500 ) 6hr duration.
4 – Enter the Fleet Starbase – at the transport pad select Fleet Research Lab (1,200 ) / Fleet Mine (+500  bonus refinement).
5 – (Optional) Zibal – Sh’mar (480 )
6 – (Optional) Traelus – Satellite Repair (480 )
7 – Alhena – Defense Contract (480 ), 4x Deuterium surplus
8 – (Optional) Japori System Patrol (480 ), 65 Romulan marks, level 50+ (see Tau Dewa Run below)
9 – Crystalline Catastrophe Advanced (PVE) (480/720 ), 65  Fleet marks, level 50+
* Due to powercreep even sub-par builds can benefit; often the Giant Snowflake melts before you reach it.
10 – Solenae Dyson Sphere Daily – Hail Dyson Joint Command (480 ), 65 Dyson marks, level 50+
* This is the ever-repeating one. Can’t help to think a mistake was made and 3min cooldown should be 30mins.
11 – Voth Zone/Undine Space Battlezone Daily (480 ), 65 Undine marks
* Get there from the Dyson Gate jump-in point. Pick the central (Klingon Cannon) zone on the map.
12 – Delta Quadrant – Ocampan Freighter Patrol (480 ), 65 Delta marks (which is much faster than Argala, again: speed)
* Circle the Delta sphere to find the Freighter if it isn’t already near you.

Several (previous 20hrs) Doff, Reputation and Admiralty projects should have completed by now. Rinse, repeat.

Total; 9,250 in <60 minutes.

Daily Marks farmed;
65+ Fleet , 65 Omega, 65 Nukara, 65 Romulan, 65 Dyson, 65 Undine, 65 Delta.

Missing Marks – recommended runs;
Iconian marks – TFO Gateway to Grethor (space).
Terran marks – TFO Counterpoint (space).
Temporal marks – Badlands Battlezone (space battlezone, Alpha Quadrant).
Lukari marks – TFO Dranuur Gauntlet (space).
Competitive marks – with Red Alerts removed any other Choice of Marks TFO.
Gamma marks – TFO Swarm (space).

The three (5, 6, 8) Optional missions can be skipped and replaced with 3x extra Dyson “Hail Joint Command” missions if your captain has unlocked the Solanae Dyson Sphere/Undine space and Delta Quadrant, if not, see Tau Dewa Run below.

You should be able to increase your daily dilithium to +10,000  per day (defined as 1 play-hour per character) when doing the hourly Reputations (15 Rep marks for 140-340 / hour on 9x Reps = 1,260-3,060 ) during this run.

(Edit; 140 for unfinished Reputation, 340 for finished Tier 5).


The Tau Dewa Run

Before going to the Tau Dewa Run, first a word on Argala. Some players prefer to run the Argala system patrol to level their ship’s Tier V mastery. The trick is to enter, shoot bad guys, but leave the system just as the final boss (a heavy ship) arrives. After which you can jump back in bypassing the cooldown, and you start from scratch. Argala however is level 50 only and located in the Delta Quadrant, which may not be unlocked for your new character yet.

Also, doing Argala over and over (and over) again will become mind-numbing, plus you miss out on the extra dilithium and marks rewards which Tau Dewa does provide.

The Romulan Tau Dewa Sector has various patrols that need to be cleared of enemy ships; these particular patrols are identical with only the enemy race differing (good for collecting kill accolades). They can be done in a circular pattern, earning dilithium, +150,000 ec vendored through loot drops, 15 Romulan marks per patrol  and some decent xp as well. In fact, all planets in the Tau Dewa sector have a patrol – either ‘shoot’ or ‘talk’ missions – but the following are considered relatively quick and easy. They all have a 30 minute cooldown, so when you’ve finished the run you sell off loot and some doffing/admiralty and your starting patrol should be off cooldown

Japori, Carraya, Gamma Eridon, Narendra and Beta Thoridor will earn you 2,400 and 125 Romulan marks (including Daily bonus) total, plus decent xp for enemies killed.

You can visit New Romulus for bank, exchange, mail and vendor access (to sell loot). Romulans can visit the Romulan Flotilla and Romulan HQ.

Note also that our 44th Fleet Embassy can be accessed on New Romulus (staging ground) as well, which in turn can act as a springboard to all our other fleet holdings (visit Embassy shuttle bay), say for picking up the 1,200 Daily from the Fleet Research Lab and collect the extra 500 refine bonus from the Fleet mine. All this is usefull for when your patrols are still on cooldown, and provide a nice break from the grind.

Free Admiralty Card pick-up

When you’re at Narendra, make sure to contact the USS Sally Ride which is permanently parked there. You will receive a very nice Admiralty card; the Sally Ride is a science ship which is a welcome addition.

The xp farmed from the Tau Dewa patrols is usefull when leveling a new ship’s mastery for its space trait, as on Advanced it will take about a twenty Tau Dewa patrols to complete a ship’s Tier V mastery. Again, these mini-battles can be done in a team of same-faction players, which will cause more enemy NPCs to spawn, which will provide slight increase in loot drops and xp, and it breaks the monotony of the patrols.