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    Greetings 44th!

    I’d like to announce some changes to our Fleet Officer lineup.  As you know, BreakingForce and Phoenix have been performing the role of Commodore for about 8 months now.  I felt that because of the great job they have done running the day to day operations and also the commitment that they have shown to the 44th Fleet, the rank and responsibility of Vice Admiral was deserved.  Please join me in congratulating BreakingForce and Phoenix and also wishing them well in their new roles!

    Also, due to real life issues and commitments Stompar and Sensei Krieger have not been able to put in as much time in as I’m sure they would like to.  I have decided to reduce them in rank to Commodore.  Both are long time members and friends and I appreciate all that they have done for the 44th Fleet.  This decision was made primarily to prevent the 44th Fleet Command structure from becoming too “top heavy”.

    My thanks to all involved,


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    Congratulations to BreakingForce and Phoenix !

    The Fleet Officer page will be updated soon. WordPress did an update (it now works with ‘blocks’) which threw an angry tribble in this warpcore.

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    What’s this, promotions… Never thought I’d see the day. Congrats guys you earned these ones.

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    Gratz to BreakingForce and Phoenix! 🙂


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    Congrats to new Vice Admirals! c:

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