CBS, Give Us a Pre-TOS Star Trek Series w/ Captain Pike.

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    @marcase – Thanks for pointing me at Doomcock. Finally had the time to watch a few and Lo! There was much giggling!

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    What I’m current hooked on is Midnight’s Edge, who dissect the behind the scenes shenanigans brilliantly of both ST and SW (and Marvel and DC). It gave me a better understanding of the why’s and how’s Disco is what it is.

    And it’s true, the showrunners tried to turn “nerdy” Trek into a more action-packed Star Wars, for the “now” generation. Unfortunately the result is just more of the same that doesn’t stand out.

    The Orville proves you can make a “lame” old school Scifi series with more focus on story and SFX to supoort it, so it can be done.

    Oh well, I’m currently rewatching Stargate Atlantis and enjoying that immensely (recommended) 🙂

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    Yep… Midnight’s Edge has been interesting and informative, for sure… especially regarding the licensing arrangements etc… and info regarding the S31/Picard series.

    There’s no excuse for the lazy, insane and appalling plot/storylines/acting of STD though. I’ve just watched the penultimate season 2 episode. At least I now don’t have to voice my outrage (lol) as I can listen to Doomcock’s review.

    Came across this and felt it tackled one issue I have with STD…

    I wonder if there’s anyone at CBS that rues the day they said no to Seth MacFarlane’s attempt to bring us a Trek series pre-Discovery? At least, without the restrictions that come with ‘Trek’ he’s been able to bring us a different approach with Orville.

    Think I’ll join you in some Atlantis rewatching 😀

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    Not sure if any of you have seen this, but I would like to hear your opinions on this video.

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