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    First off thank you for letting me back in the Fleet. While no one asked I feel I should explain my sudden departure why I left no word.

    One) My computer’s hard drive died on me, so I could not use it. It took a bit to buy a new one due other stuff.

    Two) My wife’s health issues flared up (She is okay), so this took priority.

    Three) Work’s Computer is admin controlled, and several gaming links were “locked” out when we got a new IT boss.

    Four) I am having some personal health issues (High Blood Pressure), that I am dealing with.

    And of course the C-19 virus, which caused me to work more hours than normal – Security Officers are Essential Personnel – and now the protests.

    And I know this is not needed, but you all have always have been really good to me and always helpful, so I felt it was due.

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    Real life always trumps a virtual one Ken. Taking care of personal problems issues will always be number one.

    I’m glad that you are dealing with your health issues and that your wife is better. Take care and once more, welcome back😀

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    Good to see you’re back Ken; very glad your wife is doing better and hopefully your HBP gets under control. STO is always down the list of the more important things in life so never feel a need to have to explain yourself (44 = FF = Family First!) but it is good to know you’ve not careened into a ditch, been eaten by a dragon or kidnapped by fluffy pink aliens. Can’t be too careful.

    Again, welcome back captain.

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    Thanks @Shohom and @Marcase

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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