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    Details HERE.

    And I love that it’s not just c-store T6’s… but lockbox, events, promos etc. Oh AND any consoles/gear that come with those ships will also be scaleable.

    I don’t know what’s happened to my moaningminniedom… but I love this feature. Backslaps Cryptic. Did I just say that?

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    They better greatly greatly reduce the price of the T1 to T5 ships as they serve even less purpose now beyond skins and consoles.

    “puts on cynical hat” I assume this is being done for short term gains, i.e people who play the game for a bit and then quit, they are hoping with these people being the ones who will buy some keys or a T6 ship before they get bored where as before they got bored and left before hitting the appropriate lvl. “takes off cynical hat”

    Still its great for people who own ship and start new toons as you get to use scaled down versions instead of just plain old levelling ships.



    Hmm or make T1-T5 ships also scalable…
    Q knows I bought a lot of those over the years.

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    So this should pave the way for getting rid of the various tiers altogether so we just have ‘ships’ of varying types, all available at any level.

    This is excellent. It both simplifies things and gives something to players.


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    I think  that with the speed of leveling no one is buying pre-T6 ships from the C-store, I know I don’t.  My concern is this just makes the leveling process more trivial, and if my Jem’Hadar is any indication, I’m not inclined to run mission arcs with characters once they hit max level.

    Getting rid of tiers seems unlikely.  I suspect they’ll sell upgrades in the C-store that allow you to migrate them to T6, for a price. It’s a business.  It’s not about giving the players anything, it’s about increasing revenue.

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    I am not sure how I feel about the whole idea, as a newer player I like the idea. BUT I do question why they are doing it? And like so many others have said what happens to T1-5?

    Maybe a Upgrade Token of some sort? And it boost I.E. the  Federation Miranda Class Light Cruiser to T6, that way you Captain can stay on the same ship all the way?


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    I have a theory on some of the recent updates like this, mostly moving towards making the game easier. I have a couple friends who have tried STO, and they both gave up rather quickly. I gave them some decent weapons and gear, but around L50 they said the game was becoming very hard in certain missions, and once they discovered all the clicky systems and dailies (doffing, admiralty, reputations, endeavors etc) were the primary means for gaining resources and access to the better equipment, they just lost interest.

    They were used to games like SWTOR, FF XIV and WOW where the gear/equipment systems are much more easily understood and full sets of level appropriate gear are obtained naturally along the way. Everything is pretty much easy mode unless people choose to pursue the end-game content which begins to require some min-maxing to succeed. The trade-off of course is that there isn’t much variety in builds and equipment compared to STO, which is one of the things I enjoy most about it.

    The scaling T6 ships are very overpowered compared to the T1-T4 ships. This makes the game much easier through the early to mid levels and getting that first L65 character leveled up. This will perhaps give people more time to become invested in the game before giving up once they hit the wall of clicky-grind.

    With a T6 ship and even common MkXII gear people can get through the content pretty easily now with the recent NPC damage nerf. No need to do all the daily clickity-click if you don’t want to. This should keep more people playing longer who may eventually decide to purchase more C-Store items, which in the end is what keeps the lights on.

    Hopefully this will be healthy for the game going forward and increase player retention.

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