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    Hey there again, everyone! Just a few things that I should probably have included on the Sunday Supplemental, but overlooked.

    Upcoming Events

    We have a Starbase Defense get-together and party scheduled for Sept 18! https://startrek.44thfleet.com/forums/topic/44th-starbase-fleet-defense-september-18th-2022/

    We’re also looking at setting up a KDF Colony Sim event in the fairly near future, Date TBD. Please comment on this thread if you’d be interested in this!

    Current Events

    We’re also currently running a Search For Zahla hide-and-seek event! Figure out where Zhala is, get yourself there, take a screenshot of yourself where she is, and submit it in the forum thread for a ribbon and some other goodies! https://startrek.44thfleet.com/forums/topic/search-for-zahla-part-2/


    Finally, after a very long tenure, @Marcase is officially retiring as an Admiral of the 44th Fleet. He’ll still be around occasionally, but his life is pulling him away from the game to an extent that he won’t be around much. He’s a big part of the reason the 44th Fleet is what it is today, and he’ll be missed. Hopefully he can stop in every now and again for a Romulan Ale (or five). Thanks for all the work you’ve put into making the 44th great, Marcase!

    Boatknight from Vert 8472 on Vimeo.

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    I can assure you the pleasure was all mine.
    The Mighty 44th is in great hands so I leave with a spring in my step and a song in my heart. (Que zero-G bounce and “Boat knight, Boat-kniiiiight…”).


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    I’ve been in the 44th for a LONG time, ive taken a couple breaks but I always come back.  I’d just like to thank Marcase for all the help over the last few years.  Thanks buddy, you truly helped make this fleet amazing.

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    Thank you for running this great fleet! Best of luck to you with your out-of-game endeavours.


    Wait. He’s leaving. Isn’t there, like a rule against that?

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    Farewell. I salute you sir! Good luck on your future endeavors.

    Going to explore some more like the great scotty?

    Who wants a drink! The Admirals buying!


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    It was a great several years but I never had much of a path for success here. Wish I joined sooner.

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    Wait. He’s leaving. Isn’t there, like a rule against that?

    Not leaving, so much as stepping down from a leadership role and cutting back his time in the game by a lot.

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