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    Welcome New Fleet Members – Fleet FAQ – Summer Event – Peradomon Fleet Video Project – New Rules for our Main / Delta Fleets – Thank You Admiralty

    Greetings 44th!

    Here’s your quarterly update regarding your Mighty 44th Fleet.

    Welcome New Fleet Members

    As per the usual trend, we have been welcoming dozens of new applicants since the last quarterly update in March – Welcome All!

    • Active characters = 639 of 1726 (37.02%)
    • New characters = 51 of 1726 (2.95%)
    • Active accounts = 200 of 504 (39.68%)
    • New accounts = 18 of 504 (3.57%)

    Fleet activity has decreased a bit since the last State of the Fleet, though we continue to welcome a steady flow of new members each month.  Historically speaking, activity has always dropped off due to finals, graduations and in the Northern Hemisphere, being dragged outside kicking and screaming due to the weather improving.

    As you can see from the data below dated June, 2018, the 44th Fleet has grown at a steady rate!

    • Active characters = 570 of 1,295 (44.02%)
    • New characters = 85 of 1,295 (6.56%)
    • Active accounts = 169 of 401 (42.14%)
    • New accounts = 18 of 401 (4.49%)

    So, we continue to be a very active fleet.  In fact, our Main Fleet is complete.  There is literally nothing left to work on, other than enjoying the fruits of our labors.  So, stick a fork in it…it’s done and time to move on to other fleet projects….

    The 44th Delta Fleet now has its own completed Tier 5 Starbase!  The only thing left to complete is a Tier 5 Colony and that is very much on its way.

    Our 44th Gamma Fleet, which was only meant as an alt parking lot is steadily inching along.  Keep in mind that at this time last year, it was only at level 4.  It is now at level 55, with a population of 305 characters!

    The 44th Assault Squadron is in the same boat as the Delta Fleet with the Colony being the last project to complete.  So if you make it over there consider giving our local Klingon warriors some love, attention and maybe a cannibal tribble or two….Also don’t forget to feed the Targs!

    Really though, great job and thanks so much everyone!

    Fleet FAQ

    In the last state of the fleet I thanked those of you who took time out to answer questions here on the forums, on Discord and on the 44th-diplo channel.  I want to thank you all again for continuing to do this.  And for those members who continue to have questions, I encourage you to continue to ask them.  We continually update our FAQ based on your questions so that new fleet members can be better served by it.  So by asking questions, you will be helping other members as well.  I welcome you all to take a look at the FAQ and let us know if you think of something that should be added.  We have the FAQ here https://startrek.44thfleet.com/beginners-guide-faqs/.

    Also, our very own Paradoxical has written some great game Mechanic guides that can be found here, for an even deeper dive.

    2019 Summer Event on Risa

    Just a quick mentio n, the Lohlunat Festival will feature a T6 Risian Corvette as the main prize as announced by Cryptic.  In past events, to unlock the event ship you just needed to collect 1,000 Summer Event tokens, which you earned by picking up a daily mission that involved flying along a path in the sky through hoops and collect 40 tokens every 20hrs.  So, it will take 25 times (days) to complete, with a usual duration of about 42 days or 6 weeks for the entire event.  It is worth the time in my opinion, as the ship is available account-wide and only takes 5 minutes per day for 25 days.

    Peradomon Fleet Video Project

    Our fellow fleetie, Pajo, aka Peradomon will be making a new Fleet initiation video in which all of our fleet’s activities, space/ground battles, commemorations and memes will be showcased.  Details are here https://startrek.44thfleet.com/forums/topic/making-a-new-fleet-initiation-video/.  Paradoxical has offered a reward of 5 lockbox keys to anyone who contributes to this project.  Anyone who contributes will also receive the Artist forum ribbon and the Creativity forum ribbon.

    New Rules for our Main / Delta Fleets

    As announced in the last state of the fleet, we will continue our policy that you can have as many alts as you like in the 44th Fleet – as long as they are semi-active, ie log in at least once a week or so.
    But as we said, we need to balance and disperse alts more evenly among our three Federation fleets as we continue to grow (our KDF fleet still has sufficient space, please give them love and feed the targs).

    So kidding aside, starting today, the rule is that everyone can have a maximum of two (2) active alts in the 44th (Main) Fleet and (3) active alts in the Delta Fleet.  This will leave enough room for future members to transfer two (2) alts from Delta/Gamma to Main and (3) active alts in Gamma Fleet to the Delta Fleet, and enough room for alts to temporarily move to Main to buy shiny fleet gear.

    Just as a reminder, every Lieutenant rank and above has unrestricted access to main fleet and Delta fleet stores to buy fleet ships and fleet gear.  All that is required is a map invite or temporary move to Main or Delta Fleet (just ask any Captain, Commodore/Admiral in 44th-diplo, discord or forums).  This is the privilege of all Lt’s, so don’t hesitate to ask if you’re ready to purchase fleet gear.

    Starting today, there will be a 30-day period where we will encourage you to reduce your alts in Main fleet by transferring them to Gamma Fleet.  Remember, this goes for all ranks.  Thanks to all of you in the Admiralty who have already moved your alts around (Most of us Admiralty have only one character in both Main and Delta Fleet already.)  After that period we will both remove AND re-invite to 44th Gamma any THIRD ALT in Main and FOURTH ALT in DELTA (for afk accounts).  Again, your alt will NOT be kicked, just moved with rank and privileges intact.  THIS WILL BE A SLOW PROCESS, AS WE EXPECT TO REMOVE ABOUT 18 ALTS PER 1 MONTH AND A HALF AT MOST.

    Thank You Admiralty

    Since 2010, the 44th Fleet has been supported by an amazing Command Staff.  Gone are the days that one or two fleet admirals could run our online organization, and we are very thankful that the 44th Fleet (for over 9 years!) always had a group of members who dedicate a large portion of their free time not pew-pewing, but instead introducing new members to STO, planing and sloting fleet projects and events, writing detailed guides and reports, run our forum and Discord voice server and conduct Armada and official STO-forum contacts.  In other words, many thanks to the extra homework club!
    So, special thanks to Damix, Palcioz, Paradoxical, Phoenix, BreakingForce, Sargon and of course a massive thanks to Marcase!

    Most Sincerely,
    44th Fleet


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    I will bump my summer event guide closer to when event starts so newer members can see it.

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    Thanks Chanfron 🙂

    aka @akula2045, @hadron3000#5120, @ppentaquark1938#8450


    Great read boss, well done. The alt rules are fair and simple and hopefully prevents us for having to create *another* fleet ! 🙂

    Congrats and big thanks to all who contribute(d) to our fleet projects; for a voluntary donation system we are doing exceptionally well.

    (If you like to see the previous State of the Fleet, go to Resources/Links and scroll all the way down)

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    So kidding aside, starting today, the rule is that everyone can have a maximum of two (2) active alts in the 44th (Main) Fleet and (3) active alts in the Delta Fleet.  This will leave enough room for future members to transfer two (2) alts from Delta/Gamma to Main and (3) active alts in Gamma Fleet to the Delta Fleet, and enough room for alts to temporarily move to Main to buy shiny fleet gear.

    Please understand, I am not arguing or trying to knocking the Fleet or its Command, or wanting to quit the Fleet in anyway. But if you need me too, I can pull some of alts of the Fleet so we have more room, I have two I just use for earning Dil, and R&D stuff – Garm’iclan and Khaeccux – for my two mains.

    And I deleted one that I just did not have time to play. And I can move my main; Iain to wherever you he is needed.

    aka @sgtken60

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    Hey Ken,

    First of all, thank you for being a 44th Fleet member 🙂  Second, this announcement is just our attempt at allowing all of our members a chance at being a part of the Main 44th Fleet, with easy access to all of the best fleet gear.  We have a huge roster to manage between our three Federation Fleets and our goal is to help everyone find a place for their alts.  Obviously, if anyone has a preference of how they would prefer their alts to be distributed, we will honor that.  Also, there is no need to delete characters.  We have the room.

    Thanks again Ken,


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    @akula2045, okay NP but if it changes, I help in this way or any other way that I can.

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    Well, much appreciated good Captain 🙂

    aka @akula2045, @hadron3000#5120, @ppentaquark1938#8450


    Love reading these! Thank you for taking the time, Akula!

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    clear , understandable and well thought out. Me likes 🙂

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    Great read.  I appreciate your effort in putting this together.

    aka @thraxin#7901

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