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    [[This RP post/event is mainly to set your ship into the RP history of the fleet.  With that being said, it’s hard to keep posting RP stuff under this, so feel free to branch out and make your own RP post.  One suggestion is doing a topic labeled as your ship’s captain’s logs.]]

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    [[OOC – Just wanted to post quickly, I fully intend to jump back in here and take command of my ship, just a little busy with a goal of writing 50K words of my Novel this month so haven’t had time to focus on my RP 🙂 Hopefully soon I’ll get back in here to get my glorious ship]]

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    [OOC – I obviously misunderstood the purpose/reach of this RP thread. My bad. I’ll quit posting. Sorry.]

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    [ Don’t do that, good posts, enjoyable read. Keep it coming 🙂 ]

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    [[Keep them coming Kevin :).  I was just letting people know they could branch out is all.  Sorry if I didn’t do so elegant wording it that.]]

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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