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    Captain Huckabee
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    >>> Incoming subspace transmission, Priority 1. <<<

    Attn: Captains and Commanders promotable assigned to 44th Fleet.

    From: Captain Huckabee, commanding U.S.S. Carolina.

    Subj: 44th Starships needing commanding officers.

    To all my fellow Captains and Commanders pending promotion in the fleet, for those not aware there has been several new ships assigned to the 44th that are currently stationed at starbase Eden pending assignments.  The Fleet Admiral has requested I send out this message to get the news out there.  I asked him why me, but naturally I was told there was “Admiral things that needed to be done”.

    Most of these ships are new having just recently being completed or refitted. With that being said, the Fleet Admiral has assigned myself and most of the crew from the Timberwolf to the Carolina feeling our skills could be more utilized there to help assist with operations at Eden and with fleet support where needed.  I knew better to question it, it has been several years I’ve been in command of it.

    Here is the list of ships currently needing assigned:

    U.S.S. Defiance / Galaxy class NCC-74802
    U.S.S. Paladin / Guardian class NCC-47077
    U.S.S. Sentinel  / Avenger class  NCC-97558
    U.S.S. Prometheus / Miranda class NCC-30366-A (Assigned Capt. Safka)
    U.S.S. Saratoga / Reliant class  NCC-31911-A
    U.S.S. Carolina / Reliant class NCC-42050-A
    (Assigned Capt. Huckabee)
    U.S.S. Kitty Hawk / Juptier class NCC-49056 (Assigned Capt. Lukon)
    U.S.S. Celestial / Vesta class  NCC-89833
    U.S.S. Galactica / Alita class NCC-95055
    U.S.S. Melbourne / Sutherland class  NCC-92072 (Assigned Capt. Idaris)
    U.S.S. Lexington / Sovereign class  NCC-93071
    U.S.S. Achilles / Hestia class  NCC-90422
    U.S.S. Horizon / Andromeda class NCC-48012
    U.S.S. Atlantis / Intrepid class NCC-87659
    U.S.S. Sun Tzu / Defiant class NCC-89324 (Assigned Capt. Barr)
    U.S.S. Valkyrie / Valiant class NCC-98750

    The Fleet Admiral has requested those needing an assignment or due to re-assignment send a subspace message via this channel.  Please include your experience so your record does not need to be pulled.  You know the Fleet Admiral hates digging through data files.  It also wouldn’t hurt to include what command interest you, either by ship class or ship focus.  Might get lucky and get a choice unlike me.

    Fair sailing 44th,

    Captain Huckabee, U.S.S. Carolina

    >>> End Transmission <<<

    [[Out Of Character (OOC), this is the current RP project of mine I brought up for being assigned a ship for some RP flair.  As stated, to participate simply do an RP post here however you see fit to help your command be determined for you.  Also if you are low on budget or shipyard is limited, please post OOC below your RP post to list what ships are available to you or you are willing to buy.

    This project is planned to run in with other RP projects in future.  ***You can post and go with this RP with your own ship if you choose, but you will notice that the bigger command style classes like the Odyssey variants, dreadnoughts, command battlecruisers, and lockbox/JJ ships were not included and do not plan to be included in this RP project.***  This is due to keep the RP more pure going forward with future stories in the fleet, to include command style ships being assigned to Command Staff (or issued out by Admiral directly as a one time shot) and to keep the variants pure to the timeline and Federation design.  If this list is filled out, then more ships will be “constructed” for those wanting an assignment like Starfleet would do in real life.  Gear will remain open, but HIGHLY encouraged to run Federation cannon phasers/quantums/photons. 

    I decided to go with my Reliant ship for this. I decided to free up the bigger ships I had my eye on for this and take my own challenge with a ship I had no intention of RPing.

    This is not required to do any RP of your own. If you would like to use your own ship (and it isn’t one of the ones listed above) let me know and I can add it to the list so we get it in if you would like this to be a good start for your own story and your ship.  I would like for more people to get started on stories.

    Command Staff reserves right to choose their own ship.  Anything I laid out is at the privilege of the Admiral.]]



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    “Captain’s Log, Stardate 95398.47”

    Captain Daniel Barr was watching the dim glimmer of Starbase 39-Sierra fade into the distance as he began his last log to be filed as Captain of the U.S.S. Rising.  Over the past four years he had managed to maintain a grand impression of admiration for her, a facade that the crew had seemed to accept.  Four years in deep space is a long time to be away from ones family, so it was imperative for Captain Barr to ensure the crew saw their ship as home to maintain morale.  He would never tell a soul, but truth-be-told he hated that ship.

    Maintenance issues that appeared at random on an almost daily basis.  The need to realign warp coils and intermix levels every 71 hours was an annoying but necessary evil after an encounter with a patch of subspace micro-anomaly’s during their surveillance of the Hobus system 2 months ago.  Not to mention the inability of the replicator to produce anything that came even remotely close to his mother’s famous Hot Dog Casserole.

    It took 2 months of restless days and headache filled nights due to a limited ability to enter warp for extended periods, but they had finally arrived at 39-Sierra.  After filing his report of the micro-anomaly incident and the seemingly irreparable damage they had cause to the warp coils, he was not saddened when he received the order to have the Rising towed to Earth Spacedock for decommissioning.

    “Good riddance” he thought as he began his final log.

    “After four years of deep space exploration aboard the Rising, it seems strange to be on a starship and not sitting in the center chair.”

    Captain Barr slowly turned his head to the large floor to ceiling window to his left, and took a long look at the ship being towed outside as the distant stars stretched across his field of view in all directions.  She was bruised, he could see the marks of a long journey on her hull.  Discolorations from where the many gases and phenomena of the past few years had worn, eaten, and weakened the hull plating.  Scorch marks from a few small altercations.  He caught a glimpse of the warp nacelles pulse, quickly losing their ever-present glow and regaining it again almost instantly.  “71 more hours until I’ll see that again,” he thought to himself before realizing that in reality he would most likely never see it.  They would be back at home, Earth, long before then.

    “Looking at her from the outside, I can see the marks of age.  4 generations of captains have been in command of her, and she has plenty to show for it.  She might not be the newest ship in the fleet, but she did get us out of, and into, some pretty hairy situations.  For all her quirks, she was a decent ship…but maybe 70 years of space travel was enough for her.”

    “I do hope that I get something a bit newer, with maybe a few more weapons on her the next time around.  Four years of deep space study and being on the sidelines while I read the news of the many enemies the Federation is facing has me hoping for something more…interactive.”

    >>> Incoming subspace transmission, Priority 1. <<<

    “Computer, play audible transmission.”

    There was a slight pause as the computer began to read the contents of the message.

    “To all my fellow Captains and Commanders pending promotion in the fleet, for those not aware there has been several new ships assigned to the 44th that are currently stationed at starbase Eden pending assignments…”

    “Perfect timing!” he proclaimed with a newfound excitement in his voice.

    “Computer, delete last line.”

    “This is the final Captains log of the U.S.S. Rising, NCC-2392.”

    He took one small breath and another quick look out the window before walking towards the door.  It was just about time to head to dinner.  The chef on board this warp tug was surprisingly talented; he didn’t want to miss it while it was hot.

    “Computer, end log.  Search for all departures from Earth Spacedock to Starbase Eden departing within the next 48 hours and display on my PADD.”

    He exited the room and turned left into the corridor, not looking back a second time at the familiar sound of the door sliding shut behind him…signaling what was hopefully the end of long, boring missions; and the beginning of a new adventure.

    “48 hours should give me just enough time for a quick visit home for some of mom’s delicious Casserole.”  He smirked at the thought as he headed towards the Mess Hall.


    [[OOC: I don’t have any extra to spend on Zen ships at the moment…but as soon as I’m admitted into the main fleet (3 more days!) I’d like to grab the Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit…so if that counts as a Defiant Class…or if you want to add the Valiant Class to the list…that would be awesome.

    Barring that, I do have the Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit available for use as the Intrepid class…but I’d rather have a T6 Escort if possible.

    Thanks for the fun!]]

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    Captain Huckabee
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    >>> Captain’s Log, Stardate 95398.91.  U.S.S. Carolina, CO Capt. Huckabee <<<

    Well, leave it to the Admiral for another “surprise” meeting with what seemed like a usually re-supply stop for us at Eden.  The Timberwolf was running low on munitions and needed a replacement of 2 Peregrines that were finally beyond repair.  But that seems to not be my concern anymore.  The Wolf is to receive it’s 1st refit in the 6 years since it’s deployment, which is much needed due to the combat it seen with the 7th and since being assigned to the 44th.  The war put a hold on a lot of refits.  Along with that, she’s to receive a new Captain.  It was bitter sweet when the Admiral broke the news to me.  I had grown very fond of the ship and it’s class.  But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t ready to come off the frontline after all the wars.  Someone is going to be lucky to have the ol’ Wolf, that’s for sure.  I don’t care what they say about the newer classes based off the frame of the Akira.

    The Admiral decided it was time for a new ship assignment for me, and a majority of the crew.  At least I get to keep most of my command staff, thank God.  When it was first mentioned to me in our meeting I got excited in a way.  I happened to notice a few of the larger exploration classes docked at the shipyards, but wasn’t quite sure what they were there for till the news was broke to me while the Admiral slide me a PADD with all the newly assigned ships to the 44th needing spots filled.  The Horizon and even the older Defiance were quick to catch my eye.  After all, you join Starfleet to explore, right??

    And that’s when the Admiral went from talking about ships………to wanting me to help with Operations some within the fleet.  I was devastated when he said that.  All I could think was my good war record ended up giving me a slow death in the end riding it out in a starbase assignment.  If 10 more seconds had of gone by, I’d probably got Yalon to beam me out and convince the crew to pull a Kirk and steal the Wolf and head for the far reaches of the Delta Quadrant.

    But then the Admiral finally said I was to receive one of the new Reliant classes.  Said I was too good a Captain to ride it out on a Starbase!  At least the Admiral has a soul.

    Fresh off the docks, it was Starfleets attempt to re create the success of the aging Miranda classes in fleet that were long over due to be phased out.  From buddies in the fleet, the reports on them were good so far.  Nimble and strong enough to be a good tactical ship, but big enough to fill a wide range of roles needed in a fleet whose ships were getting too big to even keep fully manned.  That and of course to have some breathing room unlike the Defiants and Valiants.  The Admiral said this would give me the ability to support the fleet where needed and make me mission able when the need arised.   So the Carolina was to be mine.

    One surprise that the Admiral did leave out, was that the Carolina was equipped with the experimental pulse phaser that Starfleet has been trying out.  It was a nice surprise to see that this girl had some teeth to her.  Even if I didn’t have a squadron of fighters at my fingertips.   The ship carried the namesake from the destroyed Centaur class.  If memory serves, I believe that ship had something to do with the Voyager when she was lost to the Delta Quadrant.   The fleet also received the Saratoga, which seems to be it’s sister ship having being constructed together.

    So while I’m settling in to the new command, I still have to worry about the other part from that meeting……..the me helping with Operations part.  It seems I’m to help the Admiral go through those needing an assignment or re-assignment to get these ships out there.  Since repairs have been caught up and the wars coming to a close, it’s at least not a huge rush so I get to run the Carolina out for shakedown.  Just wish I didn’t have to worry about helping with the assignments in my off time.  I’d really like to crack open this new holodeck.  Didn’t get much time for that on the Timberwolf. ”

    >>> End Log <<<


    Captain Huckabee
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    He didn’t know if he could get use to this new ship smell.  Captain Huckabee had grown very fond of the Timberwolf  and never really gave it much thought that he could be assigned elsewhere with all the battles that had taken place.   But he was impressed.  The Carolina seemed to be a fine ship.  Being a light cruiser, it was one of the smaller ships in the fleet compared to the rest.  But it was more common for Starfleet to field ships of this size since they didn’t require much crew and still had all the abilities of the larger ships.  They just couldn’t be away from spacedock as long.  Which was something he knew he couldn’t get away from now.  He would have to put his ambitions to disappear into unknown space to the side for the time being.

    “Computer, any messages?” he inquired as he sat down in his quarter’s chair at the desk.

    “Affirmative, 1 message from Starbase Eden.”

    He opened the message.  It was his first time he would be helping get a ship an assignment.  Captain Daniel Barr was about the be transferred to the fleet and was needing an assignment.  After looking through his records, it seemed that Captain Barr might have the skill needed to captain one of the escorts in dock.  It took a good Captain to command the bigger ships with their crew size, but it took real skill in his opinion to command the ships built for battle.

    He sent a quick transmission to Admiral Vrann on his recommendation.  She also agreed with his assessment.

    “Send authorization codes to the U.S.S. Sun Tzu, registry number 89324, to Captain Barr per my command.  Authorization Hotel 2-1-4- Tango.”

    “Affirmative.  All codes sent.  Captain Barr is now in command of the U.S.S. Sun Tzu.

    Captain Huckabee
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    [[ I edit the OP to add the part about using your own ships if you wish, as long as it isn’t a command class.  I can add your ship to the list to be “issued” back out, or you can post about coming into Eden for some reason to jump in on the shipyard theme. If it is a command class and you are all about participating we can work with it on a case by case basis.  But the goal is to make this realistic for stories, and a fleet full of Odysseys and Galaxy classes doesn’t make for good RP. ]]

    Team Player

    Jerin Idaris was in his room looking at the half-empty glass of whiskey. It was from the bottle he kept for the day when they add another pip on his uniform. He overheard a conversation between Captain and second in command about crew rotation scheduled for the next flight timetable. First officer would get his own ship, and it was clear who gets the no.1 tag.

    That day never came since the federation forces were decimated during the Herald invasion on the Sol system. Jerin emptied the glass at one gulp with sour expression on his face: “For friends we lost.” – and started to remember the most memorable moments with his former Captain and crew.

    Sudden *beep* interrupted his flow of thoughts, and broke him free from the state of mind he was so heavily absorbed into. While still sitting in his chair, screen was the only light source in the room.

    “Computer, read the message.”
    Heart was pumping so fast and he couldn’t believe his ears.

    “Computer, copy my service records to the reply.”

    * 2394. – 2398. – Shal Tul laboratory science research group
    * 2398. – 2402. – Starfleet academy
    * 2402. – 2409. – U.S.S. Cedrus
    — 2402. promoted to Ensign, stationed at the sickbay under dr. Derek Owensby
    — 2405. promoted to Lieutenant
    — 2408. promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Chief Medical officer
    * 2409. – 2410. – U.S.S. Quamaar
    — Chief Medical officer, Commander rank
    — vessel was heavily damaged during the 2410 battle at the Sol system.
    * 2410. – present – Unknown
    [end of message]

    “Computer, delete the last line, this is a message an Admiral will be reading!”
    Computer: “Cannot comply, service record incomplete.”
    “Fine, disregard the last request…useless”
    – He got up from his chair to grab the PADD, but head pain forced him to stop for a moment before completing the message manually.
    “Ugh.. chief medical ASS, I need to get myself in shape. Need to determine my goals again and continue the path I envisioned the first time I enlisted for ship duty.”

    Surge of adrenaline was high as he imagined himself on board of U.S.S. Melbourne, the Sutherland-class vessel. He could continue his scientific researches while doing his best to support the fleet and its assignments.

    [message sent]

    “Computer, send a training plan to my PADD, based on my current… psycho-physical condition. And also, send me available information on Captain Huckabee and 44th Fleet.”

    Computer: “Requested date sent.”

    Jerin grabbed his rumpled uniform still laying on the floor and rushed into the unknown direction.

    Captain Huckabee
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    He was really starting to like this assignment to the Carolina.  Huckabee had got use to for so long worrying about keeping repairs up, torpedo stocks filled, and flight schedules flowing for a fighter squadron.  It was easy during all the heavy fighting to forget the real reason he joined Starfleet.  Even though we wasn’t exploring, he was beginning to feel more like his old self when he first got out of the academy.

    “Captain, we have arrived at the nebula and have began our scans.” His first officer, Yalon who was a beautiful Trill, informed him.  They were given the task of conducting scans on the newly discovered nebula at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant near the Klingon border.

    “Great! Hey, have a seat, you can help me with my newest assignment request.”

    “Ok, but this better not be you trying to role your desk job work down on me Captain” she said it a sisterly jab.

    He slid her the PADD.  It was the short service record of Jerin Idaris.  He had done a little more digging and spoken with an old academy buddy that had known a little more about him and the invasion of the Sol System by the Heralds.  He add included that bit with the report.

    “He sounds like you in a way Captain” Yalon said.  The response confused him.  He wasn’t sure what she meant.  There was nothing there he thought that would say the two were similar.

    “How do you mean?” he asked.

    “Seems to me Captain that he could use a nice new assignment that would take him away from any lingering fronts, away from the fighting.”

    She had a point.  It was something he had already consider.  But Huckabee didn’t realize that Yalon had seen that in him.  It made sense seeing how she had been his first officer for the past year and a half, and before that was his science officer since his assignment as Captain.  With that, he had confidence he had the best pick now for Jerin based on the information at hand.

    “Computer, send authorization codes to the U.S.S. Melbourne NCC-92072 to Jerin Idaris per my command.  Authorization Hotel 2-1-4- Tango.  Also send him a bottle of the finest whiskey with a congrats on his new command on behalf of the Admiral”

    “Affirmative.  All codes sent.  Affirmative, request has been placed.”

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    Part 1

    “All stop”.

    The eyes of the bridge turned to Captain Lukon. Normally this would make him nervous, but his years of experience with this crew, combined with his Betazoid senses, told him he was in friendly territory. They long since grew to accept him, despite his…peculiarities.

    “All stop sir” First Officer Chamberland replied. The ship shuddered slightly. “We are docked. Powering down”.

    “Very good” Captain Lukon replied. “Computer, record the USS Midway has safely arrived at Earth Spacedock after successful field tests”. He paused for a moment. This was always awkward, what to say next…he was a scientist first, Starfleet captain second. So many Starfleet officers were better at this than him. What profound thing could he say to wrap up six months of field testing the Midway? What a strange name for a ship – Midway. The literal Betazoid translation meant something else, but he learned on Earth it was a tiny island in the middle of the planet’s largest ocean. The humans fought a battle in that area during one of their wars amongst themselves, about 400 years ago. Several of Earth’s ships have been named after it since, including an ocean-going vessel that was propelled by fossil-fuels and carried atmospheric craft into combat. How did the humans come up with such a bizarre concept?

    First Officer Chamberland interrupted his thoughts “Sir, Admiral Quinn is requesting you at Starfleet Operations”. It was amazing how the human woman could sense when his mind was wandering, even if she was not a Betazoid. Not the Lukon was particularly adept at sensing emotions. His abilities in that regard were below that of an average Betazoid…

    “Sir?” Chamberland repeated again, once again returning Lukon to reality.

    “Yes, of course. Computer end recording”. Putting his hands behind his back and laughing softly, nervously (one of his many odd habits), he added “I guess it’s time to see where we’re heading next”.

    “Most of us have already packed” Chamberland replied kindly.

    “Well then. Alright, I guess I’m off to see the Admiral then”.

    aka @robofearth

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    Part 2

    “I’ve been following your field tests on the Midway. I must say I’m quite pleased with the results”. Admiral Quinn looked up from the PADD at his desk.

    Lukon was relieved. Admiral Quinn did indeed look pleased. His Betazoid senses confirmed this too, though he found joined Trill so hard to read at times…

    Admiral Quinn continued, “I admit I was a bit skeptical of this Ryn’kodan carrier design, based on Vorgon data found from rather sketchy sources on Risa. But you’ve shown the design is sound, and I’m particularly impressed with your additional flight operations experiments. Starfleet does not have much experience in this. I’ve been reading you combined Vorgon Echentis frigates with Peregrine fighters?”

    “Yes sir”, Lukon replied. “We were trying to find combinations which could compliment the Midway herself to function as a single operating unit”.

    “You even got the Romulan Republic to loan you a wing of Scorpion fighters?”

    Lukon allowed himself a small smile. “I wanted to be thorough sir”.

    “Well, you certainly were. You even formed several small squadrons with whatever cruisers and escorts you could get your hands on for a few days to see how they and your carrier wings worked together”.

    “Yes”, Lukon replied. “We designated them task forces, task groups, strike groups, battle groups, etcetera, based upon force composition and mission”.

    “We’re still evaluating that data, but it does look promising”. Admiral Quinn smiled “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you actually enjoyed commanding the carrier”.

    “Well”, Lukon chose his words carefully. “I definitely liked it better than the Breen Chel Boalg warship. The science labs were different than the Krenim design, but…” Lukon noticed the Admiral was staring at him intently. The fact was he HAD particularly enjoyed is time on the Midway more than he thought he would. Normally he was more than ready to move on after field testing new designs. But despite it’s Vorgon quirks, the Midway had grown on him…

    Admiral Quinn cleared his throat. “Lukon, you’ve proven invaluable testing alien ship designs. In fact we’ve already begun introducing the Vorgon carrier to Starfleet, incorporating many of your recommendations”.

    “Thank you sir. I noticed a couple of Lukari prototypes in Spacedock. Will we be evaluating those next?”

    “No need, we’ve already done that”, Admiral Quinn responded. “No, I have other plans for you and your crew. I’m promoting you to Vice Admiral and transferring you to Starbase 817. I’ve been keeping the admiral there…quite busy. So you’ll be reporting to Captain Huckabee there for reassignment”.

    This was quite unexpected. Very unexpected. Lukon stammered “Starbase 817. Isn’t that Eden?”

    “Yes Vice Admiral, it certainly is. Home of the 44th Fleet, one of the finest in Starfleet”. Knowing the quirky Betazoid was probably over-thinking, Admiral Quinn spoke softly “Lukon, you’ve done a great job field testing starships. I could have you doing this indefinitely. But after the losses we suffered in the Iconian War, Starfleet needs good officers on the frontier. I feel you’re ready for this, even if you may have doubts”.

    There it was again. This time a Trill was sensing his feelings! Was he that transparent?

    The 44th has been assisting a joint Kentari-Lukari colony in the Dranuur system in the Alpha Quadrant. Needless to say, they have many hurdles to overcome, including learning how to work together, to say nothing of the Tzenkethi threat. With your scientific background, combined with your creative adaptation of alien technology, I think you’ll prove to be an asset to the good work the 44th is doing out there”.

    For a brief moment, Lukon was overwhelmed processing all he had heard. Then his Starfleet training kicked in. Next thing he knew, he was on his feet, saluting Admiral Quinn “Yes sir, thank you sir”.

    Admiral Quinn smiled, and Lukon could sense his satisfaction as he returned the salute. I know we can count on you, Admiral Lukon”.


    aka @robofearth

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    Part 3 of 3

    The human runabout pilot told Lukon they’d be at Eden “before you know it”. He wasn’t kidding. Apparently there was a transwarp corridor between the Sol System and Starbase 817. Who knew? Apparently it was on a need to know basis.

    “And we’re here. Welcome to Eden sir”. The pilot saluted. Lukon saluted back, noting the “44” patch on his shoulder. He then looked out the window at his new posting. The starbase was impressive. It certainly wasn’t as big as Earth Spacedock. But his trained eyes told him Eden definitely was a fully developed and operational base.

    Beaming into the transporter room, then walking across the adjacent spacious promenade, Lukon found himself waiting next to a row of pictures depicting ships named Enterprise. He put his hands behind his back and did his soft, nervous laugh as he looked at the Earth 1961 version, which appeared to be a human ocean going, atmospheric craft carrying warship, much like the Midway’s earlier namesake.

    Which was why he barely noticed the voice behind him, “Admiral?” A few seconds later it registered that he was being addressed by his new rank. Spinning around, Lukon noticed the human looking at him quixotically.

    Quickly regaining his composure, Lukon replied “Captain Huckabee?”

    After exchanging pleasantries, the two ascended a nearby ramp to a cafeteria with wide windows looking out into space. “Your crew has already begun transferring to your new ship, sir”, Captain Huckabee said matter-of-factly.

    Wait a minute, a ship? Admiral Quinn never said anything about a ship. Lukon figured he’d be assigned as Starbase staff, or maybe lead a science station on Dranuur colony.

    Captain Huckabee gave him a bemused look. “Admiral Quinn left that part out?” He gave a knowing chuckle. “Well, there it is” he said, gesturing out the window.

    There was only one ship in that area. Lukon’s eyes went wide as he beheld the huge, unmistakable profile of a Jupiter class carrier. Shuttles, presumably carrying his crew and their effects, flew into the cavernous hanger deck. The front of the saucer section, forward of the “44” painted on its side, read USS Kitty Hawk; NCC-49056. “That…” he stammered “…that will do very nicely”.

    OOC: I bought the Jupiter during the last flash sale, and assigned it to an alt character who just made Level 50 (despite the fact I’ve had him for years). Since I haven’t done much with him, I decided to give him a quirky, somewhat insecure and introverted personality and make him a background character just now coming into the forefront and joining the 44th (even though he’s been in the Delta fleet for awhile now).


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    aka @robofearth

    Captain Huckabee
    Fleet Member

    [[ Updated assigned list.  Thanks so far to those that have decided to participate.  Still plenty of ships left to take, or have your own ship “assigned” officially to the 44th RP universe]]

    Command Staff
    Founder 44th Delta FleetFleet Shindig Risa 2019Team Player

    “Admiral on deck !”

    There was a time when everyone in the room would snap to attention when a flag officer would enter, a strange human custom that had carried over into Starfleet, and something she had changed immediately after being elevated to flag rank herself.
    No Andorian would stop working just to acknowledge a superior – in fact it would be considered insulting. Ice requires constant care and vigilance was a saying on old Andoria, as when left unattended the very ice families walked on or lived under could break and shatter with dramatic consequences. In Andorian culture all hands in the clan were needed if all were to live, and prosper.
    So nobody stood when the tall Andorian strode into the elevated glass enclosure that acted as Starbase 817’s main briefing room, but heads turned and nods were exchanged acknowledging the Commander-in-Chief of the 44th Fleet.

    “As you were, please be seated”.
    She didn’t sat down, instead walked around to the head of the long table, stood there, and looked around. A good crowd, she had many capable hands at her disposal. Some belonging to veteran captains, some from lieutenants that only recently joined the Mighty 44th. Some were actually sitting here under the glass dome of the starbase, a few were present via a flickering hologram transmission.

    “Thank you all for attending, and responding to captain Huckabee’s message. I know each of you already have other missions to attend to, so I will keep this brief.”
    “Our fleet is in constant flux due to continued high demand of ships and capable crews to defend our Federation and uphold its mandate all over the galaxy. That struggle is seemingly never ending, with new challenges and enemies around every corner. The Borg, the Breen, the Iconians, and now the Tzenkethi.” She put a PADD on the table, gestured at it.

    “Some of you reported an interesting development during a recent encounter on Dranuur colony however, which may have far reaching consequences.”
    Looks and nods were exchanged around the table, and some holographic projections seemed to flicker in light of recent events.

    “Needless to say the 44th will be at the front of whatever decision the Federation council will make regarding this, and that means our fleet has to step up its efforts to both field an effective defense and simultaneously continue our diplomatic and exploration missions elsewhere. That means we will shake up our current ship assignments.”
    Some uneasy shuffling around the table. Every starship captain worked hard to create an effective bridge and engineering crew and abhorred seeing those teams seemingly blindly pulled apart from someone from the upper echelons. She knew that feeling all too well.

    “I know this reassignment may not be popular, but we are stretched thin. We have ships, just not enough capable captains and crews to man them.”
    “I have instructed captain Huckabee to oversee the re-allocation of available ships in the fleet to suite the needs of the Federation. Some of you will keep your current command, some of you will be assigned new ships. However, you will be allowed to select your own bridge officers and crew as you see fit.”
    She tugged her uniform jacket, straightened. Better to keep this short for now, there were to be enough questions later.
    “Captain Huckabee will have new mission assignments as well if needed so by the Federation. Good luck captains.”

    And with that she strode out of the room.

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    Commence recording. Captain Anukis M. Safka personal log. 40-Eridani-A. Append current StarDate.

    Abenaki is a fine XO but can be so enamoured of regulations and command etiquette that she rarely sees but one solution. I don’t want her to become tethered to a carousel of infinite second-guessing but I do need her to offer alternatives beyond the book.

    Even where regulations are clear and unambiguous they should always be subject to question and context. There are far too many permutations and opportunities across the expanse of existence… and the universe is far too vast to be confined by respectful politeness, simple legal prohibitions or to be foolishly constrained by protocol.

    There are always… possibilities. I like that. Although…

    Starfleet General Order One. I signed up to it and, as many generations of fellow Starfleet officers, have lived my life by it. I swore to uphold this directive, even at the cost of my own life and the lives of my crew. It is at the heart of my oath and pledge and it has so often governed my action and determined the limit of available alternatives. And yet… as a dictat it has always seemed utterly decontextualised. Rigid. Lacking empathy.

    Of course, alteration of the natural biological evolutionary development of a species is a morally secure prohibition and is, I believe, the historical foundation of the Prime Directive; its moral core, even. I have no issue with that aspect. Yet, with regards to technological, cultural, societal and philosophical context there can often be merit in ‘interference’ with results that do not have to be ‘invariably disastrous’ as Picard once asserted.

    By what measure do we decide as to the situational applicability of this directive? How secure are we in those decisions?

    Perhaps, hidden in the forgotten conversations between Krishna and Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, is an inconsequential nugget of concept-altering thought that may change forever the philosophical and cultural development path of, say, the Lukari… despite their evident scientific and technological understandings. And yet we have determined the non-applicability of the Prime Directive in respect of the Lukari. Because they have warp capability.

    And then… what of the Ba’ku and Son’a? The awakening of Noonian Singh? The Yonadans? How many times has Starfleet laid aside General Order One due to some pressing or overriding ‘expediency’ or other?

    And what of omega? Perhaps destable omega is a wholly natural development and only our naked self-interest seeks to restrain it; perhaps we were destined to confront a universe without the capability of warp travel… a spur, perhaps, for technological advance and the attainment of new knowledge. Is the threat of omega truly sufficient to lay aside General Order One, destroy every single molecule… and thus interfere with our own potential ‘normal development?’

    The Prime Directive is a blunt instrument that fails to confront the multiple-headed hydra of circumstance; an ill-fitting and simplistic solution to a complex issue. It is a directive tainted by a hypocritical mist whenever it has been ‘broken.’ Such a blanket prohibition has often seemed to me to be situationally ignorant, frequently subjective and totalitarian in execution.

    There are times when gifting fire to the freezing natives is arguably…simply… the right thing to do. Sometimes it takes a Titan to act in defiance of Zeus.

    I am reminded of the words of Marcus Aurelius… “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” I shall recommend that Abenaki read Aurelius before we have a further conversation on the topic of ‘moral ambiguity’ and the limitations of rules and regulations.

    Eng log. Mark private. Cease recording.


    Commence recording. Captain Anukis M. Safka personal log. San Francisco Fleet Yards. Append current StarDate.

    The communique from Huckabee is a welcome one. The space trials of yet another Tucker Class vessel are complete and the new circuitry and algorithms have performed above expectations; this new class of vessel will serve Starfleet well, despite having the appearance of a thick-necked Gorn wrestling champion.

    Yet command of this vessel class is not for me. This new creation of our endlessly-tweaking and obsessive, tinkering engineering corps is too large and impersonal; too clean, shiny… statistical… data-driven… antiseptic. It needs an expert administrator, a bureaucrat… not a Captain with a penchant for a more hands-on and personal approach.

    I shall attend the hand-over ceremony with a sense of pride, accomplishment, satisfaction… of course… but also with relief at my impending reassignment to Starbase Eden. My duty is complete… ironing out the wrinkles in a new ship for another captain. Now I can look to the future.

    I’ve been looking over the specs and history of the 44th fleet vessel assigned to me.

    NCC 30366-A. This Reliant class vessel has an old skeleton and a distinguished career behind her. She’s taken her new name in memory of the first multi-vector class escort, itself compromised during an incident with the Romulans and subsequently stripped. Recent refits have brought 30366-A in line with current fleet specs and capability but in truth, it is the intimacy of her corridors, quarters and bridge that appeal. A smaller crew. A tight-knit crew. Family.

    Fate and circumstance have conspired to name her… Prometheus.


    End log. Cease recording.


    Commence recording. Captain Anukis M. Safka personal log. Starbase Eden/44th Fleet HQ. Append current StarDate.

    My new crew… of 245… are gathered at Eden while their personal effects are transferred to the Prometheus. This has given me time to drill them on the new systems prior to accepting our first mission from HQ 44th. Most of the senior officers join their new command with some familiarity both to myself and each other. Abenaki’s XO status has been confirmed. She and I are perhaps on the last leg of our journey together. I am hopeful that she can make her individual mark on the service and that I can recommend her for command in the future. We shall see.

    The Prometheus is a cruiser with a classic Miranda shell… yet her superstructure has been redesigned… hull plating strengthened… and her systems pulse with cutting edge capacity and capability. Internally she is compact and accessible… and I am pleased the Engineer Corps decided to retain, for the most part, her Miranda Class aesthetics. Compulsive behaviour in an engineer can often be a benefit.

    Next week ship and crew will take their first voyage together… a familiarity shake-down cruise to Dranuur in order to contribute to the new colony there. I wonder how our Chief MO will take to bartendering.

    I look forward to stretching our space-legs and await my mission orders.

    End log. Cease recording.

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    Commence recording. Captain Anukis M. Safka personal log. SFHQ 44th Fleet SB Eden. Append current Stardate.

    There is something about Fleet Starbases and this 44th Fleet HQ is no different. Huge. Spotless. Bustling… yet empty.

    It’s heartening that the USS Prometheus is nearby… docked and currently provisioning. Crew quarters and assignments have been finalised and distinctive touches are to be found throughout the ship. My weighty collection of film noir has been added to the entertainment databanks and Ba’ku tapestries make my own quarters and ready-room less… officious. The Chief MO has installed replica archaeological finds as decorative touches in sick bay and Alice, the ship’s cat, has made herself comfortable in the aft rec-room (AKA ‘Wonderland’), whose bar is stocked with multi-species antihistamines and corticosteroids. Just in case.

    Out of a window this morning I glimpsed a workbee emblazoning the fleet emblem on the hull and have authorised some slight decorative embellishments to the ship’s pylons and nacelles, as well as shuttlecraft.

    I want this ship to be as unique and recognisable as a signature… inside and out… a focus of crew and fleet pride and it is my aim that the proud traditions and history of Starfleet are at the core of our ship’s identity.

    With this in mind I’m pleased that Prometheus has been kitted out with dual-array phaser and photon systems installed to K-13 retrofit specifications, as I had requested. Alongside my own insistence that Prometheus has an early-period 23rd Century Starfleet historical ambience installed throughout all electronic display, alert, response and lighting systems… I was pleased that Ops authorised my request for an android, redesigned from Korby’s original Andrea specifications, as an engineering bridge specialist.

    In tests and simulations, I can plainly see a sense of familiarity and pleasing comfort in this ship growing among the crew. Performance levels, while not yet ideal, are already high. In a month, we are due some conduit, relay and console upgrades that will make the ship fully top-end as far as Starfleet specs are concerned. By that time I’m sure that crew and ship will be functioning in harmony.

    Despite the small crew complement… from a social standpoint, teams have formed for many competitive games and I’m told that we even have a pilot-racer in our ranks, in with a chance to win the Antarian Trans-stellar rally this year. We have a folk and dance group that specialises in ancient European styles, a chef with a flair for Tellarite soups, a Vulcan moog-specialist (whatever that is) and our strategy expert even intends to form an Andorian historical battle re-enactment society. Thankfully, I doubt that the Andorians in our crew are likely to complain or cry ‘cultural appropriation’ though I wonder if they’ll take part. I hope so.

    We depart from Eden for Dranuur in thirty hours. Even though that will be during delta shift, I’ll be on the bridge. Hell and a team of wild horses couldn’t keep me away.

    End log. Cease recording.

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