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    Dear 44th Fleet,

    I am pleased to announce that our trial run of Trello has been a great success.  Since November 2018, the 44th Fleet Admiralty has used Trello to keep track of your promotions to Lieutenant and Commander.  Before Trello, it was easy to miss a promotion to Lieutenant, which is the rank required to purchase fleet gear and also requires two weeks, or 14 days to acquire.  It was also easy to miss a promotion to Commander, which is the minimum rank required to move a character to our Main Fleet.  I felt that we needed to have an alarm clock / calendar in place, so that our newest members didn’t have to wait any longer than they had to.  To be frank, we value your membership and interest in the 44th Fleet and we ask that you follow our rules and regs.  So in turn, we want to make sure that we keep up our end of the bargain by making sure that we are as fair and true to our own rules and regs as possible.  So here it is:


    I’ve decided to make this link available to all 44th Fleet members and the general public so that you can have a look “behind the scenes” as the saying goes.  And also so you can see when we think you are up for promotion (new members).  It doesn’t happen much, but sometimes even we can mess up.  heh  Shout out if you see something that doesn’t look right.


    BreakingForce and Phoenix have done an outstanding job at keeping the 44th Fleet running!  Be sure to thank them when you see them in game.  Heck, one of them probably promoted you 🙂

    Most Sincerely,


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    Well I would like to thank all of the command staff for all the work they do for the Fleet. And Akula2045 thanks for posting this.

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    If I may ask a question in here:

    The promotion seems more or less automated using this system (many thanks to Akula for setting this up). What I’d like to know is how to go about transferring from Gamma to Main Fleet. So far, my main toon is still in Gamma according to the rules. Since my 6 weeks are up soon, I’d like to transfer this toon to Main Fleet asap (need access to several fully developed fleet facilities). Do I need to actively put down a request for this or will this happen automatically as well?




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    Since you have to actually leave Gamma/Delta fleet and be reinvited to 44th (“Main”) FLeet, it’s a two-man job but it only takes a minute (or less).
    It’s also up to you which alt(s) you would like to move, so it’s still a hands-on job and not something automatic.

    You can be invited by pretty much any 44th fleet member who is already in main fleet, but the rank/promotion role is for 44th fleet admins only, and of course that’s what unlocks fleet store access. So if you are ready to be transferred, first ask around in diplo chat (or Discord) if an admin is in-game (there usually is at least one). If not, ask a fellow fleetie for the invite – admins can then afterwards fix your rank. Both this forum and discord are monitored 24/7 so an admin response shouldn’t take more than an hour at the most.

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    Many thanks to the fleet admins for all the hard work and time they put in. I’ve caused quite a few headaches I know, specially for Damix and palcioz, and marcase with my “noobiness”. A heartfelt thanks to them, and all the other command staff

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    Nothing noobiness about it 😊. 44th looks after its fleeties – any question just ask !

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    I’d like to thank the Fleet Admirals as well – y’all do an amazing job. This fleet has been so integral to my overall enjoyment of playing STO, and a big part of that is you guys!


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