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    Where to begin?


    I haven’t been a member of the 44th for that long, but I enjoyed the time spent online thus far… either by completing the STO Episodes or by reading the chat and assimilating the knowledge you guys have about this game. Yet I feel you need to know the reasons I haven’t been around lately.


    As we all know, 2020’s been a sucky year thus far.  It’s been, anything but fun for a good chunk of people.  I, unfortunately, found myself in the statistics.  It took me 35 days, to finally receive the “You’re officially – negative and cured” result.  It started on the wife’s bday, on May 2nd.  Woke up with a nasty fever and nausea… felt like I got hit by a Klingon Vor’Cha Battlecruiser going at Warp 8, while in my 23rd Century Class F Shuttle on idle.  Yep, it hit me hard.  I got tested later that same day, so did the wife and kids.  Luckily, the kids were fine, but the wife got the same result as I a day or so later, positive for SARS-CoV-2.


    Long story short, I was sick… very sick.  I didn’t need to be intubated, nor did I need long-term hospitalization, but I sure as hell wasn’t feeling good.  The brunt of the damn thing, lasted a good 13-15 days.  From the day I had the fever, to the day I finally started to eat properly, it took a good 13-15 days, but even then, I wasn’t done.  I had to climb uphill from there on to get back in shape.  The wife got sick, but it lasted a few days, some cough and shortness of breath and that was it.  Suffice it to say, I have been “negative” now, for 2 weeks, since the first test to determine if you’ve made it through, was a follow-up appointment 21 days after the initial day of “symptomatic discovery and acknoledgement”.


    So, this is in part a reason why I haven’t been around lately… not since the First Contact day celebratory event in April.  Never in my life did I think I’d get this sick.  What’s worse… is not knowing exactly when and where I got “infected”.  I narrowed it down to either when I went to our “local” (by local, I mean in a city after a 1 hour drive) Wal-Mart earlier that week, as there were a few 100 cases in that particuliar region, or from the restaurant were ate at… anyways, it’s all moot now – I am now, “healthy”, as healthy a 41 year old guy that loves Oreo cookies too much, can be.


    Right now, I am back to work, as our province started easing up on lockdown measures, thus I am not that active in terms of gaming, despite playing a little Terraria here and there – simply because the oldest took it up on my Steam account as I was recovering – poor kids had to ended up without their old folks for a few weeks… the oldest got over his Minecraft obsession, took up Terraria… sadly, STO is still a little too “complex” for him – maybe in time… if the game lives on!


    So this is it… my “Deep Spac… sickness Mission”.  Hah!  Good thing I wasn’t a Red Shirt!  (ok, it’s sad for those who lost the fight and I meant no disrespect… but I know humor helped me get through the rougher patches).


    Salutations from Saakana@pgar79

    Aka – Patrick.

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    Hey Patrick,

    Glad to hear you’re doing much better, and very glad to hear it didn’t spread to your wife.

    Unfortunately, I’ve been in the same predicament, as my wife got the bug herself as well. She picked it up during a group counceling session from someone who returned from a holiday in Italy back in February. She got really sick and was hospitalized and quarantined for a short period – double horror for her since she’s a nurse herself and knew what was coming.
    I never got it, which I attribute to the cocktails of shots I had to take when they sent me overseas – and a wife that nagged me to death about hygiene.

    Long story short, she recovered fully and was fit to work again (though for a while she sounded she had smoked cigars her whole life), but it did bring home that this is a serious bug, and I hope folks treat it as such and not as just some nasty and inconvenient flu.

    Regarding your in-game absence – that’s never, ever a problem. Your (!) 44th Fleet prides itself as a no-strings fleet where we play for fun when you can, and family matters are always Priority One – no ifs or buts. And if anyone needs to take a break from the game you can always still hang out on this forum or our discord, and regardless always return with full fleet priviliges.

    This has worked quite well ever since 2009 and we plan to keep up this continuing mission to seek out new life and new civilizations for quite a while longer – so we’re happy to have you guys join us on this voyage.

    Thanks for sharing your story, you have earned the unique forum post ribbon.


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    so at Christmas, we (I live with my parents) had a get-together with a bunch of folks from church.

    one of the attendees had gotten back to the US from a vacation in Australia in late November, and had some form of respiratory illness.

    so my parents and I all got sick in mid-January. my mom got pneumonia which is just now clearing up for good. she went to the hospital (again, mid-jan), but this was before testing for covid was a thing. heck, it was before the US knew like…anything about it. China was probably still saying that there was no human to human transmission.

    Everyone’s fine now, but mom’s doctor is like 99% sure that what we had was covid (a thing i suggested in like march, but was told it was a ridiculous idea). the testing available still has such a high false positive rate that her doctor said it wasn’t really worth getting tested, so we haven’t bothered.

    but yeah, glad that both the Marcasefam and the Patrickfam are ok now 🙂

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    I too have a corona story-

    I got sick in November from what i thought was the flu but my lungs felt like they were being smothered. For 3 days i couldn’t sleep, if i laid down it felt like i was drowning. Now i’m a pretty stoic guy when it comes to illnesses, i get over most flus/colds in a couple of days but this one stayed around for a couple of weeks and the cough for almost a month afterwards.  My cousin and his gf who i was living with at the time was sick for almost a month after he got it while the gf was hospitalized for a short time- she was pregnant and the veracity of the sickness really worried him and me. She didn’t get over her cough till April (!)

    It’s been confirmed that Covid-19 was in Poland in November and although i didn’t go and get tested because such a thing was as yet unheard of i believe that’s what i had.

    Research suggests that Covid-19 acts differently with regards to blood type and some are more susceptible to respiratory infection than others.


    Stay safe people.

    aka @The_Living_Dark

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    Thanks to all of you.

    I can honestly say, that I’ve been keeping up with the whole situation since it first emerged in late November – mid-December in China, as I am somewhat of a science / medicine news freak.  I knew what was coming if China couldn’t get a hold of things soon enough and how how various governments reacted to the potential threat, but I had hoped we’d get the good end of the straws seeing how we’re in a lower population area, less “frequent” flyers kind of place… but yeah, no one’s safe and I had people here think it was just “another flu”… yeah, I can vouch – it’s no joke.

    Anyhow, I just thought I’d report my “off-duty” time.  I’m really glad to see I truly found a place that values the important things rather than the amount of times logged in.  Thank you for that.

    As I said, right now we’re back to “normal”, as normal can be during these strange times (COVID-19, the BLM movement and what’s to come afterwards)… 2020 sure makes it into the top 10 weirdest years in my 41 year lifespan.. hah!  So I’m back to work, taking care of the kids when home and mostly playing a little PC here and there – enjoying time playing Terraria with the oldest here and there.  I’ll most likely return to STO in the coming weeks, as my vacation time is closing in.  Until then, stay safe folks…


    As a very wise, and dearly missed, man once said: Live long and prosper.

    aka @pgar79

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