The true $ cost of Lobi/LB/Promo Ships in Star Trek Online

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    err wow, that a lot of dosh for One ship on One toon


    Yeah I saw that. I have mixed feelings about that because STO *is* free2play, and you can get all the ships just playing/grinding the game (so the currency is time spend), but seeing the math in real $ like that these ships are really, really expensive.
    It’s been a community wish for ages that lockbox/lobi ships should be treated like c-store ones and be account wide, or at the very list given the option with some kind of token be able to re-pack and move your ship to another alt.

    This clearly shows how Cryptic makes its money (which isn’t a bad thing), but… yikes.

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    The whole reason I have not purchased any ships from exchange is the fact they are single character unlocks, I don’t want to waste ec, I have only bought c store ships because they are account unlock so I can use all of them on any toon(except obvious limitations).

    I would like the Kelvin Intel Dread but simply don’t need it, if it was account unlock would have probably bought it.

    One thing not mentioned is that its players putting ships at that price, so players have a big responsibility in keeping prices high, the caps 2 billion wtf are people doing with all the ec, they buy keys of the exchange and open more boxes, get another ships and repeat the cycle.

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    I think Cryptic knows exactly what they are doing. They track everything and I am sure there are some small % of players who literally spend thousands of dollars every year getting these ships on multiple characters. If they weren’t “exclusive” they would quickly lose interest and move on. $300 may seem like a lot of money, but it really isn’t that much if Dad is giving you a $20,000 monthly allowance. I have seen this and worse in my years as a CFO and estate planner, and these people aren’t as rich as you might think.

    The argument that if they drastically lower the price more people will buy is true, but that is why they have the Cstore ships for that market. Making the promo ships cheaper won’t necessarily raise more money as the whales will lose interest if there is no exclusivity.

    In Cryptic’s eyes, the purpose of the majority of players is to give the whales someone to play with so they keep spending money.

    I personally think the prices are crazy high as well and would love to see account unlocks, but more important to me is that Cryptic gets enough funding to keep the game alive so I can continue to enjoy it. If that means I don’t fly Promo ships on all of my alts, that is ok with me.


    Good points all G’Luv. *thumbs up*

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