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    Greetings 44th!

    Here is your 67th Sunday Supplemental for Oct. 17th 2021.

    First up is the traditional welcome to the newest 44th Fleet Members. Thanks for choosing the Mighty 44th!

    New Members

    @firemarshalbill1, Kyle@kyle1000, @eroylite#73984

    Welcome aboard and feel free to ask questions! Again, thanks for flying with the Mighty 44th! Also, don’t forget to join the 44th-diplo channel by typing: /channel_join 44th-diplo

    This is how we communicate between our (5) Fed and (2) KDF fleets. It isn’t a rule or requirement, but things will seem very quiet in the fleet without it.

    Also, here is a way for you guys to track the promotion schedule:

    It is viewable by anyone and you don’t need to sign in, create an account or download an app.

    Returning Member


    Welcome back good Captain! Let us know if we can help you with anything!

    Fleet Housekeeping

    Heya 44th. I really don’t have all that much as far as fleet housekeeping this Sunday. We’ll be having the Naked Nimbus Marathon next Saturday. Details below. It should be a fun and crazy time! We look forward to seeing you there!

    Lastly, I wanted to mention that we’ve had a few unknown / rogue accounts show up recently in the 44th’s roster. The usual cause of this is when a 44th Fleet member with the rank of Commander or above sends a fleet invite to someone looking to join a fleet. Please don’t do this. The reason Commanders and up have invite permissions is so that they can help out fellow fleet members with alt invites.

    If you invite someone who didn’t submit an application on the website they essentially aren’t in the system, aren’t vetted and worse didn’t agree to our rules and regulations. They also don’t receive promotions, have access to fleet gear, the forums, Discord and will eventually be removed from the fleet unless they are officially approved through the application process. We in the 44th would never treat them like this wittingly however. Put simply, we do not know that they are even on the roster until about a week or two later when someone from the Admiralty runs a report to check.

    So, going forward if you run across someone who is interested in joining the Mighty 44th, please send them to our Recruitment Academy on the forums Here. Please don’t send invites to non-fleet members as you really aren’t doing them any favors.

    Anyway, enough lecturing. You guys stay safe, take care and have a great week!

    The Return of the Naked Nimbus Marathon!

    When: Sat. Oct. 23rd at 9PM UTC

    Where: Nimbus III (The Planet of Galactic Peace (Shenanigans)


    Naked Nimbus Marathon 2021!

    PC Patch Notes for Oct. 13th and an unscheduled maintenance for Oct. 15th 2021


    The Fall of The Old Ones!

    I’m still not sure how I feel about this TFO, but I do love that they gave one of  the TOS episodes some love. The event is live and continues until Nov. 3rd!


    Junior Officer and R&D Weekend and Sale!

    =Sale Not Sponsored=




    20% Lobi Store Sale!

    Sale ends Monday, so if your Lobi is burning a hole in your pocket or there is something you’ve been wanting to get from the store at a discount, now is the time!


    Project One

    Howdy folks. I thought I would include Project One’s Discord Description this time as it offers a slightly different take on things. Remember, this is for all 44th Fleet Armada members and is open to players at all levels of the game.

    Originally started as an idea that would allow members in Dragon’s Lair fleets to learn and practice some elite content in game, the founding team decided to visit the idea of helping others within the armada, covering any style and level of play. This group has gained traction within the fleets and armada staff. While others have attempted similar, we are looking to evolve this group into something enjoyable for all.

    Wondering what makes this project worth looking at?

    • Inclusivity – Nobody is left out as all server rooms are accessible to everyone. All are welcome to ask questions, share ideas and participate in events regardless of their stage in the game. We aren’t just about tfo’s. We also cater to those wishing to discuss anything in general about the game and play missions. Win or lose, this is the perfect opportunity to have fun and come together as a community.

    • Growth – While we know a fair few tricks and are able to run advanced to some elite content, we are not centered on dps. We aim to improve, enabling us to aid one another more easily. It is crucially important that we foster a positive environment where players can run at their own pace. Sharing knowledge is highly encouraged, but please be kind about it.

    • Friendly Environment – Some members can pull numbers and we advise that dps chasing and parses are considered an afterthought so that others here don’t feel demoralized. Saying that, we do aim to have analysts look over data and run footage to help optimize players builds, whether meta or not. All we ask is that everyone respects each other and no elitist attitudes please.

    Please note that this is Armada based only and we have command representatives from our neighboring fleets on board.

    So, if you are interested in checking out the Discord server for more, feel free to DM Monkeyboy or myself on Discord for a server invite. @Monkeyboy#9015 and @Akula#7709

    Wrap Up

    I just want to say thanks to everyone who chose to fly with the 44th Fleet! You make the 44th Fleet what it is! And I want to thank everyone (these wonderful people here) keep the 44th Fleet running smoothly.

    Note: If you have a topic you would like to see in the Sunday Supplemental, feel free to let me know and I’ll see what I can do about including it.

    Take care and have a great week!


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    Long read…

    Very informative. Thank you for the supplemental info!

    Fleet Member

    Take care and have a great week! Akula

    Thanks for the update Shark-Boss 07

    aka @sgtken60 "AKA Grumpy Old Klingon, Admiral Spo'Nge'Bob"

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    Hope this gives you a chuckle 🙂

    Admiral Spo’Nge’Bob on the Kobali Front!

    aka @sgtken60 "AKA Grumpy Old Klingon, Admiral Spo'Nge'Bob"

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