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    Greetings 44th!

    Welcome to the 14th Sunday Supplemental for Oct. 11th 2020. This one is going to be a bit different…and a lot longer….

    First up is the traditional welcome to the newest 44th Fleet Members. Thanks for choosing the Mighty 44th!

    New Members

    @rookyindiana663, @pordyhun, @ryn#9377

    Welcome aboard and feel free to ask questions! Again, thanks for flying with the Mighty 44th!

    Also, here is a way for you guys to track the promotion schedule:

    Fleet Housekeeping

    Ok, so there is a lot to talk about this Sunday and all of it very important information for 44th Fleet members to know about.

    First and foremost we need to talk about politics. As in the no politics means no politics fleet rule. As tempting as it may be to talk about things that are on your mind in our laid back 44th Fleet environment, please don’t bring up political topics as things can spiral out of control faster than you can possibly imagine no matter how harmless you think it might seem at the time. This can and does include linking to something else involving politics. So please take it somewhere else like a Discord group chat for example.

    Areas off limits include the 44th-diplo, the fleet forums and the 44th Fleet’s Discord Server (Including Voice Channels). As far as the Beta Radiation room on Discord, expect anything overly political to be deleted by Vice Admiral Paradoxical followed by a warning.

    The Admiralty will continue to enforce this rule, but in fact ALL fleet members from the rank of Ensign to Fleet Admiral are free to ask that another fleet member (no matter rank) to cease a political conversation or posting in any form if they see it. This I will back you up on 100%. So, if you are talking politics and are asked to stop, please do so.

    To conclude, we in the Admiralty recognize that there are different levels of rule violations. Usually things are sorted out with just a warning or simply being asked to stop by a fleet member. However, multiple violations or one extremely serious event could damage a member’s good standing with the fleet and ultimately result in removal from the fleet. So please take this into consideration before starting a political conversation.

    Ok, next topic…. Fleet Invites

    When you reach the rank of Commander, you will find that you are able to invite members to the fleet. The purpose of this is so Commanders can help other fleet members out by inviting new characters to a fleet for example. Also, to invite members in Epsilon who have reached the rank of Lt. to a fleet with better fleet store access and then back again. We do this because no one wants to be out in the cold of space, fleetless and getting bombarded by fleet invites while waiting for a member of the Admiralty to pop on.

    What we don’t want are non-44th Fleet members being invited into the fleet without filling out an application on the website. You see, thanks to our miracle worker Vice Admiral Palcioz, we are able to upload fleet roster data from STO to our website and track promotion dates, inactivity, etc. And the reason I bring this up is because it has been happening a bit more lately. When we run the data on the website an unknown account will show up. We refer to these as rogues. And since we usually have no idea who they are, we have to get in touch with them. Usually an in game mail like this:

    Hello @handle

    It appears that you have been invited (someone jumped the gun) to the 44th Fleet without having filled out an application on our fleet forums. All 44th Fleet members are required to fill out an application and agree to the rules and regulations before an invitation is sent. If you intend to stay with the 44th Fleet, please complete your application asap as all unknown accounts are removed from the fleet within 24 hours of notification. (This is for someone in a fleet other than Epsilon) Also, all new 44th Fleet members are first stationed in our 44th Epsilon Fleet for a total of 6 weeks and granted fleet store access after 2 weeks, so you will have to leave your current fleet regardless. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    FADM Akula


    As you can see, this is not how we prefer to greet new members and by inviting folks directly into the fleet, you aren’t actually doing them any favors. Plus we need to make sure they are at least old enough to join the fleet. So, if someone (including friends and family) wants to join the 44th, always send them here: Join the 44th

    And that covers the fleet housekeeping for this Sunday. Don’t stop reading yet, there is more excitement to come!

    A free character Respec That Isn’t Officially Announced?

    Well….there are/were some bugs in House Shattered. Feel free to insert title joke here:

    This is normal for Cryptic games upon the release of new content. After 10+ years it is terms of endearment really. This time was a bit different however.

    Damix explains it like this:

    House Shattered – it corrupted everyone’s skills so a respec is required. There is no warning message about this in-game. Also, Kael said event will be prolonged because of the server downtime.

    There is still nothing on the Arc website or Twitter about a respec. I tend to stay away from situations like this as adding another angry voice usually doesn’t help. But a lack of communication by Cryptic for an issue of this importance is too much for me….. so I made a response. Not that it will do much good probably. You can however support me by liking my comment on Twitter and even post your own. Please be respectful if you do though 🙂

    The Widening Gyre Event!

    Now Live Until November 5th!

    Link to Article Here

    Relive the Synth Invasion of Mars!

    I have some updates about the Synth Invasion TFO that Damix has asked me to share:

    Because of the bugs with the Synth Wave mission, the most efficient and painless way to gain an event progress point is to organize a “Private” TFO where you can, for some reason, start a solo Synth Wave and just afk until the TFO is completed. I tested it, there is no afk penalty – you don’t have to move or shoot, and you even don’t have to respawn after getting destroyed, you will still get reward at the end. Since there is no team, you are not leeching, and since that is just a simulation of synth attack, scenario where you don’t intervene, just adds valuable info in case similar attack happens without a rescue team close enough to help.

    I have tried this both ways and can confirm that both methods work, though soloing is the least painful. I didn’t do the afk way though. It seemed wrong to not rescue anyone…heh

    Upgrade A Tier 6 Ship For Free!

    This will be running until November 5th

    This needs a bit of clarification as there was some confusion about Upgrading Fleet ships. It is true that upgrading a non-fleet ship will not upgrade the fleet version of the ship. It is NOT true that you have to upgrade the Tier 6 version before the fleet version.

    PC Patch Notes for Oct. 8th 2020 / Characters Missing

    See the bullet point under known issues and be sure to check your characters just in case.

    Star Trek Online on the Epic Games Store!

    Damix also asked me to mention a few things about the Epic Games Store and STO account connection.

    You need to launch STO from Epic Games launcher and link your epic account with arc account and then the pack will show in “starter packs” section on c-store in game. In other words, it doesn’t give a code…also the 10$ discount can be earned by adding a free rocket league game to the account.

    The bundle will be available in the starter pack section of the zen store, but there could be a time delay before it appears for you.

    Additional information can be found in the link below.

    Epic Starter Pack Topic By Roquendur

    Double XP and Bonus Marks Weekend!

    This will run until Oct. 12th.


    44th Fleet Sunday Speed Runs

    Any fleeties need help with a particularly difficult mission? Or do you just need to speed run a mission a few times to get a full set for your build? Simply request a speed run in the 44th-diplo and we will get a group together to help you! Whether it be for farming drops or completing Endeavors, a team is only a request away!


    Fleet and Armada Runs Hosted By JJ_Jiminey

    JJ has offered to help new fleet members with ISA runs and builds in general. He has also been tapped to help out on Dragon’s Lair in the same way. For all of his help and generosity I have promoted JJ to Captain. Please join me in congratulating JJ on his promotion and also give him as much support as you can! Full details are below as well as in the 44th Fleet Discord Server.

    Folks – for new fleet members and anyone generally trying to push their DPS numbers, I will be offering Normal and Advanced runs with a focus on ISA if there are no preferences.

    ISA runs will be uploaded to DPS League and those achieving 90k DPS will be invited to DPS League Gold Channel and those achieving 160k will also be invited to the top tier Diamond Channel.

    Note: if you are in a position to make a diamond run, please let me know and I can aim to make a group focused around you to help achieve that goal.

    I will mainly be offering runs at about 8pm GMT / 1pm Pacific Time

    Please ask in the build channel if you would like some advice on your build/Boff layout and I and the many others can give you a hand.It really won’t take much investment for 44th to help players break the 90k target, so please don’t hesitate to ask!

    I would ask any ‘high enders’ who would like to support others in normal and advanced content to have a ship set up for Advanced DPS numbers, not elite numbers (200k ISA+).

    This is so as not to drain the potential DPS of those seeking to parse new records.
    More than happy to help in game – just give me a shout/heads up


    A Day of Remembrance

    Veratisu has proposed a standardized event for the 44th Fleet that will take place each year on Nov. 11th. The basic idea is this:

    On the 11th of November we could do a fleet remembrance event similar to the Anzac event from a couple of years ago. We might be able to standardize this event as our yearly remembrance event. The plan would be to arrive at Wolf 359 by a certain time UTC and have a few words said by fleet leadership before doing queues that our numbers allow us to do. Thoughts?

    Wrap Up

    Anyone still reading?? You are a trooper! I just want to say thanks to everyone who chose to fly with the 44th Fleet! You make the 44th Fleet what it is! And I want to thank everyone (these wonderful people here) keep the 44th Fleet running smoothly.

    Note: If you have a topic you would like to see in the Sunday Supplemental, feel free to let me know and I’ll see what I can do about including it.

    Thanks everyone and cheers!


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    Great read as always.  Thanks Akula


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    A lot of important stuff and fully taken on board.


    Thanks for another great post – not a long read to be honest!

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    Thanks Boss for all of the great information.

    aka @thraxin#7901


    Thanks for keeping us informed Akula, super job.


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    Nice work Boss Shark!

    Congratulations to JJ on his promotion!


    here here

    Commander "Ace" reporting in and ready for duty.

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    As I said in the thread I made about skill respec

    Shows how much craptic care about their product, they make a major change to every player character in game and “forget” to put it in patch notes, don’t put message on launcher or put big popup in game to tell anyone, and we the players have to find out via reddit.
    Then again a game developer who cant even keep an in-game calendar working what do we expect.

    Don’t know about anyone else but I am starting to think that there are major issue with cryptic, things seem to be going wrong on a regular basis, this last update has been a bit of a disaster and should have never been released like that, they seem completely un concerned that player characters are missing, they “forgot” or could not be bothered to mention skill reset, you know something that effects every single playable character in game.

    I don’t know the how many people play sto in total but the queues encountered the patch day imply enough, or the servers have a low amount concurrent account support, I have also noticed several times I have queued up for ISA or CCA and they still not popped 10 min later, they used to pop instantly all the time.

    Has anyone noticed an improvement to the lag and rubber banding, luckily I dont get it very often and its completely random but since they said they made improvements it does seem to be happening less and less severely.

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    I started playing this game at launch with fourteen RL friends (we ported from our RP/paintballing Starfleet team). I’m the last one left in-game. I don’t have to tell you what my overall opinion has been of the game’s ‘progress.’ Or of the recent additions to the films/tv series, either.

    This last House Knackered ‘patch’ has been terribad. I know we’re all supposed to be cheerfully non-critical here in the 44th… but still. Terribad. With extra terri. I’ve reskilled/traited my main four characters but can’t face the rest… yet. So I agree with you.

    I still get bouts of inexplicable, inconsistent and unpredictable lag and it makes my teeth itch when I end up faceplanting into a wall or glass panel thanks to rubberbanding… let alone having to select/click multiple times to get stuff to fire. Bad. With even more terri. Therefore… unfortunately… sorry to say that I’ve not noticed a consistent improvement with lag and rubberbanding.


    Thanks for the weekly updates and hope you get an illuminating response to your tweetling.

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    I still get bouts of inexplicable, inconsistent and unpredictable lag and it makes my teeth itch when I end up faceplanting into a wall or glass panel thanks to rubberbanding… let alone having to select/click multiple times to get stuff to fire. Bad. With even more terri. Therefore… unfortunately… sorry to say that I’ve not noticed a consistent improvement with lag and rubberbanding.

    I agree, i doubt they have fixed it, some people can’t play the game at all going by what is said on forums, my lag/rubber banding is totally random and inconsistent but what I do get now does seem better than before, also if i do tracert to patch server the problem hops in the akemi network are lower than before but that just might be a coincidence .

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    Lag. It’s comparable to trying to fill a syringe using one hand and an elbow or a testicle. Especially if they’re not yours.

    Not. Conducive. To. Success.

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    yay more things are broken, free phoenix from ferengi have gone, the universal endeavor is impossible to complete as the gamma battle zone alerts are not working and the official forums are busted, general discussion is missing all pages except the first two current ones.

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    14th Sunday Supplemental for Oct. 11th 2020

    Thanks for all the info, Shark-boss I am slowing starting to catch-on to the game. Mainly thanks to @Marcase and @BreakingForce ‘s help.

    Not sure if I am ready for the DPS league, so for now I will just help when asked, I make a great target :).

    And congratz to JJ on the promotion 07

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    Thanks for all the info.  It really does help to have a lot of fleet and game info in one spot with easy access.  Much appreciated!

    And congratulations to JJ on the promotion.

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