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    So, As i’m new to federation, i’m looking at picking up a nice t6 ship with zen, but i’m unsure which one to actually pick up. I’m currently enjoying the feel of escorts, but on console i play KDF and have the Kahless Battlecruiser, which I think is amazing but i’m not finding it very powerful with a full beam loadout (I could just be terrible at it.)


    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a nice t6 destroyer or escort for me to pick up, I don’t have any lobi crystals or anything to get anything amazing, sadly.

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    This is always difficult, since it really depends on your personal play style. Asuming you are looking for a Fed battlecruiser, the choices are many (link).
    Also, on PC there is a higher level of customization available (and needed) compared to console.

    Just take note, buying any Tier 6 or lobi ship is NO guarantee of getting an out-of-the-box murder boat. You get an empy ship which still needs to be outfitted captain.

    What you should be looking for are three things; the best bridge officer seating that fits your playstyle (eg tank, damage focus etc) and the starship trait the ship comes with. The trait you can use on any other ships you get in the future on that character (only!) so that’s always a good investment – why some players buy T6 ships just for the trait only.

    And third, most importantly – ((( SPACE BARBIE IS AWESOMESAUCE !!! )))
    (Read: if you like the look of the ship).

    For Fed battlecruisers, I’d suggest to take a look at the Avenger, Paladin, Shepard, Eclipse, Arbiter, Presidio in the link above. Note that as a member of a max tier fleet, you also have access to their Fleet variant (when you reach fleet lieutenant rank). A fleet variant has increased stats.

    For Battlecruisers, if you want damage, go for Dual Heavy Cannons, but beam arrays can work as well.

    For Escorts and Strike escorts, the Akira/Armitage is always nice (hangar bays), but I let others chime in on that.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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