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    I’ve seen the use of this keybinder on a couple of youtube tutorials, but my question is ….would the use of such keybinder constitute cheating??… there is the following bullet in the sto’s player code of conduct “-Utilizing third-party programs to automate unattended gameplay” .

    Would such a keybinder apply to this clause? I’d appreciate it if you could let me know your thoughts on this and its general use. Thank you.

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    Not that familiar with FES, but pretty much +75% of all STO players use keybinds (Hilbert guide is the most popular/simple one, which even some of the Devs use themselves) so using a program within STO is not an issue. Key here of course is the ‘unattended’ part which is popular with gold farmers. Getting a leg up by running a macro while you’re away is the illegal part.

    Hard to control/police – though Cryptic is known to monitor player activity and have shut down farm accounts in the past – so how far you go in your keybind setup is up to you.

    As the 44th, we obviously disapprove of any action that goes against the code of conduct.

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    This is referring the  STO Keybinds app available here, it used to be called Federation Emergency Services, hence the FES but the website is gone according to this

    I have used it, all it does is allow you to create the keybind commands to paste into STO, ie I used it to bind row 10 of the hot bar to the space bar so when space is press in space combat it will run all the skills I want running all the time like EPtW,EPtS, Torp spread, Tac Team etc.


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    Thanks so much for the info.  I just wanted to get some opinions before I try keybinding.  I really appreciate how great it is that the fleet is there to help our questions.  Thanks for all that you do.

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