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    Hi All,

    does anyone know the mechanics / percentages of the lockbox’s reward tiers?

    I see plenty of messages popup to say this person has a T6 ship awarded etc.

    I’ve used 40+ keys and yet to get anything from the top shelf. Am I doing something wrong or is it just blind luck ?

    thanks for any info

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    Hey, I think there is a 0.5% chance to get the t6 ship so don’t expect to win. I also wasted a lot of keys at one point and it didn’t felt good – suggested action is to sell each key for their current exchange price (6-6.5mil ec) and buy a t6 ship with that. Just be careful when posting multiple keys in bulk on the exchange – you need to set the total price, and not the price of one key.

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    Thanks Damix


    aka @ottoblenker

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    What Damix said. It literally is a lottery (1:400 something), and the house is stacked against you. With thousands of players there are always some that do get lucky. I suggest that you disable those fly-in msgs (there’s a setting somewhere in options) just so you don’t get tempted/annoyed.

    Over time you may even recognize some recurring names – there are some captains out there that spend real money on lobi/lockboxes to sell on the exchange.

    Just speaking in general, Lockbox ships are great, but never the ultimate murder-boat you expect them to be. It still requires high quality weapons, consoles, shields, traits, boffs, doffs etc etc for their full potential. So see them more as a neat starting platform.
    Just stating this once again to avoid fleeties getting serious buyers remorse when their $100 lockbox ship doesn’t live up to their expectations.

    Believe me, we’ve been there, done that.

    Not everything is doom and gloom of course, STO is one of the most generous fee games out there: you can have pretty much everything in the game for free if you have the time. Several T6 ships can be earned during the summer/winter event and fleet gear is top notch as well.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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