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    Heya b.e., your alts should be sorted by now, if not, let us know. 44th Assault has plenty of room and we only have 1 KDF fleet anyway, so your smelly klin-… err, fearless warriors are safe. But thx for the offer.

    For those curious, if you look at our fleet roster(s) in-game, and tab the ‘show all offline members’ you’ll see the total members/alts in each fleet and they’re always hovering around 450-475 out of a max of 500. That’s why we’re always moving alts all over the place – but have no fear, there is a logic and fair system behind it all.

    We will never change the rule that you can have as many alts in the 44th if you like – within reason. So if needed we’ll create another fleet regardless (Gah! The paperwork!)

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Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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